Sometimes, sometimes things get really tough, you know? If you’re having a tough time right now remember you’re not alone, ok? And it’s not, it’s not always gonna be this tough. When it gets real tough I like to have some pie, so here, here’s some ummm digital pie from another dimension for you. You’re great, hang in there. <3


So after some discussing I decided to hold this zine a bit more differently since it’s a digital charity zine.

The zine will have invited artists but will also have open submissions!
Basically it means that during the ‘Call for submissions’ period people can make a piece and submit it to this project for it to be included in the final zine. Due to this decision we won’t be sticking to 30 artists and instead will try to take on any polished submissions that we get!

The previous specs still apply which are these:

- It will be a SFW and Digital-only zine
- Art dimensions will be 8.5″ x 11″ at 300dpi
- The theme for this zine will be “Tropical”

Alongside these specs, any piece submitted MUST be a finished piece of work!
No sketches, unfinished pieces or strictly b/w or line-work only illustrations. Make something finished and something you’re proud of! Backgrounds won’t be mandatory but illustrations that aren’t just transparent would be preferred.

When submissions open a Post will be made instructing how to send us files and how you wish to be credited!

Please remember this is a zine for charity! There will be no artist compensation as all the funds collected will go to a charity to help out Puerto Rico!

As always please help us spread the word if you can!

Plus Ultra!

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I have a burning question, why do games cost sooo much to make? Look at any AAA game, they cost multi-millions. Isn't that more than enough to feed people and pay the bills?

Go take a look at the credits for your favorite game. Count the number of names there that are developers - designers, producers, engineers, artists, QA, etc. Since Shadow of Wardor is coming out in a week, we’ll use its predecessor as an example here.

[Here’s a link to the credits for Shadow of Mordor].

Let’s ignore all of the “Additional Engineering/Design/whatever” people (they are folks who did some work on the project and left at some point during development), the marketing people, the HR people, the studio executive people, Digital Dimensions (an outsourced CG studio), all of the Warner Bros. publisher people, the voice actors, and only stick to the actual development team itself. Just the engineers, designers, artists, QA, producers, audio guys, etc. I counted 190 people.

Let’s assume Shadow of Mordor took 2 years to develop. It was a pretty big open world game, and it’s really hard to make that much content for a new title in under two years. Let’s also say that, if you average out all of their salaries, it comes out to $50,000 USD per year per person. Some will get paid more, some will get paid less, but let’s just say that it averages out to $50k per person.

(190 developers) x ($50,000 per year per developer in salary) x (2 years) = $19 million

This doesn’t include things like electricity/utilities/internet, computers, software licenses, the Middle Earth license, marketing, building rent, Playstation/X-Box development kits, servers, desks, office supplies, distribution, certification, or even health benefits for the employees that all still have to be paid for. This is just their salaries. That is why games cost so much to make.

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Digital Dimension (Lindaru's Trance Mix)

Title: Digital Dimension (Lindaru’s Trance Mix)

Artist: Lindaru

Description: As you could most likely tell from the title, it’s a short, trance remix of Digital Dimension’s bgm from Sonic Riders. It’s everything that’s addictive about the original, but  more traditionally trance! Around the end there’s a nice clap beat added too! Let’s face it, this song is best when rave worthy! Enjoy guys!

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Hey! Do you have any tips about making digital zines? Dimensions/sizing? Art tips? Selling zines? Having fun?

When I make zines I make them w/ the end goal of being able to make them in to a physical copy, so I think a lot of my process revolves around that actually, but I’ll try to give some combo advice

Dimensions / sizing / (general planning?):

Work large!  then scale down.
my ¼ page zines are 3400 x 4400px

If you’re going to upload your zine to a website people can download it from, you’ll want to compress all your files in to a zip so people can download it faster & so that you only gotta upload one file.  I use, i’ve heard gumroad is good too

If you’re ever thinking of printing ur zine, make sure the pages are in multiples of 8 for ¼ page zines, or multiples of 4 for ½ page zines.  (you’re limited by the physical reality of paper!!  bummer)

Consider printing margins, leave some wiggle room for when you need to fold and cut your pages.  You’ll thank yourself later when you’re folding 20 of these in a row

Art tips:

While i’m thinking of what I want my zine to be about, I doodle for a super long time w pencil and paper, and then i scan that all in and start working on a zine from it.

For every page that makes it in to my zine, there’s another page that didn’t – for the sake of clarity and so that i can meet the correct number of pages for printing.  This is just how I work w/ my zines (I tend to make zines that are a combination of thoughts vs a completely linear story).  It kinda sucks to just let go of a page you’ve spent time on, but idk, sometimes there’s a handful of awkward pages bogging my zine down and when i remove them, everything reads so much better.

