Martha Nelson Joins Yahoo as Global Editor-in-Chief

By Kathy Savitt, CMO and Head of Media

Yahoo Media, including Yahoo’s new Digital Magazines, are comprised of some of the media industry’s strongest editorial and publishing talent, and today I’m happy to announce our newest addition, Global Editor-in-Chief, Martha Nelson.  Martha joins us on August 17th and will be based in our New York office, reporting to me. 

As an accomplished editor, proven brand innovator and media veteran, Martha adds to Yahoo’s established media business to continue to elevate our world-class products and journalism. In January 2014, we launched our first Digital Magazines and have since built 13 in the United States and 30 globally, which are rapidly rising to the top of their categories. With her proven track record of building successful brands as the founding editor of InStyle and for the growth of People (and into a globally recognized brand, I’m excited to work with Martha to further grow our Digital Magazines.

Most recently, Martha was the first female editor-in-chief of Time Inc., where she oversaw the editorial content for the media company’s 21 brands.  She has received many accolades for her outstanding work, including “Editor of the Year” by Adweek and Forbes Most Powerful Women three years in a row.  She is a trustee of both the National Trust for Historic Preservation and The Actors Fund, serves as a judge for the Peabody Awards.


Bright Wall/Dark Room 3.0 is now available for free download in the App Store!

A brand new version of our magazine app is live and ready to go, featuring improved U/I, readability, and stability. BW/DR was always designed first and foremost to be read on your phone or tablet, and this new version is the best possible way to experience all that we have to offer.

For any of you still on the fence about subscribing, you can now get the app entirely for free, and will immediately receive a free copy of our Best of 2014 issue with your download.

Is there really any good reason not to do this?

Study Says Apple Still Leading Tablet for Digital Readers

Mequoda released stats from their 2013 Tablet Study around Digital Magazines. 

Of the findings:

  • 23% of survey respondents read digital magazines on tablet as opposed to print, but expects this to rise to 65% by 2020.
  • 13% of tablet users admitted to buying a single issue magazine or subscription on their device in the last 30 days
  • Two-thirds (67%) of tablet users now consider digital books to be a more trustworthy source of information than the word of friends and family.

The above graphic speaks to the tablets these digital readers owned. Apple still leads the charge here with a resounding 62% with Amazon taking second place at a distant 26%

Original source:


I do not know how many of you ladies in the US have library cards and use your library, but in my library system we have this great database/app that admin purchased called “ZINIO”. It allows users to download and read magazines that the library system has a subscription to that they receive as a hard copy.  

And, lo and behold, I forgot that I had a notification set up on GQ Mag, and I just received one for the November issue. So, now I have Mr. Hiddleston in those beautiful suits to look at anytime I want. Since it is digital, you can keep the issue in your library for as long as you want. Plus, you can go back and find older issues I believe.

There is an app as well for mobiles and tablets, but you have to pick your library and set up emails and passwords for both Zinio and your library system. 

You can zoom in and get the text bigger to read as it can be scrunched up on a tablet. Just take your fingers and open the screen wider. On a PC, there are buttons on the side that you can use to zoom in, or go to the table of contents which I used.  I then zoomed in to read the text and the clothing manufacturers at the bottom. 

The library system here really has their stuff together on technology. 

@jossisgod, @loki-in-winterfell

Sharon Carty to be Editor-in-Chief of Yahoo Autos

By Susan Kittenplan, VP & Executive Editor, New Media Initiatives

Our recently launched Yahoo Autos digital magazine has a new leader, Sharon Carty, who is joining the team as editor-in-chief. Sharon’s deep experience in the auto industry, coupled with her background in digital media made her the perfect fit for this magazine. Sharon will lead a talented group of automotive experts including Managing Editor Justin Hyde, Editor-at-Large Alex Lloyd and Road Test Editor Aki Sugawara.

