Yuri Kozyrev and I ride down from the school in the village of Dikhazaurga and then meet a man getting of the bus. His name is Ramas Beraia, and he lost his left leg to a land mine when he was 17 years old and walking by the river than separates Georgia from Abkhazia. We had heard about him—a one-legged man whom the UN had retrained as a cobbler, someone who fixes shoes. His neighbor Khatuna Eteria invites us all into her home, and makes tea. We sit and talk. Turns out the Georgians in Abkhazia like to talk about the war as well. “I don’t know how many of us Georgians died here,” she says. “They killed a 45-year-old man right here, and a woman down the road. If they didn’t like your face, they killed you.”

Incredible photos by Yuri Kozyrev, and the story of a long journey through a lost paradise. Abkhazia, now on Roads & Kingdoms