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Atheva Lavellan x Cullen Rutherford | 2004 words | Fluff, Wedding | AO3 | art from celebrantsrapacity

She was nervous.

Well, that was an understatement. Atheva felt like running away from everything the longer she sat on her old bedroll. But… if she felt like this, how did he feel? Alone in a strange place with strangers surrounding him and threatening him if he even stepped the wrong way. It had all been a mistake. She had made a horrible mistake.

A soft “hello” caught her attention and made her turn to look to the entryway of her tent. “Tryla,” she sighed with a relieved smile. “Please tell me you’re here to tell me it’s okay if I run screaming.”

“Afraid not, Atheva. The ceremony’s starting,” the older elf said, thrusting her thumb outside. “Your shem is already waiting for you.” Atheva’s dread must have begun to show. “Don’t worry, da’assan, everything will be fine. You’ve got your mae with you, don’t you? And your father?”

She looked down at her dress and bit her lip. “I suppose,” she breathed, taking the white fabric between her fingers and giving it a slight rub. “Has anyone been hard on him? Because they should know that if they are I’ll-“

“He’s fine, da’len. He’s been respectful to everyone he’s met and has gained respect in return. Don’t doubt him. You’ve found yourself a fine man,” Tryla said with a smile as she helped Atheva to stand. “Now hurry, before he fears you did actually run.”

“He probably already does,” she said with a nervous smile as she lifted the skirt of her dress so she could walk out of the tent. Her hands were quickly smacked away and she looked at the other elf in confusion.

“It looks bad. Makes it obvious someone’s been wearing breeches.”

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