dil bole haddipa


Veera : You English?You from English?!

Rohan : Sorry?You talking to me?

Veera : Hmm.You from English?

Rohan : Oh..you mean..yeah yeah..I’m from England..yeah

Veera : I,Indian.From the Punjab.

Rohan : Vaise mujhe Hindi bhi aati

Veera : I jaanu-ing English.(hold up sugar cane) This sugar.(point at buffalo) He..err…black bheslo

Rohan : You mean buffalo right?

Veera : Yes yes.Meinu means same.You English,don’t padao Indian.heh?

Rohan : Hey listen.Me..me..not English.My Indian.

Veera : You not Indian.You not live India.

Rohan : Yeah yeah yeah.I not live India.But I love India

Veera : Live there.Love here.No no.This my India.Hain ji?! Handle with care

Rohan : Hey listen,Miss India.Today Indians all over the world,making the India the proud.So why you thinking to so small?Very bad,buffalo girl.

Veera : OYE KHUTTE! Buffalo hoga tu.Thoda puri family.Myself Veera Kaur!

Rohan : Hey,Veera Kaur.Ek ghal thusi tell me please.You always like this…this…jhalli pulli or today some special occasion giving the campatition to the black bhaislo?

Veera : You think you very jokey?!