pisceyariesbaby  asked:

I have a request! could you pls post more things on twitter/tumblr about gun control and why it's necessary etc.?? I'm home for the holidays and my parents are annoying republicans. I lack the info necessary to shut them down but you have such a large arsenal it's so helpful, just so you know. also stuff on why homosexuality is fine and like biblical proof etc? I would greatly appreciate it it helps loads!!!

I will continue to post lots and lots about gun control. In the mean time, you can check the gun control tag on this blog and on my old blog, STFU Conservatives. I didn’t have a tag for homosexuality, but Googling “(either blog name) homosexuality not a sin” yields some good results.

If you (or anyone else reading this) has a very specific statistic they want and can’t find it in the archives, hit me up with an Ask and I’m happy to look into it.