Speedpaint - Yandere Chan & Yandere Dev

The TRUE Senpai! 

Drawn for Dev because of his latest video. You don’t think it’s that hard behind the scenes but he is handling his job so well and is simply amazing because of it.  

I am very grateful for everything he does and it will be so worth it once the game is done! Thank you Yandere Dev ♥


Just a doodle to get started this morning. I sort have been wanting to draw hot ladies with venomous/poisonous animals lately, and i wanted to work on the chest, waist and hips ratio when i draw women. Some time they look mostly chest and hips with no middle in some of my drawings.

Also working on this made me want to take a crack at redesigning Team Rocket some day, i think i will sketch some of my ideas down before i forget them


David Petersen reading my story “The Watcher’s Stone” for Legends of the Guard vol.3