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What do you think of Kevin ?? If he manages to survive and ika was there would you mind him winning?

Personally, I don’t mind Kevin. However, he is not very good at this game and makes a lot of bad decisions; he wouldn’t be the worst winner (I mean anyone that’s not Ika is a no from me but I digress), but he’s not at the top of my list.

neda - kevin

sindy - kevin

bruno - kevin

jackie - kevin

dre - kevin?

william - kevin

dillion - karen

ika - karen

demetres - karen

is this definite or does karen have a chance bc right now kevin has the votes but is there a swing vote?

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Kevin and Karen were speaking about how Dre ruined William's game. He also said that once the Triple Eviction was announced, William knew he was going home. He wanted to save William, yesterday, but Karen told him she could not vote out Dillon, he let William know he could not save him.

My stupid steam isn’t working anymore so I’m bummed I cannot keep up with Kevin right now, but oh well. I guess it was a good time. 

Thanks for the info! Do you have at timestamp for that? Another post told me this: 

“Earlier Kevin was talking to Karen and Dillion about William and saying that he shouldn’t have been evicted like that and it was Dre’s fault that his game got ruined. Then they talked about the secret veto and he told them the week William used it was his last week to use it so he couldn’t have used it on himself this week and that he wasn’t allowed to tell anyone. Kevin said Will was craftier than everyone thought and he seemed proud of him.”

So that’s really cute! I’m glad that Kevin is saying nice things and that they recognize he was a good player that got screwed by Dre. 

Bless Karen too. She loves Will. <3

I’m not that upset he didn’t vote to keep Will, at this point it’s better for Kevin’s game to cut that tie. Kevin even said he knew that Bruno would have cut him if it came down to it. I think Will would have too and taken Dre over him. It’s a game. They all recognized that…. 

Ranking going into TE-12h before

My rankings of who is most probable to win the HOH if it s mental




4-5 Dre/Ika


 Most probable to win POV


2-3 Kevin/ William





Most probable to go home