digs hole and stays in it

shout the lyrics out, spit them out and stomp them into the ground, mash them into the dirt under your steel toed boots, mash and mash and mash, until your ankles hurt
run and run away, run away, until the town recedes into the horizon behind you, until you hear that train whistle in the distance, until you know you’re allowed to scream because the only living things that’ll hear you are the trees
run and run away, run away, until your ankles hurt
—  i tell these things to myself but i never listen to anything i say // i whisper the lyrics, caress them gently, and i stay in the same place, in this hole i’m digging for myself

UNSPKN part 15

Where Papyrus flares up again.

Set after the events of “Flowey Is Not A Good Life Coach” fanfiction, comic will focus on beloved skelebros and their great need of psychotherapy after all that happened.

Also it’s not a spoiler, it’s just my version of (another) epilogue. Heh.

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an introduction to hq!!rarepairadise
  • haikyuu!! rarepairadise: where everything goes
  • [Tour Guide Voice]: And here, in the corner, we can see those in rarepair hell, who only can wait until others join them and help them out.
  • [Resigned Voice]: Unfortunately, as you can see here, most well-meaning people, in trying to understand the situation and help those in the holes, end up falling in as well. And when they try to dig their way out, they stumble upon new rarepairs. It's a never-ending cycle.
  • *pointing to a vaguely pile-shaped object in the distance*: That there is the canon pile, where we can see fans scavenging for any sign of their ships interacting. Just a fleeting glance is enough!
  • *gleefully*: Isn't this an interesting place? Welcome to Haikyuu!! rarepairadise, and we hope you enjoy your stay here!

i. tear yourself apart; watch the pieces fall like confetti. somewhere inside the screams is you, longing to be more.

ii. you dig pieces of yourself out from under your fingernails and flick them away like they’re not who you are. bury them like pieces of saturday-night-party trash, before people start asking questions.

iii. mix champagne and punch and drink it like blood – if your mouth is busy it can’t call for help. you always wanted it this way: fire and wind and gone without a trace.

iv. only i will know where to find you – in a hole in your backyard, buried under too many apologies. but my mouth will stay shut, so you will always be my secret.

—  skeleton boy // abby, day 212

Honestly, I’m not saying Chyna should’ve stayed and dealt with Rob even when he was being abusive but I am saying that she had to know that being with someone who is mentally ill wasn’t gonna be a walk in the park. Mental illness is not a small cold , it doesn’t just go away with some cough medicine. All the more, why have a baby with this man knowing what she knew? That’s just digging a deeper hole for not only herself but her children now. She has her right to leave but it seems like the main reason she’s leaving is because her “plan” fell into place.

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OUAT - Peter Pan Imagine
»Imagine that – Felix accidentally tells Pan you like him in front of you.»

»Sure, because she fancies you», those words made your heart jump to your throat. You just want you dig a hole and crawl into it for the rest of time. 
Felix is still smirking, not realising that what you told him in secrecy was supposed to stay that way. Pan looks up at his friend, with a very confused and skeptical look on his face. You sigh, biting your cheek, trying to not hit Felix and wipe that stupid smirk off his face. You shoot a look at him who then realises what he said.  
»Oops», he mouths to you and you close your eyes, wanting to just be gone from this situation. Pan is still staring at Felix and then looks at you.

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May I request some Leorai?

(a/n) this is all @onthespectrumwriting and their glorious girl gang au’s fault i’m sorry i could not successfully provide full on leorai anon

“I need…I don’t know, Leo- air? Space? I just- can’t…be here now- especially.”

He’s following her around the lair with wide, frantic eyes that want her to stay. Stay a little, become a family that’s whole but never really can be because there’s that one, gaping, infinite hole digging and cutting and ripping into their hearts. That one space that should be her father is gone, and the very connection to her past died with him. 

Miwa fades into something incapable and dead. Insignificant. She’s not real.

So Karai won’t stay here and try to weave herself into something she was never meant to be a part of- doesn’t even know how to be a part of. There’s the way Michelangelo looks at her, a half smile and watery eyes that tell her she should unpack, kill the old self she’s been built to function as, and unravel.

Pull off that skin. 

She could be Miwa, or whatever they want her to be. Whatever gets her loved. Some hungry, tired part of her aching heart would do anything to feel like she mattered to someone.

Karai doesn’t matter- to anyone.

