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So, I recently became the editor in chief of Grindr and was tasked with leading our new digital magazine called INTO. Yes, that Grindr.
By Zach Stafford

Harajuku Subculture Magazine KERA To Cease Print Publication After 19 Years

The monthly Japanese fashion magazine KERA - launched in 1998 with the concept of “the most real Harajuku Street Magazine” - will publish their final print issue on April 15, 2017. After that date, the magazine will shift to digital only. Also, publication of KERA!’s famous “Gothic & Lolita Bible” will be suspended on May 24th.

Starting on May 16th, 2017, “KERA” will begin publishing content through a “comprehensive website” that includes a digital magazine and social media. They will also continue to run the popular KERA SHOP ecommerce website and collaborate with other shops and fashion brands around Japan.

Blue, 2016

A musician, songwriter, artist and producer, South Florida native Birth delivers ambient hip hop ritual-esque sounds that fit in a category of their own. 

With the recent release of “Blue,” the artist achieves a dreamlike soundscape reminiscent of Janet Jackson-meets-BC Kingdom on psychedelics. It might be the first time you’re hearing of Birth, but it hopefully won’t be the last: 

“Over the past year, I’ve been exploring transcendental meditation, mindfulness practices and African spirituality. It’s spilled into my work, and I’m preparing to release [a new project] in the next few weeks.”

We followed up with Birth to learn more about his creative process. Read more below:  

M: How do you overcome creative blocks?
Never acknowledge them. 

M: What are three tips you wish someone gave you?
Focus solely on your highest intentions, ask for the budget in the first email, grow with your audience.

M: What do you think are the most inspiring things happening right now?
Virgil Abloh potentially becoming the creative director of Givenchy.

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KERA magazine feat. Yuri Plisetsky

Will be selling this as an 11x17″ print at BishounenCon! Come visit! <3


Neon Talk x Victor Moatti

Only at👉 (link bio)

Victor Moatti is a French designer and illustrator from Paris. His work captures emotions of sensuality and mystery, each piece feels nostalgic while remaining new and futuristic.

He has been featured in Le Tigre Magazine, Kiblind Magazine, Konbini, Digital Arts, Belio Magazine, Mango Popsicle ,Eat sleep draw, Winsider mexico and many more.
Check him out: @victormgraphics