My Life in GIFS - 1 week til Scotland

Two Months ago, I found out that I had enough money to complete my dream of studying abroad in Edinburgh!

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After some intense scheduling and managing, I crafted a plan to make this shortened timeline doable. First, informing my job that I was leaving.

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Next was to figure out how much I needed to save vs how much preparing to leave would cost. The answer: The visa application and process would cost about $700 in itself.

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But, through some budgeting, and a paired down social life, I made it work. And then it was the waiting game, praying that I got approved.

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But, as miracles do happen, I got my Visa and then dropped another $700 on a flight. 

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Unfortunately, my boyfriend didn’t want to go through a long distance relationship, so I am going abroad without anyone (but my cat) waiting for me to come back.

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But, who cares, I am going to Scotland! In 8 days!

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On the thread of cultural appropriation, as a woman of color, who tends to date men outside of her race, it is a generally and exhausting and repetitive conversation to explain why certain things cannot be absorbed or absolved into one's vernacular or wardrobe without the realization that there is a history behind the object or word. It is rooted in struggle, strength, pride, and oppression. It usually involves a long line of discrimination and its existence now is one of triumph and spite.


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This reply is super late - my apologies. As someone with hair so curly it takes away half my length, I understand your plight. A trick that I learned, especially when traveling, is to take some conditioner, and some water and put it into a spray bottle. After the shower, spritz your hair. Its not a leave in conditioner but it will do the trick and keep your hair less frizztastic. Hope this helps!

what that sounds fantastic

it’s always amazing to me how people with curly hair have all these tricks and how we look out for each other >_<