If you don’t remember the transitions from Pokémon: The First Movie’s “Pikachu’s Vacation” short, you need to watch them. They’re fucking mesmerizing.

Imagine knowing nothing of Pokémon and bringing your eight- and six-year-old sons and you saw this shit during your first experience with Pokémon, unintroduced to any human characters with the PokéDex Dexter narrating.

Mimikyu is a Diglett
  • Mimikyu and Diglett have the same eyes
  • Mimikyu and Diglett are both 8 inches tall according to the pokedex
  • Mimikyu and Diglett both learn claw attacks but keep their limbs hidden at all times
  • According to the pokedex, digletts are sensitive to sunlight and need to be covered to keep cool
  • Despite the poor quality of Mimikyu’s disguse, their pokedex entry says they work through the night to repair their costumes, implying they need it during the day
  • That black stuff under Mimikyu’s disguise could be volcanic silt: black, mineral rich soil found on volcanic islands like Alola

Diglett has been living in Pikachu’s shadow since generation 1, both metaphorically and literally. We’ve spent too long ignoring the most mysterious pokemon. Give Diglett your love folks, because this little nugget fooled us all!