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Make Me Want it:Chapter5

I have no excuse this time. I was slack I’m just so sorry
This Writing contains SEXUAL CONTENT, Read at your own risk…
This is gonna be one hell of a night…

He kissed and nibbled on my neck leaving little marks. I pulled on his silky brown locks which caused Swazz to make a sexy sin filled noise. His hands roamed my body finally finding a place under my shirt. He rolled my nipples followed by a tug and pinch. I pulled harder on his hair which gave him an idea that i needed more.

“Swazzy baby i need more” I practically moaned out.

He broke the kiss to pull his shirt over his head and i did the same. Swazz had a smirk on his face when he saw no bra. He started playing with my bare nipple with one hand and exploring my body with the other.

“Where is the bra baby” Swazz asked with a devilish grin

“I don’t know i guess i lost it” I chuckled

Swazz continued his work on my body. He left hickeys next to my belly button and on my hip. He says there for his eyes only…Sometimes i cant with this boy.

He stopped right above the waistband of my jeans and licked and sucked on the skin. He lowered his head to my center and unbuttoned my jeans with his teeth. That little fuck.

He pulled down my jeans and threw them somewhere on the floor. He came back up so we where eye level… Kinda. He kissed my lips and licked up my jaw line.

“Can I eat my dinner baby” Swazz whispered, looking in to my eyes. His hand gripped my jaw gently and my breathing was unsteady.

“Yes sir eat it up” I said with a smile.

Swazz pecked my lips one more time before finding his place in front of my clothed center.
He slipped off my panties and spread my legs to make sure he had enough room.
Swazz slid his finger up my slit and spread the wetness.

“Damn Babygirl your so fucking wet for me” Swazz said in a sexy raspy voice.
I moaned at his words and the feeling if his fingers playing with my pussy.

He slowly kitten licked my pussy and pulled away. I got frustrated and lowered my hand to touch myself but Swazz pinned my hand down.

“Only I can touch you princess”
“Didn’t yo ma ever tell you not to play with your meal Swazzy” I whined. He laughed and went back to work.

Swazz was a god with his tongue. He used the flat of his tongue to lick up my center and went to suck on my sensitive clit. He brought his long thick finger in to play, working his way inside my pussy. I could no longer hold my moans. I was a mess under His touch. I pulled on his hair with one hand and grabbed on to the sheets with the other. I would be cumming in no time.

He felt my walls tighten around his fingers. He gave my pussy one more good lick and he pulled away. I wasn’t upset though because i knew what i was getting next.

“Mmm baby you did a good job eating me up”
“You ready for my dick huh baby? Want me inside you?”

I quickly nodded my head. I sat up and pulled his jeans off. I saw his hard on straining through his boxers and a wet spot from pre cum so I pulled down his boxers. My mouth watered at the sight of his dick. I bit my lip and looked up at him asking if i could suck him off.

“Just a little bit ma cause i need you bad” swazz said looking a little embarrassed

I nodded my head and lowered my head to suck at the the tip of his dick. I licked up the underside then slid the whole thing in my mouth. I bobbed my head and swazz grabbed on to my hair. I lifted my head back up to swirl my tongue around the head. I sucked him all the down til my nose touched the base his dick. I looked up at him to see his head thrown back.

“ Shitttt ma i need to be inside you. Now”

Swazz pulled me off of him and moved to get lined up with my core.

At first his thrust were short and slow so i could get used to his size but then He sped up and got deeper trying to find an angle that could drive me wild. So he pulled out and turned me around so i was on all fours and he pounded in to me which had my eyes rolling in the back of my head.

After getting no where in that position he turned me back around and pulled my leg onto his shoulder. I was screaming his name im sure the neighbors knew what was happening. at the point i didn’t care though, I was gonna cum.

“Yes. Yes. Yes. Swazz ba-by im gonna cu-um.” I said through moans and gritted teeth.

“Cum for me princess. Do it baby cum all over my cock” Swazz said through gritted teeth.

Swazz lowered his hand to rub my clit and pounded in to my faster than before. The pleasure took over my body and my orgasm washed over me.
Swazz continued to thrust into me until his dick twitched. He pulled out and came on my stomach.

Swazz fell on the bed next to me, re collecting himself.

“ That. Was….” I breathed out but was cut off.

“Oh we not done yet baby”

I looked at swazz with a smile

Swazz got up and said “who ever makes it to the bathroom first gets head first” and winked.

I rolled my eyes and laughed what am i gonna do with him…..

The ending sucks balls 😭

Ok so yeah im so sorry I genuinely am. But part 6 will be coming your way soon hopefully…… I take requests so give me someeeeeee😊. Love yall ~Micah❤️

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Plane ride with the Boys

Day out with the Boys *opens in polyvore*

Date night with Nate

Hang out after a show

Coachella with the Boys

VidCon with the MagCon Family

Movie Night with the MagCon Family

Beach Day

4th of July

Date Night with all the Boys

Date Night with Jack J

Imagines ~ OGOC

Over Protective ~ All

Out Late ~ JS 🔜


#1 N.M

#2 S.W

#3 S.W & JS

Can we Just take a Moment To discuss this Photo?

