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hi. im sorry if this is rather personal but its art related so its fine i guess...? i really dont know where to vent this out. so im really passionate about art and ive always wanted to pursue an art-related career when i grow up but my parents are not supporting my hobby at all--like when i ask for a pentab, i got yelled at instead--so im in a dillema. do you think i should just stop drawing or no? love your arts btw. thanks in advance

Never stop drawing!! If you can’t get digital art equipment now, just use traditional media! You can get very far with that. Keep creating art if it makes you happy :) 


Groundbreaking Producers in the Studio: 

Dr. Dre, Rick Rubin & Eminem, Hans Zimmer and Giorgio Moroder

Images taken from the PBS documentary series “Soundbreaking: Stories from the Cutting Edge of Recorded Music” (2016)

I hope you guys are training yourselves to be artists by doing studies and drawing regularly on paper before going out and spending $1000 on professional digital equipment omg


1987. Fighting the World

is fifth album by band Manowar, This was the first Manowar album to feature artwork by long-time collaborator Ken Kelly, and also the first heavy metal album to be recorded and mixed entirely on digital equipment. Since Fighting The World, all Manowar album covers have been painted by Ken Kelly.

Fighting The World delivers everything a fan might hope, there are epic and fast songs, stadium anthems for crowd participation, catchy choruses and excellent production. making this one of the most consistent Manowar albums to date.

maybe bad cover art, and 2 bad songs but the album still strong.

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