Normally, I can ignore Katie Hopkins when I read yet another of her tired rants about things that she has absolutely no knowledge about, as I don’t want her to get the publicity and ‘fame’ that she so desires.

But how dare she attack people who have a horrific, debilitating and terrifying disease that are completely unable to fight back to what she is saying. How dare she spout absolute nonsense about a disease which she clearly has no experience with. How dare she insinuate that people with dementia have no feelings, no awareness and no quality of life. 

     ( ♞  )   A clear d i v i d e  is known as she resides in the presence of a son of Rome, the touch of the Order their only binding force the longer her eyes are permitted to gaze about the room; he was what her father had always painted of those in the Order of his homeland, a small bud of hope for a better future timidly b l o o m i n g  against the branches of her ribs. Tales born of good intentions and a better future built upon the foundation laid clear by the Roman reach laid before the Raven as she could only have faith that the cancerous wretches which brought only shame to Egypt would be driven out for their injustices; this was not the Order her father had told her of, not the one which she had believed her inheritance. 

       —— ❝  They say a point that some things are worth waiting for,  ❞ presumptuous, perhaps, as the hope for her people and land came only on the winds which her allies deemed worthy to cast towards her, but she was not blind to think that was alone what brought an imperator to her sands,  ❝  I  h o p e  such a phrase can be said about you, Imperator.  ❞

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        ❝ Greed is contagious. ❞ Starts the Roman, eyes of silver piercing through the man before him. Foolish brother seem to be quite besotted with him, and every once in a while, Caius was confronted inside of his head with the reminder that in a way—- Caesar was a blessing to Rome. The intelligence and the strategy he displayed was evident with the successes he brought, and without argument, there was benefit to it all. But he was more than concerned with the rumors he hears, of how this one is a spear to the heart of Rome, threatening to dispose of the old traditions. And what was the term ‘ new ‘, but danger, to a conservative spirit as himself. ❝ And above that—- it is threatening. ❞

        A hypocrite this senator was, to call Caesar materialistic and even think of him as war-mongering, when the very reason for fear of this man is that one way or another, should he take absolute control, he would strangle the Senate. ❝ Pardon my honesty when I put it into simpler words. You are threatening. ❞



They’re just sketched out before I even paint it on my cosplay~ I made individual close ups for each poro (except IMT and TL due to me posting it last night. Each are labeled to which team they belong to~


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“Uncle!” he knew that perhaps it was immature of him to, at his age, embrace his uncle so fully while in the presence of soldiers, and not family, but he had not been expecting such a visit so soon, “I would not have thought you’d be back in Rome for months still,” though he could not even begin to attempt to pretend that he was not happy for Caesar’s return – “how has the war fared? Am I to assume that this visit means an early victory was achieved? Or have you just taken a leave from the front to visit your favourite nephew?”

          THE GOVERNOR OF HIS HOMELAND . previous exchanges in letters gave him a preliminary insight into the man , emerald gaze observing every gesture , intake of breath & word. all this was habit ━ no , it became  required for  those dealing in  political  intrigues.  regal  composed ,  calculating. koenig  deciphered much from their correspondences. in this briefest of moments , while two men  studied one another , he let a soft , neutral expression slither its way on to c l e a v e through the silence. arms already uncurled from their position across his chest prior to arrival , a hand opens , & extends.

          i hope the witchmen kept you occupied.    they were still  combating the stormcloaks back in skyrim & at home mobilizing forces for another onslaught. that much he learned. ) a casual attempt at humor , tone maintaining given respect for an individual he formerly heard about through passing gossip.  //  @dignitas.