Boosh art prompt!

Okay, so: Cully and I were watching Barbarella last night, and as we were watching, we came to the conclusion that Vince Noir would *definitely* be Barbarella for Halloween or a fancy dress party… probably several of her costumes, changing them seemingly in the blink of an eye, all throughout the evening. We then decided that Vince would absolutely make Howard be either Dildano (because of the mustache) or Pygar (because it’s nothing but a loincloth and wings). Either way, he’d take full advantage of showing off Howard’s legs.

And now it makes me sad that there is no fan art of this, Vince in chainmail bikini and glittercape and gogo boots, while Howard is all 😐 in his loincloth, grumpily enduring for Vince’s sake.

If anybody has the time and inclination, I’m throwing this out as an art prompt! Because I feel like the world needs this.