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(Request) Dirty Desires

Title: Dirty Desires

Characters: Negan x You/Reader

Requested by: @hardelvencock

Hey I’ve been wondering if you can do a smut one shot(?) Where it’s s7 episode 1 and where the reader is in the line up and is being degraded by negan and (also maybe humiliation in front of the group) you’re loving every second of it.

Warnings: SUPER NSFW, rough sex, humiliation, degradation

Note: This is a long one and very, very NSFW. If any of the aforementioned warnings might trigger you, please do not read. Also, Negan doesn’t have any redeeming quality in this so yeah. But I enjoyed writing this so much (even if it’s my first time writing this kind of smut) so thank you hardelvencock for the request! I hope you like it! xoxo

“Oh my goodness! Look at this!”

You were supposed to feel scared, to fear for your life and most of all, be angry. Abraham had just been killed by Negan and he wasn’t just killed. He was bludgeoned to death, his head bashed in by a baseball bat countless of times as if the first blow wasn’t enough. And being a good friend of the soldier, you were supposed to despise Negan. And you did, not because he killed one of your own.

But because he turned you on.

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You can’t own a human being. You can’t lose what you don’t own. Suppose you did own him. Could you really love somebody who was absolutely nobody without you? You really want somebody like that? Somebody who falls apart when you walk out the door? You don’t, do you? And neither does he. You’re turning over your whole life to him. Your whole life, girl. And if it means so little to you that you can just give it away, hand it to him, then why should it mean any more to him? He can’t value you more than you value yourself.
—  Toni Morrison, Song of Solomon

“Working with her was tremendous…ly awful. For six months, she continuously threw me around, beat me, stepped on me and wiped the floor with my dignity and self-respect every day - all with a smile on her face.”

- Jeremy Renner on working with Scarlett Johansson

It’s a wonderful thing

to have confidence in the maturity, dignity, and self-respect of a public figure, not to be ashamed of their actions, and to see them be gracious in the face of petty and unpleasant people. A very wonderful thing.

Half A Century- Loki X Reader

(I’m sorry for writing this piece of trash. I just had to get it out of my system)

Summary: When things are dire, Thor brings out a girl Loki would both rather stay away from and kiss.

Word Count: Roughly 2300

A silence was hovering over the headquarters. Around them was a destroyed city, a dark sky, and fires all over. The dust had settled for a while. Thanos had decided to take a break for whatever reason. It gave the heroes a grace period to plan and strategize.

The Avengers, including Loki if one would dare call him an avenger, the Guardians and a few other heroes were sitting around the table in The Avengers Tower.

The silence was deafening. All of them knew that doom was upon them, humanity and all that existed. And that it was up to them to stop it. 

“This is ridiculous, I say we go out there an fight.” Rocket suggested, standing up on the table. He looked around as serious faces of his fellow supers surrounded him.

Tony spoke up, feeling annoyed because a raccoon was telling them to do something stupid. A RACCOON of all things. “And what, serve ourselves death? Brilliant idea, Tico.” He remarked sarcastically, earning a growl from the raccoon. 

“Oh yeah, at least I’m doing something. What have you done, huh, metal chunks?” He snapped back. The tension was ever so thick.

“Stop it. Rocket sit down. Arguing isn’t going to get us anywhere.” Gamora, grabbed Rocket’s small arm and yanked him towards her and her seat.

Steve ran his fingers through his hair. “But Rocket does have a point-”

“Yeah. He wants us-” Tony cut off Steve only to be cut off by the same person he did it to.

Steve shot Tony a look, making the brunette simply roll his eyes and look the other way. “I’m not saying his idea is…. Uh… My point is Rocket had a point which is that we shouldn’t just be sitting here.” 

“Yes, but Tony also had a point. We shouldn’t act rashly. One wrong move will cause us the whole universe.” Natasha pointed out as well.

“That is if we move at all.”

The tension grew even thicker. Everyone was either glaring or looking away. It was hard to believe that these were the teams that saved worlds more than once.

“We don’t have much time. If we’re going to act, we need to act now,” Sam ever so kindly reminded them.

“We’ve used every last bit of our resources. What is there to do?” Clint stated and looked around, as everyone did.

