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The Right Side of the Fence - (HDR Rome, Italy) da Elia Locardi
Tramite Flickr:
Want to learn how this photo was created? View this HDR Photo Before and After. Or go directly to My HDR Tutorial For HDR tips, tutorials, and to view HDR Photography before and afters, visit: www.blamethemonkey.comNegotiating the Crowd Ah the Colosseum, a top travel destination and one of the truly great wonders of the world. Situated conveniently next to a Metro Station, this Ancient Roman Structure is a busy hub of tourist activity. Finding a spot to shoot an HDR photo can be tricky with all the people waling around. That’s why this particular photo is taken behind The Arco di Costantino, situated a tiny bit SW of The Colosseum. It was an interesting setup because of a fence that runs around the perimeter, granting zero access to the arch itself. I had to squeeze my 14-24 lens between two of the posts in order to frame the shot. — * All comments and feedback are welcome, but please do NOT post awards.