Tu non sei l'eccezione, tu sei la regola.
E la regola dice che se un uomo non ti chiama, è perché non vuole chiamarti.
Se ti tratta come se non gliene fregasse un cazzo, è perché non gliene frega un cazzo.
Se ti tradisce, è perché non gli piaci abbastanza.
Non esistono uomini spaventati, confusi, disillusi, non esistono uomini tragicamente segnati dalle passate esperienze, bisognosi d'aiuto, bisognosi di tempo, gli uomini si dividono in due categorie soltanto: quelli che ti vogliono e quelli che non ti vogliono, tutto il resto è una scusa.
E Tu, tu, donna, di mestiere fai l'avvocato, la commessa, la cameriera, l'insegnante, la casalinga, la commercialista, la modella, la ragioniera, l'attrice, la studentessa, non la crocerossina, quindi aspetta che sia lui a chiederti di uscire, perché va bene la parità dei sessi, le quote rosa, e l'eguaglianza dei diritti, ma i tempi non sono poi così cambiati.
Gli uomini restano pur sempre dei cavernicoli sia pure incravattati e come tali adorano il sapore della conquista.
Tieniti lontana dagli uomini sposati, non lasceranno la moglie per te, meno che mai lasceranno i figli per te.
E non credere alla storia dell'amica della sorella di tua cugina, appena convolata a nozze con quello divorziato, tu non sei l'eccezione, tu sei la regola.
Al bando quelli che ti costringono ad aspettare ore accanto ad un telefono che non suona, non hanno perso il tuo numero, non hanno investito un cane, non hanno appena scoperto di avere un tumore alla prostata.
Probabilmente sono al telefono con un'altra. Oppure sono gay. Fanculo quelli che non declinano i verbi al futuro, non sono analfabeti, semplicemente non vogliono impegnarsi perché non gli piaci abbastanza. Li riconosci facilmente, girano con un cartello appeso al collo e la scritta: “Ci stiamo frequentando”.
Quando la senti, scappa, non consumare le tue belle scarpe nuove (e neppure quelle vecchie) per correre dietro un uomo che non ti vuole. Usale, piuttosto, per prenderlo a calci in culo.
Impara l'arte dell'essere donna.
Impara l'arte di ottenere dagli uomini quello che desideri, non sbattendo i piedini, ma facendogli credere che siano stati loro a decidere.
Impara a scegliere, invece che essere scelta
—  La verità è che non gli piaci abbastanza.
dignity, exaltation, detriment, and fall for personal planets in the houses

a sign in dignity is the “best/easiest” placement for it to be in, exaltation is the “second best”, detriment is the “second worst”, and fall is the “worst/most difficult”. 


sun is in dignity when placed in the 5th house, exaltation when placed in the 1st house, detriment in the 11th house, and fall in the 7th house. the sun is a childlike planet, striving to make itself happy and create an ego through fun, creativity, and self-esteem. 

these three are met when placed in the 5th and 1st house, as they allow the sun to have a dynamic ability to lead, as well as be self-expressive and knowing what they want for themselves. the 11th and 7th houses are concerned with relationships between people to create an ego, therefore weakening self-expression and strengthening dependence. 


moon is in dignity in the 4th house, exaltation in the 2nd house, detriment in the 10th house, and fall in the 8th house. the moon is the core that helps shape the ego as it’s affected by upbringing and environment, directly related to the mother and the childhood, therefore creating strong emotional ties. 

in the 4th and 2nd houses, the mother is seen as a strong presence in the family or even the most important family member. upbringing is typically more comfortable with strong bonds between the child and the mother (also depending on the sign, IC, and aspects of course). the moon is not meant to be involved in business related events or projected to the public of the 10th house, nor is it a safe position for it when it’s met with the dark and intuitive nature of the 8th house.


venus is in dignity in the 2nd and 7th houses, exaltation in the 12th house, detriment in the 8th and 1st house, and fall in the 6th house. venus is meant to be a very carefree and delicate part of our persona, a very loving, generous, and works off of the relationship between oneself and their relationships with others, as well as a passion for the beautiful.

therefore, in the 2nd and 7th houses, venus is comfortable when it is met with materialistic beauty and possessions, as well as a need for partnership and commitment, gaining energy through the acceptance of others. in the 12th house, venus brings compassion, sensitivity, and understanding. venus is uncomfortable in the 8th and 6th houses, where it starts to get somewhat obsessive, controlling, mysterious, picky, serious, and critical. 


mars is in dignity in the 1st and 8th houses, exalted in the 10th house, detriment in the 7th and 2nd houses, and fall in the 4th house. mars has the need to explore the taboo, to get mysterious, sexual, powerful, and aggressive to stabilize the ego, which directly connects to the 1st house, and share the same identifications as the 8th house does. these traits can also help with success and business, correlating with the 10th house. it is too self-connected to work well in the 7th house and does not care for beauty or femininity like the 2nd house. mystery, unequal power, and aggression in the household, which is mars in the 4th, is obviously a downside.

Всички ние имаме достойнство, до един. Без значение кой какъв e, но стане ли въпрос за любов всички ние губим това така неречено “достойнство”. А ето как става това. Скарваш се с този, който обичаш заради някаква пълна простотия, виновният в случаят е той, но решава да се прави на инат и да не се извини. Какво ти остава на теб ? Да се извиниш на него, въпреки, че ти не си направил нищо нередно и точно по този начин унизяваш себе си. Колко пъти сте правили нещо подобно ? Признайте си, има ги поне 5-10, нали ? И точно тук грешим най-много, защото се оставяме да бъдем контролирани от всичко друго, но не и от себе си. Изобщо не трябва да стават така нещата. Ако някой иска да е с теб, той ще бъде, независимо от това какви са ти недостатъците. Ако един човек те обича, заради положителните ти черти, няма как да те мрази, заради отрицателните. Проста логика. Най-вече любовта не е сделка, която сключваш, любовта е емоционално състояние, което не трябва да ти носи нищо друго освен щастие.
—  Габриела Захариева
It is vain to wish for happiness this year, but essential to work to construct it. Wish for nothing, but accomplish something. Do not wait for a destiny built from start to finish by others, when that destiny is still in our hands. Maintain the force and the lucidity necessary for forging your own well-being and dignity.
—  Final editorial from Le Soir Républicain, a paper Albert Camus wrote for, dated January 1st, 1940. Quote taken from Looking for the Stranger by Alice Kaplan.

“Stoicism is essentially the work of Semites: dignity as law, virtue as greatness, and self-responsibility as supreme sovereignty over one’s own person. The Stoic is an Arab sheik wrapped in Greek togas and concepts.”

—F. Nietzsche, The Will to Power, §195 (edited excerpt).

You know I was there for you every single moment. You weren’t there when I really needed you. You preferred someone else when you had the choice. You better not come back to me with a broken heart and ask for my love, because I’m not going to heal you. I learned from you. You don’t deserve me. I once loved you and you pushed me away. I’m not a game you can have me and then throw me away. Nope. My dignity comes first. I’m not coming back!!! I moved on.
—  Mahmoud El Hallab