Thor gave Loki a meaningful look, and Loki gave a horrified look in reply. “Absolutely not. NO. We’re not bringing her into this.” Loki growled as he glared at Thor.

“Brother, we have no choice, besides, she’s more than capable of taking care of herself and you are very well knowledgeable of that.” Thor argued back, matching Loki’s glare with one of his own.

“Wait- Who’s this “she” exactly?” Tony asked, his interest piqued.

Nobody. Absolutely nobody.” Loki seethed with anger as he glanced at Thor once more.

“Doesn’t sound like nobody.”

Thor sighed and turned to the group. “A childhood friend of ours. Quite the sorceress, perhaps maybe because she’s the goddess of sorcery. [Y/N].” Thor breathed out as a wave of emotions washed over Loki.

Just the thought of her made him both warm and bitter.

He remembered all those good times. Her laugh. Her smile. He was being cliche, but it was true nonetheless. 

It was all well. Then she disappeared. So sudden. The previous day was so normal. So… Happy. And he took it all for granted, something he wished he didn’t do.

Loki glared at everyone. “Do what you desire. I will play no part in it.” A green light began encasing him, soon making him disappear.

“So. You decided to tell us that you knew the goddess of sorcery when everything’s about to face ultimate doom.” Rocket remarked sarcastically, with the agreeing looks of everyone facing Thor.

“I told you only now because of one problem. Neither I nor Loki have the ability to find [Y/N] .” Thor sighed with a dreading face. 

Natasha looked at Thor questioningly. “Is this the part where you tell us how we can find her?” 

“Fortunately, it is. She’s somewhere here, on Earth.”

“And you said you didn’t know where she was.” Gamora chimed in.

Thor sat down on one of the couches near the table. “I said I do not have the ability to find her. Every once in a while I sense her presence, and so does my brother, however, it wavers and fades quickly. I suspect a spell. One of which I hope Lady Wanda can evade.” He shot Wanda a hopeful look, turning the gaze of everyone to her.

“I-I’ll do whatever I can.” She suddenly felt a little pressured, but frankly she was already quite used to it.

Wanda did find [Y/N]. And as she, Natasha, Banner and Clint went to her, they persuaded her to come with them.

Muttering was heard in the halls. Thor felt his heart beat in his chest. He felt the adrenaline as he heard the steps near.

A [H/C]-haired woman walked through the doors to the main room, followed by Nat, Clint, Wanda and Bruce. She wore a [C] tube top, with a strap connecting the left chest part to the low right back with layered [C] leggings with gems encrypted to be topped off with a [C] cape. 

 As soon as her [E/C] eyes caught sight of the blonde god, she broke off into a sprint, jumping over the furniture that got in her way. 

 Thor heard footsteps while he was facing a half destroyed City. However, he was too afraid to be disappointed. But as soon as he heard quick steps, he turned around only to be nearly knocked off by a hug. 

 “Thor!” The woman shouted as she encased him in a warm embrace the god returned immediately. 

 He couldn’t help but smile. “Indeed, you never do change, Lady [Y/N].” He grinned widely, happy to see an old friend. Although, he’d no doubt be happier had impending doom not be upon them that very moment.

“Stop with the formalities, Brother. I’m still your sister.” She grinned as well, pulling back to face Thor. His face matured, and he grew up to be the handsome man she always knew he would be. 

Nonetheless, she knew her heart belonged to another god. Thor looked down on her. Not that [Y/N] was small, he was just insanely tall.

“Side by side or galaxies apart-” He started.

 "Family we are and shall always be by heart.“ They both smiled wider. But as they remembered, the bright smiles turned into sad, sentimental ones as they remembered the next part.

Three young gods sat atop a hill. They took forms of 12 year-olds, though they’re undoubtedly older bu years and years.

“Let’s make an oath.” [Y/N], the young goddess, suggested. Her tone stated that she was forcing them to do so whether the boys liked it or not.

Loki rolled his eyes. “Shall we also take knives and cut our wrists and then drink our combined blood?” He remarked sarcastically. 

[Y/N] sent a sweet smile in retort. “If you’re willing, I don’t see why not.”

