Tu non sei l'eccezione, tu sei la regola.
E la regola dice che se un uomo non ti chiama, è perché non vuole chiamarti.
Se ti tratta come se non gliene fregasse un cazzo, è perché non gliene frega un cazzo.
Se ti tradisce, è perché non gli piaci abbastanza.
Non esistono uomini spaventati, confusi, disillusi, non esistono uomini tragicamente segnati dalle passate esperienze, bisognosi d'aiuto, bisognosi di tempo, gli uomini si dividono in due categorie soltanto: quelli che ti vogliono e quelli che non ti vogliono, tutto il resto è una scusa.
E Tu, tu, donna, di mestiere fai l'avvocato, la commessa, la cameriera, l'insegnante, la casalinga, la commercialista, la modella, la ragioniera, l'attrice, la studentessa, non la crocerossina, quindi aspetta che sia lui a chiederti di uscire, perché va bene la parità dei sessi, le quote rosa, e l'eguaglianza dei diritti, ma i tempi non sono poi così cambiati.
Gli uomini restano pur sempre dei cavernicoli sia pure incravattati e come tali adorano il sapore della conquista.
Tieniti lontana dagli uomini sposati, non lasceranno la moglie per te, meno che mai lasceranno i figli per te.
E non credere alla storia dell'amica della sorella di tua cugina, appena convolata a nozze con quello divorziato, tu non sei l'eccezione, tu sei la regola.
Al bando quelli che ti costringono ad aspettare ore accanto ad un telefono che non suona, non hanno perso il tuo numero, non hanno investito un cane, non hanno appena scoperto di avere un tumore alla prostata.
Probabilmente sono al telefono con un'altra. Oppure sono gay. Fanculo quelli che non declinano i verbi al futuro, non sono analfabeti, semplicemente non vogliono impegnarsi perché non gli piaci abbastanza. Li riconosci facilmente, girano con un cartello appeso al collo e la scritta: “Ci stiamo frequentando”.
Quando la senti, scappa, non consumare le tue belle scarpe nuove (e neppure quelle vecchie) per correre dietro un uomo che non ti vuole. Usale, piuttosto, per prenderlo a calci in culo.
Impara l'arte dell'essere donna.
Impara l'arte di ottenere dagli uomini quello che desideri, non sbattendo i piedini, ma facendogli credere che siano stati loro a decidere.
Impara a scegliere, invece che essere scelta
—  La verità è che non gli piaci abbastanza.
Humans Are Weird (Pride)

Another « humans are weird » thing! So, what if humans are known throughout the universe for being extremely prideful and stubborn. Of course, all aliens have some self-esteem, dignity and will defend their opinion, but humans just bring it to another level. Like, imagine something broke on the spaceship, but the mechanic is really busy and they can’t fix it before a good hour. One of the humans aboard just goes “Don’t worry, I’ll fix it!”, tries to repair the broken part and will not accept ANY help because he can “do it by himself”.
After 3 hours of work
Alien: hum…Human-Thomas, you can get out of here now. The mechanic finished his previous job 2 hours ago, he’ll take care of it.
Human: Then tell him *pulling on something* urg…to work on something else! *trying to grab the hammer* I can totally handle this alone*stands up and hits his head on a pipe* ow!
Alien: Human-Thomas I think I would be wiser to let the mec-
Human: I CAN DO THIS!!!!!

The signs are more stagnant, passive planes of energy whereas the planets are more active vehicles of it. The planets operate through the signs, but something that is frequently disregarded (on Tumblr) is the fact that the signs also operate through the planets – they have to, or else they would solely be, and in quite a bland, distant sense. Following this concept, dignity & debility should be understood as affecting both the planet and the sign involved.

Domicile means “home.”
Planets in their ruling sign are at home, in their natural habitat; they can exist freely, organically, without intrinsic nor extrinsic tension/resistance. Signs that possess their ruling planet are granted the perfect opportunity to present themselves in us & in the world – their planet provides a safe, comfortable platform for manifestation, and they are fountains of energy in the chart, free-flowing due to being built on something they understand and own and are.

