The person you should end up with is the person that makes you happier than you could ever make yourself
—  Cameron Dallas
You Don’t Have to Do Anything Tonight - Smut

“Hey, (Y/N)’s home!” Sam shouts of joy.

“Hi, guys,” you greeted everyone in the living room. You take off your shoes and set your purse on the coffee table. “I thought you guys were gonna be at the studio tonight?

“Yeah, but we were too wiped out so we’re just watching some movies instead until we pass out,” John replied. “Besides, we’re hungry aaaand we were hoping that maybe you could, I don’t know, if you want, maybe cook us some of your delicious home-cooked meals?” he shyly asked, twindling his thumbs.

You look around to a room full of guys puckering their lips out, playing out their best puppy dog face.

Giggling at such a “masculine” sight, you let them down as easily as possible. “I’m sorry, boys, but I’m really tired tonight,” you truthfully answered. “Is it okay if we all have dinner tomorrow night? Together with everyone here?”

All smiled except for John who was really looking forward to the food. “Of course, ma,” Sam winked. “Same place? All of us?” he looked around to confirm the plan. Most of the boys nodded while John kept his sad expression.

“I’ll make sure to give you the best plate, John. The biggest,” you exaggerated by opening your arms up.

“Yes! Sucks for you guys,” he pointed at everyone and maniacally laugh.

And with that, the boys said their goodnights to you as you walked up the dimly lit stairs. Upon opening your door to the room you and Nate share, you feel an arm snake around your waist. You jump at the sudden touch and turn your head. “Nate! You scared me. I didn’t even hear you come up.”

He chuckled as he wrapped his other arm around you. You open the door with Nate still attached to your waist and his head now lain on your shoulder . “Do you haaaave to sleep?” he whined.

You responded with a struggle of trying to undress. “Yeah. I spent all day running errands, and, as much as I love watching movies with you guys, I’m just really tired. Are you gonna go to sleep too?” you looked at the boy who was taking off his gold watch.

“Yes, ma'am! I can’t let my girl sleep alone now can I?”

You giggle and jump straight into bed once done getting out of your day clothes. You lay on your back, slip the covers over the both of you, slump your right leg over his legs, and shut your eyes.

However, as you feel Nate and the blanket shuffle around a bit, you peek your eyes open to see Nate’s dark silhouette sitting up. His figure leans down and starts to slowly kiss your lips. The action didn’t take much effort, and you enjoyed kissing Nate, so you followed along with no questions asked. The kiss starts to intensify when he sets his hand on your cheek and you hold onto his wrist.

“Nate,” you breathed out while he moved down to work on your neck. “I’m r-really tired.” Your breath hitched, making it difficult to get your words across.

“Don’t worry, lil mama,” he went back to your lips. “You don’t have to do anything tonight.” A smirk is painted on as you guys continue to make out.

You feel yourself beginning to get wet. Something about the way he kisses you, particularly in bed, makes you wanna rip his clothes off and pounce on him. But none of that tonight, you thought. Making out with Nate was enough seeing as you were too tired to do anything extreme with him. Though Nate thought otherwise.

Without rush, he gently glides his right hand under your panties and plays with your already wet slit using his middle finger. You stay lain and moan against his lips, knowing what the sound does to him. Riled up by the acoustics of your mouth, he carries on further and slips two fingers into your heated core. He started off slow, but soon began to finger you even faster.

You bring your eyebrows closely together in anguish from his pleasurable pace while still making out with him. You become increasingly wet at a fast rate and Nate notices as his fingers get completely covered in your juice.

“Mmm. I like that,” he groaned, losing contact with your lips. “You’re wet as fuck, lil mama. It makes me wanna pound your pussy so fucking hard,” he growled against your neck. But on the contrary, he uses everything in his strength not to ram his hard member into you just yet.

He slowly removes his fingers and hand out of your panties and throws the cover over his head, but not before he makes sure you see him lick his fingers clean. Now entirely underneath the blanket, Nate crawls down and swiftly maneuvers your shorts and panties off your legs and onto the floor.

You squeal at his quickness. “Nate, I’m gonna need those later,” you giggle.

“Not tonight you won’t.” His hot breath hitting your entrance tells you how close he’s placed between your legs. And without warning, he takes the first lick up your wet slit with his tongue, and just to enhance the feeling, he simultaneously resumes to finger you just as he did before. You throw your head back at the feeling of everything he’s doing - from his tongue lapping against your soaked self to the hot and cold air of his breath hitting you from below - and run your hand through his smooth, curly hair. Nate then firmly wraps his arm around your left thigh to keep you steady from squirming any more. Although his hold doesn’t have much effect as you lightly grind yourself against his lips. This made Nate finger you much more rapidly.

Then just when you thought your effortless night couldn’t get any better, Nate begins to eat you out. You gasp and whimper, biting on the cover to restrain yourself from being too loud, but that also proved to do nothing as your moans filled the room as so does his.