“I wouldn’t mind.” Thor stated followed by a laugh.

Loki simply facepalmed. He couldn’t even fathom how stupid they sounded to him. But before he could further elaborate to himself, his hands were taken into soft ones.

He looked up to [Y/N] who was laughing as well. “Come on, what do you have to lose?”

“My dignity, pride and self respect.” He stated, giving the smallest of genuine smiles.

[Y/N] grinned. “See, nothing.” She laughed a little before putting her hands on her hips. “You make it sound like we’re demanding you to strip your clothes and run naked through the whole planet with us.”

“Both are very similar things.” His smile grew a little wider.

Thor went over to Loki and wrapped his arm around his younger brother’s shoulder. “Come on, brother. Stop being such a lady and man up.”

Loki shrugged his brother’s arm off and huffed. “We both know your baiting will do no good brother.” He glanced at the two, before eventually sighing.

“Alright. As long as it’s not anything stupid.” He held out his hands. His right one was taken by Thor’s calloused hand, while the left one was taken by [Y/N]‘s small one.

He felt magic flow through his veins as [Y/N] began chanting. “Side by side or galaxies apart,”

[Y/N] looked at the two who were staring at her. “You guys add now.”

Thor coughed as he looked at Loki uncomfortably. “Family we are and shall always be by heart.”

“Gods we may be in hell or heaven,” Loki added, looking at [Y/N] to finish the oath.

“The bond of us three shall not and never will be broken.” She finished, the magic ending..

The memories of childhood flashed before their eyes as they let each other go. They felt a pang in their hearts as they rmembered good times.

“Not to break this very touching moment, but let me get this straight. You have another sister???!” Tony nearly shouted at Thor looking at [Y/N].

“Well she certainly doesn’t look like you.” He added, examining the girl. 

Thor gave a hearty laugh. “Ah, no. [Y/N] is my sister.. By bond. We’re not actual siblings.”

[Y/N] grinned sheepishly before turning to Thor. “Is he….” She trailed off, looking into Thor’s eyes.

He simply sighed. “Disappeared. You should easily be able to track him though.” 

“Thanks.” She kissed Thor’s cheek before disappearing as well. “I’ll help you guys later. I have someone to attend to.”

[Y/N] teleported all around. She flashed through the rooms, hoping to find the ebony haired man. She felt her heat beating in her chest. She knew Loki would be anything but welcoming. She left him so suddenly, but the need called for it. Had she not gone, another war would’ve broken out, and she could not bear see the destruction of her home.

Lost in her thoughts, [Y/N] accidentally tripped as she teleported once more, effectively misdirecting herself. She silently cursed to herself. Honestly, this was not the first time. 

As she teleported, she fell on something. More like someone. She felt his breaths on her skin. It made her heart accelerate to an impossible  degree. 

Her eyes trailed down to Loki’s ever changing eye color. It was one of the things she loved about him. His eyes. His eyes that never seemed to stay one shade. 

“Half a millennia and this is how you greet me,” Loki chuckled with a hint of bitterness. “You never do fail to do the unexpected.” He added, not referring to what happened now.

The smile that was on her face turned into a guilty frown as she pushed herself off him. They were at the very top of the tower and it was a horrendous sight. fire everywhere, dark sky, but in all of it there was a certain silent peace.

Loki turned around, looking over all the destruction. He felt betrayed, all the feelings he denied he had surfacing. The light put shadows on his pale face, creating a dramatic lighting.

[Y/N] slowly approached him. “Loki….. I-” She started, stopping behind him as he interrupted her. 

“Should you not be with my brother? After all, you two do seem to be quite comfortable in each other’s arms.” He calmly shot it towards her, and she hated it. She knew that he knew that she could read him, read how closed off he was. And he was using it against her.

Fight calm with calm. She whispered in her thought as she walked to his side. “I see Thor only as a brother, as does he to me as his sister.”

“You still hold onto that silly oath?” Loki scoffed acerbically. He did find it silly, but he held onto that oath as well at times more than he cared to admit.

[Y/N] shrugged. “I find it quite comforting. The idea of family.” She turned to him looking at his shadowed face. In spite of her calm demeanour, inside she was truly sad and broken. This sight of Loki made her feel that way.