Drunk on you~ D.L

Request by anon

“What time is it?” you groaned reaching over to your phone that was ringing non-stop.  This was probably the fifth time, it rang, you just assumed it was some telemarketer, telling you that you’ve won a free trip on a cruise.   Nate’s named appeared on the screen, you squinted your eyes to double check you were seeing things right.  After your and Derek’s breakup you never really talked to the guys, you kind of just shut them all out. You swiped your finger across the screen only to hear loud music coming on the other end.

“Hello” you said tiredly.

“Hey, Y/N?” he asked.

“Yup, I’m here."  you answered.

"Listen, I know it’s really late and everything, and by the sounds of it you were sleeping, but I really need you to come down here, it’s Derek”

“What about him? Is he ok?” you asked, your voice turning into a worried tone.

“Yeah, well sort of, he is not hurt or anything, but we are at some party, and he had a lot of drinks, I tried telling him to call a cab but he won’t listen, he says he wants you to come get him.”

“Nate… I don’t know, I mean I don’t think that’s a good idea, we broke up months ago.” you explained.

“I know, but he won’t stop talking about you, and every time I try to tell him to go home he just won’t listen,  I think he really misses you.  Can you please just come and pick him up?  All you have to do is just pick him up then drop him off at my place or something, that’s it.”

“Ok, fine I will come and get him, but you owe me.” you said with a sigh.

“Perfect, thanks, I will text you the address, thanks again Y/N.”

“Yeah no problem, I will see you in a bit.”

“See you soon” he said before hanging up.

You stood up grabbing you purse and keys heading to your car, this was not your plan, to have to wake up at like 2:30 to pick your drunk ex-boyfriend up from a party.   After receiving the address from Nate you made your way to the house, on the way there, you were thinking about what you were going to say to him, I mean you haven’t seen or talked to him for 2 months.  You pulled up into the driveway, hearing the music come from the house.  You saw Nate holding a tipsy looking Derek over to your car.  He opened the door and helped him inside.

“Thank you so much Y/N I really appreciate it.”

“Don’t worry about it, do you need a ride?” you asked hoping he would say yes so it wouldn’t be so awkward.

“Nah I’m alright, the rest of the guys are inside, I think we are going to stay a little longer, we will probably call a cab.”

“Ok well I will see you later.”

“Bye Y/N” he waved as you rolled up the window.

You backed out of the driveway and made your way down the road, no one said anything, the car was just filled with an awkward silence, until Derek broke it.“You look really good.” he said out of the blue, causing you to scoff. 

“What makes you say that now?”

“What do you mean? I was giving you a compliment.  I think you look beautiful, you don’t look stressed out or anything, like you have no worries."  Causing you to look over at him and raise an eyebrow.  "Y/N I know our relationship was difficult, I was a handful and I never really appreciated you, the way I should’ve.” he said slurring on some words.  “I really miss you, I wish I fought harder to keep our relationship going, I really love you Y/N.” he continued.

“Derek, stop. I really don’t want to hear about this right now, it’s been 2 months, since we broke up, I don’t want to hear about what we had.” you said, your voice in a harsh tone.

“Ok” he answered softly, from the corner of your eye you could see him slump down, something he did when he was upset.  You continue to drive, deciding that you would just let him sleep over, since traffic was already bad enough, no matter what time of day it was LA traffic was always slow.  You pulled up into your drive, expecting Derek to be half a sleep, but instead he was wide awake.

“I thought you were going to drop me off at Nate’s house.”

“Yeah but I didn’t feel like driving any longer, you can just stay here for the night.” you said getting out of the car, him following.

“Thanks” he replied, you walked over to him to help him go up the few stairs, after unlocking the front door, then leading him up to your bedroom. He sat down on your bed taking off his shoes and jacket, before climbing in bed.

“I’ll sleep on the couch if you need me, goodnight Derek” as you turned around, his hand caught your arm pulling you back.

“No, stay, sleep with me.” he said yawning.

“Ok, fine, but stay on your side of the bed.” you climbed in beside him, making sure to keep your distance.

“Do I have a chance?” he suddenly asked.

“What?” you questioned.

“Do I have a chance.” he repeated. “With you, will you ever give me a second chance? To make it right?” he asked.

“Derek, let’s not go the-”

“No, we never discussed this, why we broke up, I loved you, and I know I never really showed you that, you were so good to me, yet I never treated you right, and I should’ve known that you would get sick of that, but I really do love you, you keep me in check, know one has ever cared for me like that.  And I would be so stupid to let you go for good, so please do I have a second chance?”

“I thought you were supposed to be drunk, and yet here you are acting like some poet.” you said, causing him to laugh, god how much you missed his laugh.

“I am only drunk on you.” a wide grin spread across his lips.

“Your so cheesy.” you laughed.  “If I give you another chance you have to promise that you won’t blow it.” you said getting serious.

“I promise.” he responded.

“Ok, I will give you another chance.”

“Thank you, I promise I won’t let you down.” he answered “Now go to sleep.” he said, cuddling into you.


sorry this took really long to write, it took me like an hour and half to write, there might be some spelling and grammar errors, it’s like 3:40am, but I hope you like this imagine!