Miwa did.

So maybe she’ll be her.

And when Karai whips her head around Leo’s still there, at the door; he won’t move, she knows he won’t and that’s just one of the great, amazing things about him. He believes in dying things, hopeless things. Karai pretends her blurring vision isn’t real and that this isn’t real and that nothing is real, and swallows the emotion back and it burns so bad.  

She breaks away from the dresser in the extra room they set up for her and turns to him.

“Leo…that figment Splinter told you about- all those years ago?” she stalks closer to him, her steps hesitant, “She died- she’s dead…been dead- this whole time. And I can’t…be her-” her voice breaks when she wants to keep it steady, and Karai meets his eyes with something determined and sure and almost familiar, as Leo takes the steps he needs to close the space between them.

He goes to grab her hand, she pulls away and it all resets.

All over again.

He’s just Leo, she’s just Karai and they’re not enemies; they can’t fight, but they have nothing to ground them.

If Karai closes her eyes and breathes, she can almost trick herself to believing they were on that building and they were both ignorant and blind and they could flirt and dance with their blades between them instead of this silence.  

“I’m not asking you to…” Leo says, hoarse and quiet, eyes on the floor, at their feet, “But…Karai, if you just- if you ever need-”

She pulls him in, and Leo freezes, stiffens against her. And when it sinks in, his head drops against her shoulder. His tears take long to come, hers take longer.

But she stands back and wipes hers away, a sweeter smile curling her lips.


Karai knows he doesn’t expect it when she grabs her bags anyway and walks away, to the entrance of the lair, hopping into the passenger’s seat of Shinigami’s stolen van, shooting finger guns at her only, slightly stunned family with a bittersweet, wavering grin (donnie smirks back because he probably saw it coming, mikey starts the waterworks while raph pretends to be indifferent with a two percent edge of humored irritation. and leo? she’s not that brave yet to look.) and in the back seat is April- because “Sorry guys, it was a mandatory rescue! Think of it as a Kunoichi only expedition- itinerary disclosed. And Shini won’t tell a soul about the whole vehicular secret entrance thing, okay! See ya in…well I dunno when,” she says from the window with a smile made from just a bit of spite fueled by exclusion, pushing her braids back. Because they deserve it, and she deserves the appalled reaction on their little faces before Shini floors it and their van roars down the highway.

They roll their windows down, hair blowing in the wind (april’s braids hang out the back and they race motorcycles and mustangs for the thrill of it) and later on Leo’ll find a note that goes along the lines of thanks for the memories <3 that he’ll laugh about later.

Much, much, much later.

And she’ll laugh now, through confused tears.

(Years later they’ll hold each other again, knees in the dirt, but as something less complicated, and mourn the father she never got to know, she’s almost sure. But for now- they’re only ten more miles from Key West and the wildest nights of their lives.)

Depression, should not be compared to the crashing waves of the ocean…it isn’t that beautiful. It’s more like a tornado of feelings and emotions, destroying everything in its path. And I know I should want to stay alive but this gun has such a comfortable home resting against my tounge. And I know that I promised I would never take a blade to my skin again but the way my body shakes makes the siren that is my blade turn into another broken promise that you made. I might as well be six feet under because I keep digging this hole deeper and I’m tired so I’ll lay down for a while but I have this fear that when I wake up that anxiety will have buried me alive.
—  Late night thoughts

“Why do you like Lacrosse so much?” Derek asked from across the room where you had your Lacrosse equipment while you were researching things with Peter - who surprisingly decided to be a Samaritan and help.

You looked at your boyfriend, “It’s fun. And it’s a nice way to let out your frustrations.”

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the signs as dogs
  • Aries: constantly trying to play fetch, barks really loud at the post man
  • Taurus: eats food faster than you'd think possible, whines softly and opens their big brown eyes when you have a sandwich
  • Gemini: loves the outdoors, rolls around in a field of grass whenever possible, eats flowers
  • Cancer: cuddliest dog, wakes you up my liking your face and stays by your side when you're sick
  • Leo: full of energy and wants all of your attention 24/7, has a really fluffy coat
  • Virgo: really intelligent and loves to learn tricks, gets scared at lightning
  • Libra: has the biggest brown eyes and really floppy ears but is always chewing on the furniture
  • Scorpio: really small dogs that curls up in the laundry hamper, waves their paws in the air while laying on their back when excited
  • Sagittarius: old lazy dog that falls asleep on your lap and likes to dig holes in your back garden
  • Capricorn: cocks their head the side when they feel confused, loves when you scratch them behind the ears
  • Aquarius: rests their head on your lap and stays by you side all the time, sleeps at the end of your bed
  • Pisces: lil puppy who ruins your garden but that's okay because he gives the best cuddles, has a really cute collar

