digitized sprites

“Just a dream”

I tried to do a longer digital painting after just doing traditional for months. Definitely do miss playing with colors, went a lil overboard and tried a diverse palette. 🍋🍎🥝 

Didn’t plan anything, just derped around with brushes. Anyway, lemme know whatcha think about my colors and stuff in this! 🤗

The second page of Notice Me Senpai characters as sprites. Various Pokémon trainer sprites were used for reference.

We have more sprites than usual since Wakatoshi, Akira, and Hideki have variants. Enjoy~

“Family Fur Computer (Intro Sequence)”

Just a work in progress of my music video for my BMS song “Family Fur Computer”. BMS is like a file for Stepmania, but plays like beatmania IIDX for the software it plays with. The song contains 311 keysounds and 1 BGM missing the sounds. I might add more to it, but for now that’s the opening sequence of the music video.

Will post the full video including the Autoplay of the BMS once I’m done with it, and to me it’s a huge project already, ahaha! Stay tuned!


Of Fairies and Dragons by  Mauricio Ruiz Design

“The slumbering Fairies within their Chrysalis, developing their wings, are at their most vulnerable state. It is in these rare moments in the life of Fairies when Dragons are seduced down from their mountain dominions…. for once tasted the Flesh of Fairies, the intoxicating obsession compels unceasingly. “