Oh guys have i ever told you how i became a meme in my school

No literally, i was fucking famous because of some dumbass shit i said 

You know the Pokemon Diglet?

So i bought ten of these god damn cards and traded some of my other cards for 5 more so i had fifteen FUCKING diglet cards because 10-year-old me LOVED DIGLET.

10-year-old me was also a perverted, snarky bitch who liked to go around joking with all his friends, “HEY I GOT 15 DIGLETS” and showed them my card

Well eventually, i told so many damn people that i had 15 diglets that people started using that as an insult and a compliment. Two of these kids were joking around the damn lockers and i hear them saying, “YO DIGLET IS SHIT”

And then it only gets worse. People started CALLING me fucking DIGLET JIGLET

I was a FUCKING ICON in my god damn school for about 3 months because of damn diglet cards. The teacher even accidentally called me Diglet Jiglet because that was my FUCKING NAME FOR SO LONG. SHIT I EVEN WROTE IT ON PAPER WHEN THEY ASKED FOR NAME