I’ll Tell You All How The Story Ends

Pairing: Gerard Way x Reader

Genre: Romance

Summary: Request fic for @sassyh0esavage. “I thought it would be really cute if y/n is part of the band, and the guys obvously know about all the fanfics, one day they decide to read one and its about her and one of them”.

“If one more person asks me about fanfiction on Twitter,” Gerard sighed from his bunk as the tour bus barreled down the highway, “I’m deleting my account.”

“What are they asking?” Ray asked, quirking his eyebrow as he looked up from the guitar he was practicing with.

“If I read them,” Gerard explained with a world-weary look. “And if their ‘OTP’ is real.”

“Are they seriously so self-deluded that they think we’re actually fucking?” Frank laughed as he exhaled a cloud of smoke from his cigarette.

“Not all of them think that it’s you Gerard’s doing it with, Frank,” pointed out Mikey reasonably as he texted Pete.

“Wait, who do they think I’m doing it with, then?” Gerard asked, looking at his brother quizzically.

“Oh, you hadn’t heard?” Mikey blinked. “I know that ‘Frerard’ was the main pairing at first, and, I mean, it’s still got a lot of fans, but lately another ‘ship’, or whatever it’s called, seems to have a big following online.”

“Who do they think are secretly dating now?” Ray asked with an exasperated look. “Do they think I’m in love with Gerard?”

“No, they think Y/N is,” Mikey confessed.

You froze. Fuck, you thought. You’d been nursing a crush (that you believed was probably unrequited) on Gerard for a while now. Had the fans noticed the way you looked at him when he was onstage, and guessed the secret yearnings of your heart?

It was weird as hell to think there were stories out there about you and Gerard dating and having sex. You’d been friends with him for a long time, but your relationship had never been more than that. Did teenage fangirls get off while imagining you sucking Gerard’s dick? Did they spend long hours thinking of sweet nothings for that fictional version of him to whisper to you? It was a bizarre concept.

“I’m Googling the ship name,” Frank announced, “because I’m bored and we’ve got another hour before we’ll be at the next venue and honestly I kind of find this hilarious.”

“Frank, don’t,” Gerard pleaded, putting his red face in his hands.

“Nah, dude, c’mon, let’s find one of these weird fucking stories and do a dramatic reading of it,” Frank dared.

“You gotta admit, it’s kind of funny that people think Y/N is secretly pining for you,” Mikey chuckled.

“Uh…..right,” you said with a fake laugh. If you acted like this was just another silly thing the fans had dreamed up, your bandmates wouldn’t guess the way you truly felt.

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At this point honestly im partially keeping the pregnancy secret from my mom and other sister out of pettiness. Like if i told them now they wouldnt ease my workload but when this is all over they are gunna feel like such diiiiiiiicks and i dont have to hear anymore bs martyr crap from them about how unfair it is for me while not helping at all.

i told myself i would do this in order but WHATEVER #yolo

#30daysoftomlinshaw | day 14 | What’s Your Favourite Smut  Headcanon?

i was dreading this day, thinking i would have no ideas. but listen to me. i bet you nick and louis would have the WEIRDEST MOST EMBARRASSING SEX STORIES EVER TOLD

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 said: Get a job.

Oh wow, there’s always one dickhead who has to take a joke seriously. Like I’d really ask tumblr to buy me a tv just so I can watch Harry Potter on it? Eye roll.

ALSO, NEWSFLASH: I HAVE A FUCKING JOB. I’ve been paying for myself 100% since my 18th birthday 1.5yrs ago, I live out of home, I work full time, I’m paid well for someone just over 1yr fresh out of college AND I CHOOSE TO PUT MONEY AWAY INCASE SHIT GOES WRONG RATHER THAN BUY MYSELF A FLATSCREEN TV FOR MY PLACE.

Doesn’t mean I’m not allowed to bitch about it on MY blog though. Pratface.