despite the millions of characters i own…..

memento is the sassiest, sexiest, andmost interesting to draw

and my all time fave


along with her cute ass shy boyfriend 

of which i’m drawing now


memento is a hermaphrodite (has both male and female characteristics or sex organs, in this case a penis and boobs) and prefers female pronouns. she is a very calm and collected person, she’s pretty strong, she smokes a lot, possibly has every ugly sweater known to man, is usually seen around her apartment in underwear and a sweater, loves tea, is a romantic, her insides are black, kicks ass if provoked.

shes basically the most chill and sexy thing ever, i love this character to bits, i’m glad i created her *U*.


so i have this story iv'e had jumbled up in my head for years now….never really written it down…..but its a pretty cool story and i really love it….but i don’t think i’d ever get the time or put in the effort to make a comic….or write the entire thing :T anyways, this is three of the main protagonists there’s still one more left to draw, and that’s jack….but i’m too tired right now…..i’m gonna go to bed… OH and in case you’re wondering

koi has this glove that she created that compresses and converts pure electrical energy that she can use to morph around her hand to reflect weapons, use AS a weapon… or (what she usually does) transfer it to her antenna looking sword. she basically covers the metal pole in electric energy, it can be a deadly weapon. i love Koi as a more heads on fighting character, but with all the control of power comes a great sense of responsibility and that’s something she doesn’t have….shes pretty stubborn… and in the story usually ends up being the first to go down in a fight because of it……..but towards the end….around the time she turns 23-24 she sorta has a major character development because of something that happens to her, so basically she grows up……..sorry i just really love koi and her badass glove so i just wanted to tell you guys about it…………

im just gonna leave these as sketches….