I really love the aesthetic of @epherall s space gods AU 

You bought a star in the sky tonight
Because your life is dark and it needs some light
You named it after me, but I’m not yours to keep
Because you’ll never see, that the stars are free (x)

Darwin’s love problems

I wanted to doodle some thing today and then i remember this idea i had. Darwin seems to have had a few girls interested in him before picking one and i had always thought of drawing a character with a lot of potential love interests sort of being descended upon by them. Any ways sort of drawing characters out of my own element a little.


“By the sweat of our brows, and the strength of our backs, and the courage of our hearts.”

My final Pirates of the Caribbean DVD mock ups for my 400 level Advanced Character Design class! I wanted to have them showing Elizabeth’s journey because I feel like she has the most character development through the three films. I also included The Black Pearl as a background element since it changes a lot too!

After my tiny rant, here’s a little w.i.p. of a new painting I’m working on. Already taking about 3 times as long as my other paintings and I’m not even halfway done. o.o Ima say there’s a little bit of improvement going on, at least mental health wise for me. I decided to paint the Blue Fairy from Pinocchio because when I was younger, she was the most mysterious and wonderful character from any Disney movie for me. I was read Buratino when I was small and when I got older, I read another version of Pinocchio, illustrated by a super wonderful artist (I can’t find the book online! Gonna keep looking), and I was very much in love with the story and characters, especially the Fairy with Turquoise Hair in the woods. Going to paint the Disney version just because I thought she needed a little spicing up. From a quick look through deviantArt, no one has painted her! 

I used a pic of myself for reference and as always, painted in Krita with my Huion WH1409 tablet.

Speedpaint - Yandere Chan & Yandere Dev

The TRUE Senpai! 

Drawn for Dev because of his latest video. You don’t think it’s that hard behind the scenes but he is handling his job so well and is simply amazing because of it.  

I am very grateful for everything he does and it will be so worth it once the game is done! Thank you Yandere Dev ♥