digivolved into

So what realities can be glimpsed through Windblade’s hella acid trip?

The reality where she appears to finally murder the fuck outta Starscream (having apparently digivolved at some point in the past).

The reality where she appears to finally make out with Starscream (and he still seems to have nearly had the fuck murdered out of him).

The reality where she reaches the final stage of her digivolution and proceeds to give Cybertron a grim reminder. 

The reality featuring OC Windgun (Windblade with a gun).

The reality where she dies and gets added to Starscream’s increasingly bizarre menagerie of imaginary friends. 

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Every Digimon Series
  • Digimon: Sup man, been waiting on you
  • Children: What the fuck are you supposed to be?
  • *Shenanigans for five episodes*
  • Children: diGiVOLE?
  • Digimon: Yeap, this is a thing that happens sometimes.
  • *Between five or twenty episodes of fuckery*
  • Sensitive Child: Digimon are more than data, i love them
  • Digimon: Literally been saying that the whole time
  • *next episode*
  • Goggle Child: CorRuPT diGiVOLVE? My fault?
  • Digimon: *loud yelling for fifteen minutes of screentime until friendship overcomes*
  • *Obligatory Villain Redemption Arc*
  • *Surprise Digidestined sibling out of nowhere*
  • Children: Sure, that makes sense, also sEcONd diGiVOLVE!?!
  • *New villain appears with ten episodes left*
  • Digimon: Villain too stronk, can't win
  • Children: The fuck you can't
  • *Deus ex digivolution activate*
  • Villain: Umm, da fuq is this?
  • Protagonist(s): THE POWER OF UNITY/FRIENDSHIP/LOVE!!!11!1
  • *emotional farewell*
  • Children: Maybe someday we'll see our digimon/the digital world again.

I remember not really getting to watch the Digimon tv show, I caught some of it, but what made me really like Digimon was that I  had the first Digimon World game on the Playstation One. Tentomon was my favorite and I really tried to figure out how to get him in the game, but only could get Kabuterimon by digivolving Kunemon? Just loved seeing Tentomon in the game still, because his whole digivolution line was my favorite.

Digimon World 1 was really bad. Digimon World 2 however, where I finally got to play out my ‘Tentomon as my partner’ dreams? That was great.