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iPad magazines: will publishers still be charging for them in 2012?

We have reached an interesting point in the development of iPad magazines. Companies that had initially been hugely enthusiastic about the format, like Condé Nast, are having second thoughts and slowing down their adoption of the platform. At the same time companies like Future Publishing are citing the iPad as one of the key reasons for significant growth of its digital division.

We are also starting to see indie publishers begin to create dedicated content for the iPad, including, I should add, my own company Sutro Digital which unveiled its first iPad magazine Technode a couple of weeks ago.

Up until now almost all mainstream media companies have charged for their iPad editions. Early on those fees mirrored the price of the print versions, though this has changed a little with some publishers dropping their prices.

However, the indie sector has by-and-large offered their magazines for free and looked for other ways to fund their iPad projects. Publishers obviously lose out on sales revenue, but offering iPad magazine content gratis does have some very significant advantages over charging for it.

Firstly, the number of downloads should in theory be higher than paid for ones, especially as the new titles establish themselves.

Secondly, it means that the magazine content can be offered in a variety of options. So Technode, for example, is available on other tablets PCs as a PDF via HP’s Magcloud service, or as an online read or download via document site Scribd. This has given the title a reach it might otherwise not have had if limited to the iPad.

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Bright Wall/Dark Room 3.0 is now available for free download in the App Store!

A brand new version of our magazine app is live and ready to go, featuring improved U/I, readability, and stability. BW/DR was always designed first and foremost to be read on your phone or tablet, and this new version is the best possible way to experience all that we have to offer.

For any of you still on the fence about subscribing, you can now get the app entirely for free, and will immediately receive a free copy of our Best of 2014 issue with your download.

Is there really any good reason not to do this?

Sharon Carty to be Editor-in-Chief of Yahoo Autos

By Susan Kittenplan, VP & Executive Editor, New Media Initiatives

Our recently launched Yahoo Autos digital magazine has a new leader, Sharon Carty, who is joining the team as editor-in-chief. Sharon’s deep experience in the auto industry, coupled with her background in digital media made her the perfect fit for this magazine. Sharon will lead a talented group of automotive experts including Managing Editor Justin Hyde, Editor-at-Large Alex Lloyd and Road Test Editor Aki Sugawara.

Sharon joins Yahoo Autos from AOL’s Autoblog where she was the editor-in-chief overseeing a staff of reporters and videographers. Sharon has covered the auto industry since 2002. She’s broken news on the General Motors and Chrysler bankruptcies, Toyota’s sudden acceleration recalls, and documented the emerging Asian markets by traveling to China, India and South Korea.  She served as USA Today’s Detroit bureau reporter and has written for the Wall Street Journal and New York Times.

Yahoo Autos puts readers in the driver’s seat with special access to unreleased cars, a redesigned new car research tool, exclusive interviews, breaking news and more. The Autos magazine features regular original videos, photography and stories from a host of automotive experts.

Adobe Digital Publishing Suite contará con soporte para Newsstand iOS 5 en iTunes App Store

Dado que se trata de una solución multiplataforma, los creadores de contenido pueden usar Adobe Digital Publishing Suite para publicar sus nuevas ediciones digitales en dispositivos iPad, tabletas Android yBlackBerry PlayBook.

El soporte de Digital Publishing Suite para Newsstand ofrecerá a los clientes editoriales de Adobe la habilidad de entregar contenido interactivo directamente a las manos de los suscriptores en sus iPads”, dijo Todd Teresi, vicepresidente y gerente general de Soluciones de Medios de Adobe.

Las editoriales podrán crear aplicaciones compatibles con Newsstand con soporte para suscripciones.

Las editoriales podrán usar Adobe Digital Publishing Suite para crear archivos que puedan ser detectados por Newsstand y descargados automáticamente a la repisa Newsstand, eliminando los demorados tiempos de descarga que pueden ser una barrera para leer contenido en dispositivos iPad. Las aplicaciones elaboradas con Adobe Digital Publishing Suite y compatibles con Newsstand permitirán a las editoriales comercializar mejor su contenido gracias al soporte para notificaciones push  de Newsstand e iconos de cubiertas desplegados en la repisa deNewsstand, que muestren la edición más reciente de la revista o periódico.

