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Digivolving Spirits Agumon to Wargreymon figure scuplt revealed!

Tamashii has released new images and a promotional video featuring the first of the Digivolving Spirits set of figures; Agumon to WarGreymon! Interestingly the promotional video and website are bilingual, so more details behind the inspiration of the figure series revival can be seen there.

Digivolving Spirits 01. Digimon Adventure Agumon/WarGreymon
Price: 7,020 yen
Pre-Orders Open: May 29th, 2017
Release Date: November 2017

Commitment To Excellence
The “Digivolving Spirits” series was developed with a multi-generational team including Digimon’s original creator Kenji Watanabe and younger staff who were still children when the original “Digivolving series” came out.
Under Watanabe’s strict supervision, the resulting figures represent ideal visual portrayals of his characters. While taking their lead from the anime, they incorporate playful American comic-style touches, never compromising on the detail that makes a three-dimensional portrayal great.
As for WarGreymon, Watanabe is particularly proud of the facial designs.
In addition to the first release of WarGreymon, work is proceeding with the second in the series, Metal Garurumon. Other Digimon not released in the earlier series are under consideration too, so stay tuned for new developments in the Digivolving Spirits series!

Tamashii Nations Event reveals Digivolving Spirits MetalGarurumon AND MORE!

Tamashii Nations 10th Anniversary Event in Osaka had many new figures to show off. They posted photos on their twitter of many new digimon figures, including the next figures in the Digivolving Spirits series, Gabumon/MetalGarurumon, AND two newly revealed and painted sculpts; DORUmon/Alphamon and Keramon/Diaboromon. Additionally, Agumon/Wargreymon was featured too!

There will be a special clear version of the Agumon/Wargreymon Digivolving Spirit figure called “Complete Memory Set” That comes with both the figure and a “Wargreymon Colour” 15th Anniversary Digivice. With this information we can infer that the solid colour version should be a general release, and pre-orders will appear on places like CD Japan and AmiAmi soon!

More details will be posted as they are announced!