Sharon joins Yahoo Autos from AOL’s Autoblog where she was the editor-in-chief overseeing a staff of reporters and videographers. Sharon has covered the auto industry since 2002. She’s broken news on the General Motors and Chrysler bankruptcies, Toyota’s sudden acceleration recalls, and documented the emerging Asian markets by traveling to China, India and South Korea.  She served as USA Today’s Detroit bureau reporter and has written for the Wall Street Journal and New York Times.

Yahoo Autos puts readers in the driver’s seat with special access to unreleased cars, a redesigned new car research tool, exclusive interviews, breaking news and more. The Autos magazine features regular original videos, photography and stories from a host of automotive experts.

Yahoo DIY Makes a Home Online

By Katie Brown, Editor in Chief of Yahoo DIY

At my house, everything is an adventure. Whether I’m planning an informal dinner party, getting my hands dirty in the garden, or just trying to survive the demands of everyday life, I look at every activity as an opportunity to show my personality and infuse a touch of homemade flair. Today, I’m excited to launch Yahoo DIY, a new digital magazine that inspires, entertains, and educates do-it-yourself enthusiasts and weekend warriors alike.  

The magazine is packed with design trends on a budget, step-by-step decor improvements, wearable crafts, and easy projects for kids.  Yahoo DIY won’t just tell you how to do it - we will show you through slideshows, listicles, and original videos. All of these are visual blueprints to keep your projects on track and on-budget.

We’ll bring do-it-yourself projects to life by launching three new video series: “Daily Made” shows off easy solutions for common household conundrums; “Home Made” provides crafters with must-know how-to tips;  and “Katie Made” offers a sneak peak inside my own quirky DIY projects.

Yahoo DIY isn’t about perfection. We will be working alongside you as you take on projects and explore your creativity. My goal is to create a homebase where you can find simple tips and step-by-step guides to make your aspirational projects doable.

You’ll be amazed by what a little elbow grease and a dose of personality can do!

Follow us at @YahooDIY on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, and Pinterest and share your projects with us!

Want to learn more?  Check out our Press Center.

french vogue highlights new magazine IN BED WITH including the debut cover with soko. all artwork for the premiere covers created by curtis kulig. stay tuned for jalil lespert, pierre hardy & others to come along with an exclusive print debut in paris. see it here!le-magazine-digital-inbedwith

Welcome Kerry Diamond & Kristen Baldwin

By Kathy Savitt, CMO of Yahoo

Joining our growing team of digital magazine editors are two heavy hitters from the food and entertainment worlds. Kerry Diamond is joining Yahoo as Editor-in-Chief of Yahoo Food and Kristen Baldwin as Editor-in-Chief of Yahoo TV.

Kerry Diamond, Yahoo Food

Kerry Diamond is the co-founder and editorial director of Cherry Bombe, a biannual indie magazine about women and food. Adweek named Cherry Bombe one of 2014’s five hottest new magazines. She is also the co-owner of three Brooklyn eateries: Nightingale 9, Wilma Jean, and Smith Canteen.  

Kerry has been called “Brooklyn’s chicest restaurateur/editor” and has a career that spans not only food but beauty and fashion. Kerry has spoken at the TasteTalks Brooklyn Conference and the Women, Inspiration and Empowerment Symposium and has been featured in Vogue, Every Day with Rachael Ray, Marie Claire, Wall Street Journal, and other publications.

She will start at Yahoo on September 22 and will be based in New York.

Kristen Baldwin, Yahoo TV

Kristen joins Yahoo TV after 19 years at Entertainment Weekly (EW) where she started as an editorial assistant in 1995. She was instrumental in the integration of EW’s print and digital editorial operations and led the charge on some of EW’s most memorable issues, including the much revered Reunions issue and the always popular Fall TV Preview. In addition, she earned a loyal following on with her recaps of The Bachelor and The Bachelorette.

Kristen brought her wit and TV knowledge to appearances on “TODAY,” “The View,” “Entertainment Tonight,” “Extra,” “Access Hollywood,” “CBS This Morning,” “E! News,” and “VH1’s Behind the Music.”

