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“Dimensions Festival is an electronic music festival held in an abandoned fort in the Croatian town of Pula. Our remit covered design for billboards, posters, flyers, print and online advertising, plus branding for the Dimensions website and their various social media networks.”

Two Times Elliott is a design consultancy based in Notting Hill, London. Two Times Elliott produces a diverse range of work across multiple disciplines including print design, identity and web. We help our clients communicate their message clearly and intelligently. We deliver intelligent bespoke design solutions and advice to a wide range of clients, from individuals to large organisations, in a variety of different sectors. Beautiful work with strong, exciting ideas, overdelivered with a smile.

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I dream in the warm glow, this hive of awareness has no limit. The light is always behind these violent visions.
When in darkness voices guide me to colour… colour and light are healers. I belong to a universe that facilitates the exploration of consciousness and all of its wonders.  How can I hate an existence that is filled with such sporadic energy. The saturation from these intense vibrations…the calmness of this solitude stilling every moment of my awareness.

While I was painting these words came to the surface…painting is not just a visual quest, if your truly invested in your space…then multiple doors of expression are unlocked, you chant songs that don’t exist, you form sentences from unconscious ramblings, you imagine stories just waiting to be shared with others.

I LOVE PAINTING, it’s the only thing that makes me truly happy, I give it everything and get more in return. I thank my own imagined deities of art/painting/form and color you grant me the power to create my own escapes, the power to face my demons and the power to inspire others.

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Thank you all :D!