said: Get a job.

Oh wow, there’s always one dickhead who has to take a joke seriously. Like I’d really ask tumblr to buy me a tv just so I can watch Harry Potter on it? Eye roll.

ALSO, NEWSFLASH: I HAVE A FUCKING JOB. I’ve been paying for myself 100% since my 18th birthday 1.5yrs ago, I live out of home, I work full time, I’m paid well for someone just over 1yr fresh out of college AND I CHOOSE TO PUT MONEY AWAY INCASE SHIT GOES WRONG RATHER THAN BUY MYSELF A FLATSCREEN TV FOR MY PLACE.

Doesn’t mean I’m not allowed to bitch about it on MY blog though. Pratface. 

 epigenetics said: 

Ugh yes. This is really great, especially that last line! I do love your take on Dick. <3

Thanks, dude! It’s possible I spend too much time thinking about the way Dick Grayson does things for someone who isn’t being paid to think about the way Dick Grayson does things. ♥

 anachronistique said: 




Last one, I promise 😂😂😂😂 #brunomars #diiiiiiiick #earrape

anonymous asked:

Why the hell are you talking about Christmas already?! It's S E P T E M B E R. I'm sorry but it just pisses me off when people get so obsessive over Christmas so early. Do me a favour and give it at least until November. Fuck.

Holy fuck shut up. I will post about whatever the fuck I want to post about on MY blog.

Christmas makes me happy, and yes, I think about it all year round. I posted about my nephew’s present, which I’ve spent a few weeks making. I’m proud of it and I have every right to post about it on (I’ll say it again) MY BLOG.

I have so much planned for December that I don’t even have one day spare to make and buy gifts, and as I work full time my November, October and September are pretty full as well. So every spare minute I get I have been making gifts and decorations.

Fuck you if you don’t want me to post about things that make me happy on MY BLOG.

If you don’t like it, unfollow. It’s that simple.

verulamion asked:

for the oc meme!! luca ? c:

Full Name: Daesung “Luca” Myung
Gender and Sexuality: transman, heteroflexible
Pronouns: he/him exclusively
Ethnicity/Species: korean
Birthplace and Birthdate: incheon, south korea (again, no birthdays for my oc’s. i am a bad yaya)
Guilty Pleasures: lush bath bombs honestly (AND KAI’S SWEET FUCKIN DIIIIIIIICK)
Phobias: the ocean, deep dark, immobility
What They Would Be Famous For: dancing, easily. boy could be a star if he gave half a shit
What They Would Get Arrested For: literally murder. boy is also constantly an inch away from straight up killing folks (he’s not really, he likes to talk himself a good game but he could never commit)
OC You Ship Them With: he and kai were literally Made For Each Other. i literally created them to be each other’s counterpoint
OC Most Likely To Murder Them: honestly? izzy. he gets on her nerves so damn often
Favorite Movie/Book Genre: romance. the soppy shit that makes you cry, he’s seen the notebook too many goddamn times
Least Favorite Movie/Book Cliche: the “but it doesnt matter if the characters were happy in the middle, the end is tragic and no one comes out for the better” ending. nat and kai have had to hid their physical copies of certain lgbt films for fear of luca actually smashing them
Talents and/or Powers: being incredibly angry all the time, hella good dancing skills, a stellar voice. actual powers currently a bunch of question marks bc he is eluding me
Why Someone Might Love Them: like, i mean, TOTALLY hypothetically, someone might love him for the begrudging way he shows affection, like its being literally dragged out of him even tho no one around him has done any dragging. maybe for the way his hair falls in his face and the way he pins it back with a bow like its nothing when he’s distracted. maybe for the way he holds hands like he’s desperately afraid of the handholding stopping
Why Someone Might Hate Them: because he is an Unrepentant Asshole™. he’s always ready for a fight and more often than not looking to start one, and while he’s normally doing it for his friends, he sometimes forgets about them in the thick of it
How They Change: he breathes. not… not literally, but emotionally. spiritually. he puts space between himself and his emotions, even when its hard, and lets himself feel the good ones without shame, without feeling like he doesnt deserve it. he learns that happiness is a right, and that even he is allowed it, despite how much of an asshole he sometimes ends up feeling for it
Why You Love Them: i fucking Love my little asshole. he’s so dumb and mean and angry, he’s a small kitten hissing and scratching at butterflies, except infinitely more fucked up. i couldn’t hate him if i tried, because he’s so deserving of love. he’s dumb and mean and angry but beyond it all its only because he wants that to be who he is. he tries to hard to lash out and aggress and aggrieve and agitate, because its easier and he doesn’t have to care. he’s the channel for my anger, he’s where i get to be mad at everyone and swear and punch and make stabbity motions, but he’s also where i go when i get affectionate. he loves just as passionately as he hates.

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Hey requiem sing along if you know the words! "I'm a shark! I'm a shark! Suck my diiiiiiiick i'm a shaaaaaaark!"

≈You can suck my dick but it isn’t because I’m a shark.≈♫