A daily art regimen is an invaluable habit for every artist, and is imperative for understanding and growth. There’s no excuse for not doing at least one sketch a day (at least that’s what I ought to be telling myself). Speaking out of experience, you will improve significantly if you keep a schedule up. It doesn’t matter what your style is - anime, western, abstract, toony, or semi-realistic - life drawing should be every artists’ foundation. Master the basics of real-life forms, then stylize proportions from there.

Anyway, I’ve decided that I’m going to challenge myself. Every day, for as long as I can, I’ll finish a sketch of one full-body male, one full-body female, a set of hands, a set of feet, one random animal, and a human portrait. Forgot the portrait this time around, DERP, and I might not have the means to complete all of the figures every single day, but by golly, I’m certainly going to try!

You’d do yourself a tremendous favor if you decide to visit, a figure and gesture drawing resource. It is a wonderful self-learning tool that I swear by, supplying exercises so I don’t have to scour the Internet for resources every time I want to practice.

Let’s get drawing!


- Start moving towards career plans… Don’t want to go into details on here, but get going and make something happen.

- Get moved in to new home (October 2nd weekend!), decorate, get settled, set up inspiring and organized studio room.

- Get back into creating jewelry, update and promote etsy shop, set up website and online portfolio.

- Get photoshop, practice digital skills and build a graphic design portfolio, get camera fixed and working, take amazing photos of work to establish strong portfolio.

- Be organized and “put-together”, clean out closet, simplify wardrobe, only keep the nice professional items that I wear regularly, make room for more upscale items, keep home clean and organized.

- Keep car spotless, have a trash receptacle, trunk organizer, vacuum regularly.

- Cook regularly, keep healthy “feel good” items stocked, organize recipes, keep recipe binder.

- Organize important documents, receipts, contracts, etc. get everything super organized.

- Be responsible with money, when things are a little more secure/regular come up with a budget and savings plan.

- Go out more with friends, be open and friendly, say yes, experience more, don’t be as insecure, just be yourself and let friendships happen.

- Be more active, don’t necessarily need to be strict, but do more. Run/walk regularly. Lay out in the sun, go on hikes, explore parks.

- Do not be obsessed with looks, present yourself well, but accept who you are. Be confident and accepting in both personal looks and personality.

- Read, paint. Keep learning. Go back to school? Stay curious, craft and sew, start making clothes, etc. try more patterns.


A 1 hour sketch of Skeletor condensed to 2 minutes. Just playing around. The song is Sinister (revenge of Yorgo remix) from CZARFACE.

Just got around to watching the Re-Find the Tower Minecraft let’s plays and Gavin stealing Ryan’s porkchops behind his back is probably one of the funniest things I’ve ever seen. Thus, art.

My partner has bad hayfever and other plant related allergies. It’s a good thing this isn’t the Pokemon user because I would definitely be a Grass-Type Trainer. Except they would all die because I’d overwater them.

“Let me love you!!”


I’m also 99% a traditional artist and my photoshop/manga studio abilities need a lot of work. Maybe I’ll do a palette meme. Anyone got any particular thoughts on that one?