A soup kitchen disguised as a restaurant is making a big difference in Kansas City.
The restaurant-style Kansas City Community Kitchen is a completely new way to feed those in need.

Say goodbye to trays, buffets, and waiting in lines to eat at a regular old soup kitchen.

When you step inside the Kansas City Community Kitchen today, a greeter shows you to a table. Volunteer waitstaff takes your order after you’ve had time to look at the menu and see what the culinary team has been cookin’ up. The options are healthier and quite creative, like an episode of Food Network’s “Chopped,” but with the ingredients available to the kitchen that day.

Diners are encouraged to leave reviews of their service and requests for what they’d like to see on the menu. Have health, dietary, or religious-observance needs? No sweat.

“We are trying to flip the photo of what a soup kitchen looks like,” Mandy Caruso-Yahne, director of community engagement at Episcopal Community Services (ECS), told Upworthy. 

But feeding those in need isn’t the only way the kitchen is helping. They’re training others too.

Through the program, students work their way up to cooking in the kitchen and providing suggestions for the menu and dishes they prepare. They develop knowledge and confidence in a variety of ways that help them continue down a path in the food industry once they’re finished with the program.

As one diner named Brian put it, 

“They’re treating me good, like they don’t know I’m homeless.”

And that’s exactly the point.

was thinking about the dignity of the planets last night and fell in love 

the sun & moon are both domicile and exalted in cardinal & fixed signs. there is no mutable. there is no flexibility in being who you are or what you feel 

mercury is domicile and exalted in mutable signs (tho there are some who believe aquarius to be the exaltation). our thoughts should be open to another’s, having the ability to learn from another begins with this

venus is domicile and exalted in cardinal, fixed, and mutable signs. it is a personal favorite of mine because of this. we have the cardinal initiative of ‘i just want to be with you’, the fixed follow through of ‘i want this to last’, and the mutable experience of learning love requires adjustments ‘i will love you unconditionally’ 

mars is domicile and exalted in cardinal and fixed signs. again, there is no ‘maybe’ in anger and/or passion. it’s either a flame that has started or a forest fire. either we act on something or we don’t

jupiter is domicile and exalted in mutable and cardinal signs. how can you be optimistic without hope? to be set in the fixed ways gives you the mindset of ‘this will or will not happen’ - jupiter is not about this. jupiter can make anything an experience worth doing. a broad mind comes to be by not setting expectations. where would jupiter be without the cardinal LEAP of faith? 

saturn is domicile and exalted in cardinal and fixed signs. another case of there is no ‘maybe’ - to rules. how could we enforce laws if those laws had the mutable ability of being stretched to suit one’s own personal vendetta? 

(people have differing opinions on the dignities of the generational/outer planets mentioned below. traditionally there is no exaltation beyond saturn) 

uranus is domicile and exalted in fixed signs. either you want a revolution or you don’t! things either change or they stay the same. you can’t start a rebellion just to leave things unfinished; you can’t have a sit-in protest without being stationary 

neptune is domicile and exalted in cardinal and mutable signs. neptune can be whatever you want it to be. an ideal does not come to be without having distinction. once you have conjured the ideal, this being is transcended. 

pluto is domicile and exalted in fixed signs. pluto is raw, there is nothing superficial about this being. there is no flakiness that can come of the cardinal and there is no adapting to an environment like the mutable power of pliability. this is transforming. we have already learned what is necessary and it will not happen with immediacy. it is a slow, relentless bloom

Little rant.

Incontinent neurotypical people wouldn’t be happy if you went online and revealed they wear diapers without asking their permission first. 

So what the hell makes you(general you) think it’s okay to reveal that a disabled person wears diapers without asking their permission first? 

If the disabled person can’t communicate with you in a way that you understand, just assume the answer is no and respect their privacy instead of assuming they won’t understand anyway and humiliating them online.

Honestly, what is it that makes non-disabled people think disabled people can’t have anything resembling respect, privacy, dignity and agency?