I'm not gonna say that I'll ever be taking this blog back to it's full glory again...

but I will update when I remember too.

I have been off of all opiates, including suboxone (buprenorphine) and the only drugs/pills I’ll be taking is the anxiety meds prescribed to me, sleeping meds that I can hopefully get off of later on and smoking bud. OH! and I guesss taking an addy every now and then when going out since I don’t drink cuzza my liver…. BUT. Other than that, I’m clean.

the problem was the opiates.   and even today I have the mindset of I DON’T WANT TO TOUCH ONE EVER AGAIN.  and I hope I can keep it that way. 

I never want to use an opiate again, even if I need to.  

I went through so much getting off and was on them from the age 17-22 which is my age right now. that’s a long time and I know I wasn’t shooting up or anything and I only used H for a couple months here and there It was still bad. I am in so much debt it brings me to tears and so is my girlfriend and she doesn’t even use ANYTHING, not even bud. 

I have fucked up. but this year I hope I can make myself new, file bankrupcy and live the life I thought I was going to be living when I was younger ad before all of this addiction shit. 

got on suboxone march of ‘14 and finished jan of ‘15. tapered my way down so low that at the end I was literally taking like a dot of a strip every other day…. I have craved pills a couple times but then I think of how much work and time I took to get off of this shit… and it makes me go back to the mindset of what I said above.

yyou can all still send me messages asking whatever about me or drugs and if a couple people wanna become admins and maybe get this blog up there again and MAYBE EVEN ADVERTISE ON IT SO WE CAN MAKE MONEY AGAIN. that’d be cool. let me know.