“Why?” Loki turned to [Y/N] who had a confused face.

“Pardon?” She knew what he meant, but she took no risk. After all, she dare not cross Loki right now.

Loki’s eyes showed all his emotions. All the pain, sadness, rage, love, passion, all of them. “Why, I ask,” His voice wavered. “Why did you leave?” He nearly pleaded as his voice wavered. He felt the tears nearly coming to his eyes.

[Y/N] was speechless. Never, in all her years, had she seen Loki so.. So mixed up. 

Loki continued. “Why did you leave without even a simple farewell? Do you know much-” He choked back. “How much it tormented me? Every single night wondering if you were safe. Do you know how many days, years, I’ve spent looking for you? I NEARLY DIED!” He yelled the last part, running a hand through his messy, ebony hair, the illusion of his beautiful face wearing off to reveal a tear stained one.

[Y/N] stood there, frozen. Loki calmed himself down and scoffed before turning around and walking away,

Suddenly, [Y/N]’s body moved on it’s own. She threw herself, grabbing Loki’s wrist and pulling him into a passionate kiss. She herself was surprised, more so once he began to kiss back.

They both pull back, panting. Loki smirked, “That’s certainly a way to end things.” He looked up into [E/C] colored eyes.

“I did not plan that.” [Y/N] grinned and chuckled, looking back into Loki’s eyes, feeling a certain happiness bubbling inside of her.

i would like to be forced to be formed to a degraded cunt animal. i wish i would be forced to do self humiliation and self hurting. i wish i had to stretch and pump my disgusting normal tits to become fat, low hanging udders. i wish i would be forced to bind and abuse them always. i wish i wouldn’t be allowed to sleep anymore without having my udders fixed to my bed with rope. i wish i would be forced to stretch and enlarge them until they dangle pervert down to my navel. i wish i would be that formed to a cunt animal, that if i lift my sweatshirt a bit, my udders would hang that deep, that they would be visible for every man to play with. i wish i would be forced to pump and stretch my nipples that extreme, that they mutate to fat teats. i wish i would be forced to stretch my flesh, until that fat, degrading teats would point to the floor, that they would hang directly over my greedy cunt. i wish i would be forced to have my useless clit permanent sore and swollen, knowing that i’m only worth to be fucked in my stretched and ruined asscunt. i wish i would be forced to pump my clit and cunt to the extreme, to stretch out my inner cunt lips, that i’m always reminded what a cunt pig i am.
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Master Fic Post

Friends, it was brought to my attention that I should make a master-list of everything I’ve written so far.  So here it is, in all of its glory in no particular order.  And, of course, I’m always writing something so it’ll forever be getting longer. Peace out, girl scouts. 


Ravenous -  Fresh off a particularly brutal case, Mulder tries to finally make good on his promise to take Scully on a nice trip to the forest, only to stumble onto evidence that there may be more to a local urban legend than just rumor and superstition. NC-17

Achluophobia -  Mulder and Scully are called in on a personal favor by Maggie Scully to investigate a haunting. NC-17


Manual Labor -  It’s Season 7 smut. That’s it. NC-17

The Stability of Pain -  One night, Scully deals with the grief over losing Emily and what could have been. PG

Missing Scene from The Truth -  This is my attempt to fill in one of the blanks for The Truth. PG-13

The Porch Swing -  The happenings on and around a porch swing at the unremarkable house. NC-17

The Art of Grieving -  Scully processes the death of her mother. Post Revival. PG

Not Today -  Tempers flare between Mulder and Scully when it comes to doing the paperwork. NC-17

8 Days, 5 Hours, 42 Minutes, and 39 Seconds -  “He hated to admit it, but it took over a week for it to really sink in that she was gone. 8 days, 5 hours, 42 minutes, and 35 seconds to be exact. 36 seconds. 37.”  Pre Revival. PG

Pink Glazed Donut -  “He knew she was close by the way her thighs twitched beneath the grip of his hands and how her hips rocked against his face, thrusting in a greedy search for more.” NC-17

Intercoursus Iterruptus -  “Her voice was dangerously low and had adopted a tone of warning as his pelvis ‘accidentally’ grazed her ass again for the third time in fifteen minutes.” NC-17


Cancer Arc Part 1: Mint Chocolate Chip -  Sometimes 96 tennis balls on the ocean floor is just 96 tennis balls on the ocean floor. 

