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Master List

Teen Wolf: Request Please 

Dylan O’Brien:


“Get off of Tumblr and Give me Love” 


Jack Johnson: 

New Year’s Resolutions

Jack Gilinsky:


Sammy Wilk: Request Please

Skate: Request Please

Derek Luh: 

Where’d You Go

John Swift: Request Please 

Nash Grier: Request Please

Hayes Grier: 

Spring Formal

Crazy Things

Football in the Park 

Cameron Dallas: Request Please 

Aaron Carpenter: Request Please 

Shawn Mendes: 

Best Friends

Taylor Caniff:

For Shannon

Selfies and Bandannas

Dillon Rupp:

More than Friends

Matt Espinosa:


One Direction: Request Please

5 Seconds of Summer: Request Please

Other: Request please

Updated List of Imagines!!


magcon tickets go on sale tomorrow and I wanna meet cam but I’m broke af😒 but fr need a full cover of this it’s so litt😅


Sings - Sammy Wilk and Skate ft.Ty Alaxandar

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