said: Get a job.

Oh wow, there’s always one dickhead who has to take a joke seriously. Like I’d really ask tumblr to buy me a tv just so I can watch Harry Potter on it? Eye roll.

ALSO, NEWSFLASH: I HAVE A FUCKING JOB. I’ve been paying for myself 100% since my 18th birthday 1.5yrs ago, I live out of home, I work full time, I’m paid well for someone just over 1yr fresh out of college AND I CHOOSE TO PUT MONEY AWAY INCASE SHIT GOES WRONG RATHER THAN BUY MYSELF A FLATSCREEN TV FOR MY PLACE.

Doesn’t mean I’m not allowed to bitch about it on MY blog though. Pratface. 


Last one, I promise 😂😂😂😂 #brunomars #diiiiiiiick #earrape

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Ugh yes. This is really great, especially that last line! I do love your take on Dick. <3

Thanks, dude! It’s possible I spend too much time thinking about the way Dick Grayson does things for someone who isn’t being paid to think about the way Dick Grayson does things. ♥

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Why the hell are you talking about Christmas already?! It's S E P T E M B E R. I'm sorry but it just pisses me off when people get so obsessive over Christmas so early. Do me a favour and give it at least until November. Fuck.

Holy fuck shut up. I will post about whatever the fuck I want to post about on MY blog.

Christmas makes me happy, and yes, I think about it all year round. I posted about my nephew’s present, which I’ve spent a few weeks making. I’m proud of it and I have every right to post about it on (I’ll say it again) MY BLOG.

I have so much planned for December that I don’t even have one day spare to make and buy gifts, and as I work full time my November, October and September are pretty full as well. So every spare minute I get I have been making gifts and decorations.

Fuck you if you don’t want me to post about things that make me happy on MY BLOG.

If you don’t like it, unfollow. It’s that simple.

Garth to me two months ago as he furiously blew up cars, buildings, and people to get my attention: I’m straight. I love being straight. What even is ‘straight?’ I’m like… Like I prefer vaginas but. Hey. HEY! STOP WALKING AWAY. PAY ATTENTION TO ME. (BLOWS UP ANOTHER CAR) 


One Piece 30 day challenge

Day 3: Favourite villain/ess

Real quick - I’m answering this one based on how much I like each character as a villain. Not necessarily on how much I like them in general. For example, most of my favorite characters are antagonists, but I don’t necessarily think they make a particularly great villain. With that in mind…

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Blackbeard is the fucking scum of the earth. I love him.

Black beard is such a diiiiiiiick. People say that Doflamingo is the meanest character, and I’m sure he is, but he hasn’t really been introduced yet. At least not in a major way. I’m sure once I see his deal, he’ll become my favorite. But Blackbeard is just pure, unfiltered greed. He literally gives no shits for anyone and only wants power for himself. I love me a good villain.