Cancer Arc Part 2: Love Me Tender - Fears, wants, and desperately needs. 

Cancer Arc Part 3: I See You -  How am I supposed to die with dignity and self respect, when I don’t even know who I am anymore, Mulder?

Cancer Arc Part 4:  Bubbles in the Wind -  I should have warned her of what was to come, of what she would likely have to sacrifice in hopes of righting those wrongs.

The Tsunami Series - That of Which Cannot Be Undone -  “You’re going to be a father.”

The Tsunami Series - Part 1 -  Out in the furthest reaches of her periphery, she senses the beginnings of a storm manifesting  within her, its tumultuous energy churning angrily, absorbed by the vast ocean of her subconscious.

The Tsunami Series - Part 2 -  She sways in the chair, the numbness metastasizing like a cancer from her legs throughout her entire body.

The Tsunami Series - Part 3 - WIP, Final chapter coming soon. 


The Voicemail Series, cowritten with @kateyes224 : A pre-revival angst series, Rated: R.

Part 1 - Mulder
Part 2 - Scully
Part 3 - Mulder

And Ashes Fell From the Sky with @2moms-0fucks : A virtual Season 11, Rated: NC-17. 

1- Past and Present
2- Ring Around the Rosy
3- A Pocket Full of Posey
4- Ashes, Ashes
5- We All Fall Down
6- Present and Future 

@twoagentsmissing-presumeddead with @bohoartist : A casefile told unconventionally. Rated: R


How Long Have You Been Standing There?  NC-17, MSR

You Make Me Feel Like I’m Not Good Enough. PG-13, MSR

I Had To See You Again. NC-17, Scully/Stella

Wanna Bet? NC-17, MSR

Wanna Dance? PG, MSR

Like a Ghost Through the FogPG, MSR

That Which Cannot Be Undone, R, MSR / Mulder/Other

William’s Space Onesie, PG, MSR

You didn’t destroy me but you destroyed my family. You destroyed my father, he’s mad at me for thinking you were good and not listening to him. You broke my mother because she begged my father to let you in. I lost everything because of you, my mind, my dignity, my self respect and my time. My family is broken because maybe I’m broken. Maybe I didn’t want to be kind to you to my fullest because I’m scared of letting people in or maybe you don’t know everything about me… maybe I was scared to tell you… maybe it’s too sad or too dark or maybe I didn’t want you to see me as a sad story but I don’t regret keeping my guard up because in the end you were not worth it.
INTJ ESFP arguments are the most pointless thing I have ever done
  • ESFP: Good Morning!
  • INTJ: *hums* good morning
  • ESFP: *imitates in grumpy voice* 'Uhhh good morning'
  • INTJ: It's early, I'm still waking up
  • ESFP: It's 11 o'clock!
  • INTJ: Actually it's 10:40.
  • ESFP: That's still silly. Wanna come with me shopping?
  • INTJ: *making breakfast* No
  • ESFP: Please?
  • INTJ: No.
  • ESFP: I'll buy you sushi.
  • INTJ: No ESFP, I just want to have a quiet morning and eat my breakfast in piece.
  • ESFP: It's not early!
  • INTJ: So you've said, now can I please just have some time to myself?
  • ESFP: *offended* you don't have to be so rude about it!
  • INTJ: It's not my fault you can't sense the tone of the room.
  • ESFP: Well it's not my fault you don't know how to talk to people!
  • INTJ: I know many people who like to talk to me.
  • ESFP: You could've said it with some dignity.
  • INTJ: Dignity?
  • ESFP: Get some self-respect?
  • INTJ: Self-res- I do respect myself, I'm awesome. Do you- do you know what dignity and self-respect mean?
  • ESFP: I can't talk to you when you're like this!
  • INTJ: Like what?
  • ESFP: Like that!
  • INTJ: Like what, this is just what I sound like when I'm tired and annoyed.
  • ESFP: *storms about the house the rest of the day*
  • INTJ: *sigh* wouldn't of happened if she just listened to me the first time.

