dill bread

Homemade rye-bread with creamy vegan dill, pickle and seaweed sauce and cucumber + homemade fig, cinnamon and raisin granola with oat milk + winter spice tea + mango ♥ Perfect winter brunch!

I pull his hand up and lean my cheek against the back of it, taking in the faint scent of cinnamon and dill from the breads he must have baked today. I want to tell him about Twill and Bonnie and the uprising and the fantasy of District 13, but it’s not safe to and I can feel myself slipping away, so I just get out one more sentence.

Catching Fire - Chapter 11

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Awe!  She doesn’t quite catch that “Always”.  Can’t help but wonder if anything would’ve been different if she had.  More Everlark moments?  I would certainly hope so!  Soooooo many Everlark feels in this chapter! BTW…Peeta’s expression…uhm…yes!

Center of the Mind


“How was my favorite hypnonaut’s first session?”

Frustrated with conventional therapy, Clarice had just had her first appointment with Dr. Du Maurier to be hypnotized. Hannibal was supporting her as best he knew how, by picking her up after the session with a bag of tea sandwiches, dilled crab on egg bread and heirloom tomatoes on brioche.