i constantly thank god for dallon weekes

Dallon Weekes, digital painting done on Paper 53.

(likes/reblogs/feedback will be very much appreciated!)

pls don’t repost especially because I forgot to sign it whoops thx <3

Oops…Got caught! - “I’ve seen this…boy around campus for a couple of times and he was absolutely breath taking. I knew I needed to take a photo of him,you know…for science, but it didn’t go as planned…”

Here it is: @crackthemethanesky ‘s prize! She got to choose which picture I would draw in full colour, and I did!

Anna, I really hope you like it, and thanks again for being my most active follower :)

Also, omg, this pic only took me like 4 or 5 hours which is super fast for this kind of drawing. So, I’m proud :)