Adobe Digital Publishing Suite

Presentada en 2010, Adobe Digital Publishing Suite está disponible tanto en edición Empresarial como Profesional, y satisface una amplia gama de negocios y medios de publicación. Estas soluciones hospedadas permiten a las editoriales, publicaciones y anunciantes crear atractivas experiencias de lectura que combinan el impacto visual del diseño impreso, la flexibilidad del formato tipo tableta, la inmediatez de la interacción táctil y la atracción de elementos interactivos como video, audio, gráficos informativos animados y vistas de 360 grados. Adobe Digital Publishing Suite se integra estrechamente con los software Adobe InDesign® CS5.5 Adobe Creative Suite 5.5, de forma que los diseñadores cuentan con la capacidad de diagramación de página estándar de la industria para crear contenido digital interactivo y de diseño de primera que integra una nueva clase de interactividad.

Las editoriales podrán usar Digital Publishing Suite para crear aplicaciones compatibles con Newsstand una vez Apple anuncie iOS 5 y la aplicación Newsstand.


Study Says Apple Still Leading Tablet for Digital Readers

Mequoda released stats from their 2013 Tablet Study around Digital Magazines. 

Of the findings:

  • 23% of survey respondents read digital magazines on tablet as opposed to print, but expects this to rise to 65% by 2020.
  • 13% of tablet users admitted to buying a single issue magazine or subscription on their device in the last 30 days
  • Two-thirds (67%) of tablet users now consider digital books to be a more trustworthy source of information than the word of friends and family.

The above graphic speaks to the tablets these digital readers owned. Apple still leads the charge here with a resounding 62% with Amazon taking second place at a distant 26%

Original source:

Yahoo DIY Makes a Home Online

By Katie Brown, Editor in Chief of Yahoo DIY

At my house, everything is an adventure. Whether I’m planning an informal dinner party, getting my hands dirty in the garden, or just trying to survive the demands of everyday life, I look at every activity as an opportunity to show my personality and infuse a touch of homemade flair. Today, I’m excited to launch Yahoo DIY, a new digital magazine that inspires, entertains, and educates do-it-yourself enthusiasts and weekend warriors alike.  

The magazine is packed with design trends on a budget, step-by-step decor improvements, wearable crafts, and easy projects for kids.  Yahoo DIY won’t just tell you how to do it - we will show you through slideshows, listicles, and original videos. All of these are visual blueprints to keep your projects on track and on-budget.

We’ll bring do-it-yourself projects to life by launching three new video series: “Daily Made” shows off easy solutions for common household conundrums; “Home Made” provides crafters with must-know how-to tips;  and “Katie Made” offers a sneak peak inside my own quirky DIY projects.

Yahoo DIY isn’t about perfection. We will be working alongside you as you take on projects and explore your creativity. My goal is to create a homebase where you can find simple tips and step-by-step guides to make your aspirational projects doable.

You’ll be amazed by what a little elbow grease and a dose of personality can do!

Follow us at @YahooDIY on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, and Pinterest and share your projects with us!

Want to learn more?  Check out our Press Center.

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Lean-Back 2.0 presentation by the Economist. Fascinating stats and observations.

The Economist recently promoted the head of its tablet apps to run all digital:

The Economist Hands All Digital Strategy To Its Tablet Chief - Robert Andrews via

The Economist is handing control of its website to its tablet magazines controller, in a bid to unite the previously competitive units.

Oscar Grut, who was formerly digital editions managing director, has been promoted to the new role of managing director for “Economist Digital” as a whole.

A spokesperson tells paidContent it is “a role which has been created to reflect the change of business strategy within The Economist Group”.

The Economist’s tablet app editions and the website were previously run as two separate strands. Nick Blunden has run since online EVP Ben Edwards left to be IBM’s digital strategy VP in 2010. Blunden will now report to Grut rather than to Economist UK managing director Nigel Ludlow.

It is a sign that, after years of struggling to make money and native products on the web, publishers increasingly view digital editions - familiar reversioning of their core legacy titles - as their primary digital products.

Hearst Magazines Projected to Hit 1M Digital Subscribers in 2012

CNET reported yesterday that Hearst Magazine President David Carey said that he expects to reach a million digital subscribers by the end of 2012, due in large part to the success of Apple’s iPad and the ease of the new-to-iOS 5 Newsstand.  Hearst initially resisted selling its titles on the iPad, insisting Apple’s revenue cut was too big.  Now it seems that both companies are benefitting. 

Hearst currently has about 400,000 digital subscribers across all its decices, including the Amazon Kindle and the Barnes and Noble nook.  Hearst publishes 19 of its titles digitally, including Popular Mechanics, Cosmopolitan, and Esquire. 

Joe Aimonetti concludes his article on CNET by stating that magazines and the print industry in general have been under extreme pressure over the last couple years as tablet computing and smartphone usage has dominated media consumption.  Finding partners like Apple to continue selling their content at a reasonable profit should be high on any print company’s list.