Hola, soy Celeste y estoy haciendo este blog para ver mi avance practicando fotografía y su edición, fotomanipulación y lettering para mi portafolio universitario.

Hi, I’m Celeste and I’m making this blog to see my progress practicing photography and editing, photomanipulation and lettering for my academic’s portfolio. 🤓🎓🖤✍📸📚💻


Even though it’s an edible forest garden, I can’t resist keeping the poisonous foxglove (Digitalis) around; they’re called Fingerbøl (”Thimble flower”) in Danish.

The toxin derived from the plant – digitoxin – can cause numerous symptoms, including dizzyness, and disturbances in colour vision (xanthopsia). I try to work with these plants with gloves on, but haven’t had any problems so far. Because of the way digitoxin interacts with the circulatory system, it has been used to produce a heart medicine, called digoxin.

Bumblebees (Bombus spp.) absolutely love these flowers, and the tall spires of blossoms – all varying shades of pink this year, despite the package from three years ago promising orange, peach, and white blossoms as well – re-seed themselves prolifically.

Seedlings bloom in their second year, and live for just a few more years as a perennial.