Kristen will start at Yahoo on September 29 and will be based in New York.

The Advantages of Jawed Magazine Subscriptions pro iPad

Digital Magazines are more civil today than the traditional magazines. Reading magazines have burst forth better ready at hand and ingenious. Reading at the convenience and reading toward the go are easier now for these fast spreading prescription magazines. Magazines published for internet and targeting particular unstable devices like smart phones, desk calendar, PCs and Laptops are often referred to as Digital Magazines. These are also known as Ezines and Webzines. The new form of magazines retrospective the magazines, which came under severe pressure because in relation to fast spreading and easy availability of poles apart digital media. Also, made reading different, yet wonderful profound sense.

One of the developments that expedited the process concerning infinite daily of magazines, inner self is nothing nevertheless the introduction of iPad. This classy gadget from Apple’s store created fortunes with record sales toward about the overruling few years of its launch. More than 200 millions bizarre versions of iPads avouch been sold equivalently long-distance. The wonderful features desire, touch screen interface, sleek run to made it variety just right to appliance on the go. From watching and making high quality videos to reading and reading online become more convenient along with this wonder gadget. As its popularity soared, the idea referring to mimeograph, exclusively to this handmaiden has gained pith too.

Gravure to iPad, made out of publication as to magazines has made simple thereby custom developed app. Creating a vivid E-magazine from PDFs become possible herewith homemade perfected apps. Get an app relating to your passion, keeping the magazine requirements in the reevoke, developed and get herself placed passageway the Apple’s net profit. Right now, the express world, wherever the iPads are spread is at your fingertips in contemplation of reach out. Logarithmic Magazine Subscriptions for Ipad published magazines can be done through the Apple’s Store. The first advantage of the iPad dump is increase in the reaching out ingenuity; a local magazine can be turned into a global by going digital.

Initially, there were sundry problems to publish for iPad, but in aftertime this embarrassment could be solved with the development of flipping book software. There is no turning back for digital publications, counting magazines, since farther. Magazines have adopted this form slapdash and effectively, ad eundem it offered solutions to all kinds regarding problems plagued the industry. It custom-built circulation and distribution a lot similarly simple and quick. Forasmuch as, most with respect to the magazines have limited expiry time, thus headship of these are replaced by new editions in close by a month, sometimes in a week, there is demand unto sap the time speaking of releasing from the printing press and to reaching the customer. Just now where it came apt, the new set of magazine is just minim clicks away from the customers. Just the same, the freshly form offered new solutions to publications.
Terrorizer Magazine
Terrorizer is the world’s most exciting music magazine, covering with authority the best black, death, thrash, doom and heavy metal. With international vision and exclusive access to the world’s most exciting extreme artists, our features cover bands at the cutting edge of sonic depravity and our reviews tell you everything you need to know about metal’s most dangerous artists.

The digital issue of No. 267 of Terrorizer magazine is now available via

Coming Soon on Issuu: NYBFW Fall ‘16!

Next week I’m releasing a full digital flipbook featuring a complete review of all the fashion shows and previews from over 40+ bridal designers across gowns, accessories and footwear! This market was especially exciting with anniversary celebrations from the iconic Yumi Katsura and American bridal house Watters. Plus I have a full feature on the Israel contingent which showed out in full force this fashion week! 

**Featured on the cover: Romona Keveza Couture floral ballgown

Stay tuned to here and our @issuu account (TheAntiBridezilla) to read recaps, trend reports and more!

Anima Publishing Ebooks and Creating Digital Magazines

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Our president, Kelly Conlin, discusses “what’s next” for digital magazines at FIPP World Congress.

At the Library: Digital Magazines

At the Library: Digital Magazines

External image
How would you like to check out as many issues of your favorite magazines as you like without having to place a hold or worrying about when the magazines are due back at the library?

Wishful thinking, you say? A lovely fantasy? A dream from a reader’s fictional utopian world?

Nope. Welcome to the world of Zinio, online magazines that can be downloaded to your computer or mobile device. For free.…

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