Nate groans loudly while viciously sucking on your entrance as his own saliva runs down your skin. After he thinks is a good time to do more, he stops working on your core with his tongue. Instead, he brings himself out of the blankets and sits up in between your legs. Nate, with one hand, pulls off his basketball shorts while using his other hand to hold up your leg on his left shoulder. This gave him a better access to your entrance, not to mention a deeper feeling for you when he starts to pound you.

“Are you good, baby?”

You whimpered in response. “Just fuck me, Nate.”

And with that, he grabs you by the waist and pulls you forward, and goes ahead in relentlessly slamming his long, hard shaft inside your throbbing entrance. Each thrust was more brutal than the last. The sounds of moaning, panting, each other’s name being thrown, and your skin slapping against one another echoed throughout the room as so did Nate’s dirty talk. Good thing the boys had their movie on blast downstairs.

“Fuck (Y/N),” he groaned through gritted teeth, clenching his jaw at the way he fit inside of you. “I just wanna cum all over you and make you lick me clean.”

“D-don’t,” you panted. “Cum inside of me instead.”

Nate cocked his eyebrow up and smirked. “Whatever you want, princess.” He picks up the pace and pushes himself in deeper and out faster, but his consistent movements gets sloppier. “(Y/N), fuck, I can’t keep it in anymore. I’m gonna fucking cum,” he stated.

“Then go, I’m gonna cum too, Nate!” you shouted to force his urges out. Hearing this, he shoots his warm, thick liquid into your bruising core and rides out your orgasm, as well as his. Nate slows down and glides his dick out of you.

Still panting from the sex, he lays his sweaty body gingerly next to yours. “Damn,” he sighed. “Let’s do that again.”

You scoff as his suggestion and playfully slap his bare chest. “Goodnight, Nate,” you giggled.

“Goodnight, baby. Fu- I mean, see in you the morning,” he smirk.

You ignored his intentional comment and snuggle the night with Nate’s naked body.

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Sex with Nate - Blurb

Warning: Sexual Content.

Imagine having sex with Nate and your legs start to shake from the euphoric feeling of him aggressively thrusting his dick deep down inside and out of you so you try to calm yourself down by attempting to slow his motions, shifting your body up a bit and moaning him to stop before he could make you cum too early, but he’s in control and doesn’t want to stop and growls through gritted teeth, “No, I’m gonna make you fucking cum.” He picks up the pace by going faster, but you still try to slow him down by moving yourself up from the bed again; however, he quickly grabs a hold of your waist, grips you down tight in his hands, and just fucks you even harder, making you cum while he rides the fuck out of your orgasm.


Shawn Mendes Imagine (Smut): Study Buddy

“Babe, do your homework later,” Shawn whines for the hundredth time this evening, sprawled across your bed. You roll your eyes and ignore him, continuing to type on your laptop quickly. You hear Shawn sigh in frustration and get up from your bed, making his way to you.

“Babe,” Shawn says quietly. He sits beside you and places his hand on your knee.


His hand moves higher.

“I need you.”

His last statement is barely a whisper in your ear, his hot breath brushing your neck.

“Shawn,” you moan.

“C'mon, princess, just ten minutes.”

You breath in, pushing back your desire and shove Shawn’s hand off your thigh.


Shawn groans and leans back, crossing his arms in defeat.

“Fine. We’ll do this the hard way.”

Suddenly, Shawn’s hand moves beneath your skirt, palming at your clothed heat.

“Fuck, Shawn,” you whimper as you slam your computer down and lean forward in pleasure.

“You like that? You naughty naughty girl,” Shawn chuckles deeply, his voice full of lust.

“My parents are downstairs,” you whisper in reply, throwing Shawn a glare.

“Good. Let them hear. Let them know that you’re mine, and that I’m the one who makes you feel good. They can’t protect you anymore.”

“Shawwwn,” you moan loudly as his fingers slip past your panties and into you, your core dripping. Shawn begins pumping in and out of you when you hear your bedroom door burst open. You quickly lean into Shawn so your visitor can’t see where his hand really is.

“Is everything alright in here?” You recognize your dad’s voice. You turn your head around to face him and smile.

“Mmhm. Shawn just made a really funny joke.”

“Oh.” Your father nods hesitantly. “Alright well… Finish your homework.”

“Yeah. Almost done.”


When your father closes the door behind him, you sigh a breath if relief.

“I’ll help you get off but you have to be quiet,” you whisper sternly, a smirk forming on Shawn’s lips.

“I can’t make any promises.”

You’re impressed by Shawn’s rebellion. He would never do anything like this, especially around your parents. You peck him on the cheek and get to your knees. Slowly, you unzipper his jeans and begin palming him through his boxers. He bites his lip and leans his head back in pleasure.

“Fuck, babe, hurry up or I’ll lose it.”

Not taking any risk, you pull down Shawn’s boxers so release his erection and kiss the tip, pumping his length at the same time. You move to kitten-licking and then take him into to your mouth. He thrusts his hips upwards causing you to gag. Without losing confidence, you being bobbing as Shawn’s breaths become rapid and shallow.