Detriment means “harm” or “impairment.”
Planets in the opposite of their ruling sign are lost, damaged by the strain of trying to express themselves through the lack of ease, acceptance, or stability. There’s a disadvantage, a struggle due to discomfort. Signs that possess the ruling planet of their opposites are not equipped with the proper capacity or space they need to function well, or even normally. The planet doesn’t get along with them, so there can be a bit of chaos or lack of direction involved in their manifestation. There is no secure path; they have to draw their own, and it will only work if they learn to cooperate & genuinely converge with the planet.

Exaltation means “honor.”
Exalted planets & signs are raised to their highest possible power, ennobled, given the space and dynamism to stand proudly as the best versions of themselves. They are both optimized and elevated, in an energetic and archetypal sense; there is no holding them back because they have everything they need to be everything they are in the strongest, most effective, most influential, and most engaged way they can manage. They’ve been “charged” so to speak, and they’re ready to manifest to the fullest.

Fall means “defeat.”
Fallen planets & signs are devastated, shrunken and belittled, exhausted; they are weak and small, with the life sucked out of them by the challenges they face. They’re crushed because they have been thrust into struggles they were not prepared for. They aren’t allowed to rest; it’s perpetual strife, constant effort poured into a seemingly futile cause. Existence drains them because they’re pitifully unready and poorly poised; they lack the force to pull through to the other side on their own, so they will end up being dragged.

The Signs’ Responses to Being Threatened

Low-key impressed that the person knows how to get under their skin: Gemini, Scorpio, Sagittarius

Does their best to do whatever it is with as much grace and dignity as they can: Leo, Virgo, Libra, Capricorn, Aquarius

Is angry and does their best to turn the threat around, or will refuse to do whatever it is, even if there’s a consequence: Aries, Taurus, Cancer, Pisces


Paul Ryan once argued that “liberal government programs give people comfort, but not dignity.

And to justify cutting Welfare and defunding food programs, Republicans disingenuously equate having the basic necessities needed to live — like food — to dignity. Following that logic, are we to believe that wealthy people somehow have more dignity than poor people, because they have more access to more resources like housing, food and clean drinking water? Do the mostly white residents of Bismarck North Dakota have more dignity than the Native Americans at Standing Rock? Do Donald Trump’s children somehow have more “dignity” than does Little Miss Flint? Because Trump’s children don’t need to depend on free lunch programs?

Wealth dignity.

Access to resources dignity.

People living in or born into poverty do not have less dignity. They have less wealth and less political power.

Providing free school lunches to children living in poverty doesn’t “give kids an empty soul” it simply feeds hungry children. Feeding a hungry child is not “giving them undue comfort” or making them lazy, it’s simply feeding a hungry child. How did feeding hungry children become a controversial act for “Christian” conservatives?

Intentionally starving children to teach them the “dignity” of hunger is inhumane.

Stop stigmatizing poverty. Stop equating poverty with a lack of dignity. Stop reinforcing the notion that poor people have no dignity just because they’re poor. There is no nobility in starvation, and there is no benevolence in allowing children or anyone else to go hungry when you possess the power to prevent it.

Heart and Soul

My boss and mentor is an extremely dignified, professional man with 30 years experience as a veterinarian. He is always thorough and very particular about how things are run.

But a peculiar thing happens when we have a cat in the hospital.

When he thinks nobody is watching, he meows at the cat until it meows back, like they’re having a little conversation.

But as soon as he thinks someone is coming, he walks away like nothing was happening.

“Integrity, dignity, sense of duty, justice, humanity, honesty, straightness, and good conscience. Are certain qualities really affirmed for their own sake with these well-sounding words, or is it a case of being moved into a certain light in which they acquire value?”

—F. Nietzsche, The Will to Power, §353 (edited excerpt).

You know I was there for you every single moment. You weren’t there when I really needed you. You preferred someone else when you had the choice. You better not come back to me with a broken heart and ask for my love, because I’m not going to heal you. I learned from you. You don’t deserve me. I once loved you and you pushed me away. I’m not a game you can have me and then throw me away. Nope. My dignity comes first. I’m not coming back!!! I moved on.
—  Mahmoud El Hallab