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Diving into A Colorful World of Imagination with @moronoa

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“I started using an iPad to create my pieces about a year ago,” says Denmark-based artist Marie Bjerre (@moronoa). “This allowed me to bring art back into my life. I’m a single mother and a nurse and did not have time to pull out all my paint and canvases.”

Inspired by classic fairy tales, mythology, Japanese culture, fashion and luxurious images from the 1920s and 1930s, Marie digitally assembles elements of different photographs, adding hand-drawn details on her tablet. “Finishing a piece is really satisfying,” she says. “It’s the best feeling when I look at it and see the story of my imagination come to life.”

Lovely Day, Isn’t it?

Karlie Kloss feat. “Avenue with Flowering Chestnut Trees a Arles”, Van Gogh

Ph Credit: Vogue Japan, photographer Arthur Elgort, Stylist Giovanna Battaglia, hair Franco Gobbi

collage by Maria Sheila Miani