“Don’t stop, y/n, please,” Shawn whimpers, your arousal heightening as he comes undone to your touch. You swallow and then stand up, sitting on Shawn’s lap straddling him.

“So I got a new teacher today, and he gave me a new assignment,” you bite your lip.

Shawn chuckles and smirks. “What’s his name?”

“Mr. Mendes,” you say seductively. Shawn groans.

You chuckle and lock your lips with Shawn’s, his tongue exploring your mouth.

“I have to practice riding, Shawn,” you whisper. “Mr. Mendes told me so.”


Shawn lifts up your skirt and lowers your panties, lining himself up with your entrance.

“Well I want you to pass, so you better get to practicing.”

You sink down onto Shawn’s length, grasping onto his shoulders in pleasure as he fills you up completely. You begin to rock your hips back and forth teasingly before Shawn’s hands grab your hips and lift you up, only to slam your back down again. You whimper as you feel him hit your g-spot. You continue bouncing, Shawn bucking his hips so his thrusts meet yours. He guides you, continuously slamming you down onto his length.

“S-Shawn, I’m so close,” you whisper, resting your head on Shawn’s shoulder.

“Not yet, babe,” Shawn grunts. Your breathing becomes rapid as you fight to hold back your orgasm.

“Shawn please.”


You groan into Shawn’s shoulder as you both release all at once, your breathing heavy as you stop bouncing and sit there recovering.

“You may proceed,” Shawn smiles down at you.


“Seriously, finish your homework. I want you to pass.”

He lifts you up from his lap and zips up his jeans, walking out of your room.

“Goodnight, babe, I’ll see you tomorrow,” Shawn calls in his wake. You roll your eyes and turn back to your computer, your concentration now failing you.

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Lil 'mama {N.M}


‘Hi! Since you are taking requests, can you do a Nate imagine where you ask him why he calls you lil mama and he just becomes cute and possessive and lovey. Thanks so much!’

A/N: I was feeling the sweater weather cozy theme when I wrote this sooooooo, enjoy! It has an awkward ending😁😂

Y/F/S: your favorite show

Nate and I were snuggling on the couch in our apartment the smell of pumpkin spice filling the air from the candle burning in the kitchen. Y/F/S on the tv. Wrapped together under a warm fleece blanket, the room dark barley lite. I looked up at Nate admiring him, his droopy tired eyes, his crazy fluffy curly hair everywhere.

“Whatcha lookin’ at Lil ‘mama?” Nate says smiling poking my side where his hand had rested. I smiled back mocking his gesture. “Why do you call me Lil 'mama?” His eyes lit up and his smile grew large. He somehow picks me up by my waist placing me so he was sitting up and I straddling him. He looked like a little kid on Christmas morning.

“You are my Lil 'mama cuz you take care of me, ur wifey material, you are all mine, your sexy as fuck.” He exaggerates. “You do everything for me, and I love you with all my heart your all mine nobody else’s. No one could ever take you from me, Ma I love you so much, you are the best thing that has ever happened to me, understood?” His says. I laughed embracing the love I receive from him daily.

We soon settled down and went back to watching tv. I kept feeling his stare sink into my skin comfortably, I reached up to his hair gently grazing my fingers through the spot my hand had landed. I turned my head shortly after my eyes meeting his. Abruptly; he pulls me deep into his clothed chest kissing my head.

I placed my hand on his large bicep; escaping from his tight hold. “Nathan,” I chuckled “What am I going to do with you?” I say fixing my now messy hair. The buzzer went off telling us somebody was at the door. “I’ll get it Lil 'mama” he says removing me from on top of him causing me to smile remembering the reasoning behind 'Lil 'mama’.

Nate, Sam, and Swazz show themselves from the doorway Sam going to the kitchenette to gather himself some food as John sits in the reclined chair in the corner of the living room while Nate finds himself back in our previous position. The boys’ visits had never been planned it would just happen, and apparently today was one of those abrupt days. My mind still set on the events of earlier, Nate had truly made me feel good by telling why I’m called Lil’ mama.

“Y/N,” Nate says catching the guys attention as well. “There is something I forgot to tell you.” He says calmly. “What..” I say. “There’s one more reason I call you Lil’ mama.” He says while the guys scoff hoping this moment doesn’t go dry. “Don’t be cute fuckers.” Sam says throwing food into his mouth. Nate blushes making me smile. “Your a good fuck.” He says his raspy voice cracking. I felt my cheeks burn up as Sam and Swazz burst into laughter. “True, True.” John joins, settling down from his laugh attack kicking Sammy’s into full drive.

“How the fuck would you know?” I say to Swazz laughing with a confused expression on my face. “You look like a good fuck babe.” John says. I feel Nate tighten his grasp on me instinctively. “Dude,” Nate says blandly. “He has to be right.” Sam clucks in. Still laughing a little.

My cheeks were on fire by now had talking about sex or anything personal made me uncomfortable. Nate scoffs and directs his attention back to me smiling and kissing my cheek repeatedly until he reaches my mouth kissing me tenderly.