Birthright Veles things:

  • Is kicked out and abandons his castle for 3-4+ years and is forced to wonder around as a ‘hobo vampire’ of sorts, trying to seek refuge and a safe place to live in peace.
  • Probably had to dig holes several times when out and about to sleep underground in case the sun decided to show itself during the day when he could not find an abandoned building or something similar to sleep in.
  • Clothes would have been dirty and ragged, difficult for him to stay clean and manage his hygiene. Completely miserable for him.
  • When he did find a village to stay in it would never be for long because people would begin to notice something off about him (and people mysteriously dying), and inevitably fear/hatred would cause him to be pursued/kicked out.
  • Would probably go days without having anything to eat, with humans sometimes being almost impossible to find. Feeding on animals is not enough for him. Half-starved most of the time.
  • Probably had vampire hunters and the like trying to track him down and kill him in his weakened state.
  • Avoiding capture by Hoshidan forces.
  • Probably finds other vampires and seeks solace in their company to stay safe.

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yo, what are your hobbies? c:


So when I’m not writing or drawing I write very basic music with the aid of a baritone ukulele, I play a truly hideous amount of tabletop RPGs, I listen to a handful of podcasts, and I occasionally dip my toe into taking classes in various pursuits - jiu jitsu, kickboxing, improv, stand-up comedy, etc. I also really love eating, walking my dogs around the lake near my place, and learning things, whether that’s through reading non-fiction books or falling down a Google hole. Sometimes I play Animal Crossings New Leaf but I’m frankly a terrible mayor. I write a lot. Like, probably most of my free time is spent writing, whether it’s fanfic or poetry or scripts for comics or podcasts or my own fiction. All kinds of weird shit, hahaha. I like to stay busy to stave off the existential dread, y’dig? Haha.

Thanks for asking, friend! <33

i told him, “i can’t write today.” he asked what was so bad from taking a day off from seeing the world from the bottom of a grave. i said: “you have to be there, where the worms know your name.” i don’t know how to explain i can’t kiss him right on blank days. he tells me: it’s okay. i know it’s not. you’d have known it to know what it’s like to have it torn out of you. you’d have to understand why we bury ourselves for the sake of a single moment of inspiration. you can’t go there to stay. you just fall into it and you love every inch of soil until you wake up elsewhere one day. and you chase it and you chase it and you dig other holes trying to find it but nothing that fits the same way. there’s no map. there’s just you and your one true place.

i am soft i am
hungry i will bite a fist-
sized chunk out of your sadness
let’s do this: dig a hole in the backyard
and this: hide from the light
the only thing the sun does
is make my limbs less heavy less prone
to stay in bed less desperate
there is no cure but we’ll drag along
there is no hope except lately
i believe i could keep holding your hand keep
telling you you’re beautiful keep
making plans for another tomorrow and
another and
another and
let’s do this: happiness despite everything
and this: i love you
and this: let me hold you tight.
—  waltz in the dark
Don’t do what I’m doing. Don’t fall for him unless you’re prepared. Prepared that he’s gonna be falling lightly for others within the snap of a finger. Prepared that he will be seeing other girls’ nudes. Prepared that he’ll fuck girls you don’t even know the name of. Prepared that once you fall for him, you may not be able to dig yourself out. Prepared that he will make you love him and hate him by the way he acts. Prepared that he knows how you feel. Prepared that he may manipulate you. Prepared that he’ll flirt with you. Prepared that he’ll make you feel wanted and cherished. Prepared that you’ll be let down. Prepared that you’ll have to accept his tendencies. Prepared that he may have fell for you. Prepared to know that he knows how he is. Prepared that he doesn’t want to damage you further. Prepared that he’ll dig you out of the hole you’ve put yourself into. Prepared that he won’t stay close to you after. Prepared to have your heart broken if you fall for him.
—  (Not all boys are like this/but you know who you are) source: (poeticmishaps)