Day 4 of the Week of MMD, this time featuring a non-Vocaloid character.

Today’s video was a friggin’ pain because I tried several mixes of models and motions, and this was the first one that actually worked… but it’s very hard to find camera data for this motion, for some bizarre reason (it’s actually a very understandable reason- the most popular camera got taken down because some asshole distributed the password).

Nanoko is one of the few characters who manages to pull off the highly-sought “Sexy-Cute” look. Like, usually, when someone or something tries to be sexy and cute at the same time, it just kinda comes off as pedophilic and makes me intensely uncomfortable, but Nanoko manages to be cute in a paradoxically grown-up way, which makes it way less weird. Another character who manages to successfully pull this off is Gumi, but I digress.

Also, since it’s allowed on this model and I kinda want to try something new, there’s an R-18 version of this video on Mediafire:


Honestly, creating my first R-18 thing is kind of a weird feeling. I’m probably not gonna do very much of it. Considering it’s been an option for seven months now and I haven’t really done any until now, I’m guessing that’s hardly a surprise to you guys.

Anyways, here’s the credits, under a readmore this time because I realized that I should probably be doing that:

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【MMD Request】 Happy Halloween 2015 - NUSS


  • mikumikudance
  • photoshop
  • picsart


  • Nuss By MMD Manus Suk , animasa
  • Chains By うんこ製造機 


  • Black Rock Shooter By digitrevx


  • NCHLShader2 By Nil
  • AmbientController
  • BacklightController
  • HgSAO By harigane
  • ExcellentShadow By sovoro_mmd
  • SoftLightAB
  • KiraKira By Beam-Man
  • ikSunshaft By ikeno
  • AbSSAO By GNX2
  • AutoLuminous By sovoro_mmd
  • khef12 
  • PowerDOF By harigane
  • dryice blue By byjulief
  • brs stage normal shaders By  digitrevx
  • Thunder_lv1 By Beam-Man
  • PostMovie_青系 By Beam-Man
  • Cheap Lens By sovoro_mmd