anonymous asked:


“Ha! In your face!”, Eren cries out victoriously, pumping his fists into the air and almost throwing his controller across the room. “While you were busy being heterosexual I studied the blade!”
Marco almost chokes on his beer.
“Eren, sweetheart”, he chuckles, watching as Jean snarls and crosses his arms, kicks his legs up on the coffee table with a grumble. “First, I don’t think we have a single straight friend so I have no idea who you’re even talking to.” Eren snorts and grabs a handful of skittles, popping them into his mouth one by one.
“And second, you’re playing Mario Kart, there’s not even a blade in that game.”

“It’s a metaphorical blade”, Eren munches. “The blade of my Mario Kart skills. It’s polished and sharp and I just slew Jean’s dignity and self-respect with it.”
“Oh my god, shut up!”, Jean groans as he lets his head fall against the backrest to sulk up at the ceiling.
“Or what? You’ll make me kick your ass again?”

As much fun as Eren is like this, so bright and happy and playful that Marco wants to pull him close and pepper kisses all over his flushed face, he’ll have to reign it in a bit or else they’ll have a sour Jean for the rest of the night.
Their boyfriend is an extraordinarily sore loser. Eren should know that, they’ve been here before. But as soon as Eren gets excited about something he stops reading the mood and pushes things too hard and too far.
The two idiots are lucky to have him.

Smiling softly Marco steps behind the couch, fingers of one hand still curled around his beer bottle, the other reaching out to brush them against Jean’s forehead, card them through his hair.
“You fought valiantly.”
Jean grunts and squeezes his eyes shut, scrunches his nose up, but he can’t quite fight the calming pull of Marco’s touches, tight lines of his expression softening minutely already.
“And now you have to be a man of your word and keep your promise, alright?”

When Jean opens his eyes he does so slowly, tightness melting from his face as he pushes his lower lip out in a pout that’s way too adorable. Even more so upside-down.
“Do I have to?”, he asks and his voice is still irritated, no matter how hard he tries to win Marco over with his cuteness.
Laughing quietly Marco leans down for a quick kiss, Jean’s lips sticky from the sweets he’s been eating all night. A hand comes up to tangle in his hair, nudges him back down when Marco tries to pull away until it finally lets him go.

There’s a smugness sparking in Jean’s eyes, thinking he might have swayed the referee with his cuteness and sweet lips. But Marco only gives him a stern look.
“Yes, you do”, he says and watches Jean crumble back into himself, sulking. “Eren won fair and square and you need to respect that. Come on.” He pats Jean’s shoulder and point over at the door. “Get it.”
With another grumble Jean pushes himself upright and to his feet. With one last, indignant look over his shoulder he trudges out of the room.

Eren snickers in his corner of the couch, languidly stretching out his legs. Before he can say anything else Marco levels him with another stern gaze.
“And you stop gloating or he’ll be sulking the whole weekend.”
Eren purses his lips, arms raised far above his head mid-stretch before he lets them fall into his lap with a shrug.
“Alright. As long as I get my prize.”
Marco nods, content with the answer, as he climbs over the backrest and makes himself comfortable on the couch, pulling Eren’s legs into his lap.

He adores these weekends they decide to spend together at home, no going out, no wearing anything other than comfy clothes (if any at all), eating take-out and staying up late playing video games like way back when they were teenagers.
It’s fun and sweet and one of the many things he loves about his boyfriends is how effortless spending time with them is. Aside from talking them out of budding drama. But even that isn’t anything he’d ever want to change.

When Jean comes back into the living room it’s with a plate in his hands and a scowl still on his face, squinting at Marco as he passes him to come stand in front of Eren.
“Thanks, darling”, Eren grins, purring the endearment and cackling about how Jean rolls his eyes before pulling his grumpy boyfriend into his lap. Jean only struggles for a second or two before he accepts his fate and hands Eren the last piece of cake with a wistful little noise.

They end up splitting the cake between the three of them anyway. And that’s just another reason Marco’s head over heels in love with his two idiots.

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