Some pages that got cut:

Only thing to keep in mind if you haven’t done sequential art before - make sure you aren’t overpromising yourself.  You’re about to draw a LOT of stuff – I use quicker- rougher art in my zines because I’d drive myself crazy making 34 pages of beautifully rendered paintings & I’d burn out and never pick that project up again BUT there are gorgeous, gorgeous zines out there with exactly that level of effort in them.

I like to make zines with doodly art, but theres so much other good stuff out there.  Fully polished full-color zines are gorgeous!  Full color costs more money to print but it’s really eye-catching and people want to pick it up.  Collaged zines are rad & punk as hell. There was this cool person at zine con who printed out their glitch art!!  Go wild.

(Physical Only) Arranging for Print:

This is the Absolute Worst Part and it always makes me want to scream.  Give yourself several days to make a bunch of mistakes while arranging your printable zine.  I’m a super visual / physical learner so i always make a tiny mockup to figure out where I need to put all my pages when I print

You can find a few templates online if you’re not sure where to start

(For making phsyical copies, I currently use microsoft word to arrange my zines in to tables then i print to .pdf, then take those pdf files to a print shop.  I dont have a nice design program lol)

(With the way I print my zines, half of my pages are upside down)

ALWAYS PRINT A DRAFT before printing a run of 20 zines.  Make sure that your pages are actually in order, that there isn’t any weird garbage left on the page (sometimes a few of my word doc table margins will be visible)


No clue.  My first zine con i made a decent profit, this year i didn’t cover the cost of printing and tabling.  I’ve only sold two or three zines online despite how many notes my crush zine especially has gotten.  Lol.  Popularity does not in any way indicate profit.  Also tumblr is garbage and if ur post has an outside link (say… to a page where someone can buy your zine or give you money…), it won’t display that post in tagged search results.  Good luck?

Also if you (and another artist) aren’t dead set on getting cash money, trading zines with another artist is the best!

Having fun: 

Make a zine about something you’re passionate about.  If you catch yourself rambling on for hours about something to one of your friends, go make a zine about that thing.   The time you spend on the zine will go by quickly. 

& at the end of the day, like w any art, you can’t depend on your level of effort having any impact on if people like / buy it.  So, I guess make peace with that, as hard as that is.  It’s difficult to have fun making stuff when you’re super concerned about how well it’s going to go over.

A Crash Course in Wizardmon

I can hear the cries of my followers. “Why are you doing this to us again!” They scream. No, hear me out. I know I have made a masterpost of all my Wizardmon and Witchelny-related headcanons (which is probably out of date at this point anyway). I know I talk about Wizardmon probably way too much. I know. BUT, listen. I wanted to make a post of all the CANON facts that we know about Wizardmon (and Witchelny) FOR SURE (also because the lovely @miss-doodle asked me to summarize everything I know about Wizardmon).

I’m going to try and avoid common-knowledge stuff like “he served Tailmon in Vamdemon’s army!” This is mostly stuff that’s easily missed or not explicitly mentioned in the anime.

Everything in this post was taken from a hodge-podge of the actual anime, CD dramas, the Adventure novelizations, the Magical Witches line of v-pets, and possibly the Xros Wars manga (in which Wizardmon & Tailmon appear in cameo roles, with vague hints that they may be the same Wizardmon & Tailmon from Adventure). If you want a direct source for any of these, don’t hesitate to send me a message, and feel free to use this post as a reference for all your Wizardmon needs.

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Hey. So. We have a new show. 

From the team behind PBS Space Time and PBS Idea Channel, we’re excited to bring PBS Infinite Series to you all. 

PBS Infinite Series tackles the mysteries and the joy of mathematics. From Logic to Calculus, from Probability to Projective Geometry, Infinite Series both entertains and challenges its viewers to take their math game to the next level. 

Not a math person? That’s okay! Each week, the host Kelsey Houston-Edwards questions our expectations of math and dives into the philosophies around it. It’s pretty cool.

Check out the first episode. 


HEY GUYS!  Holidays is just around the corner and you know what your bestest buddy wants?  Your buddy wants a drawing from me!  How do I know?  Well, actually I don’t, but it’ll be a cool gift though right?  JUST FOR THE HOLIDAYS, if you buy the 1600 x 1600 digital option, I will print it for you, laminate it, then ship it straight to you for no extra cost to you!  (I can’t laminate acrylic pieces, but I can still ship them to you!)

Alright, some ground rules though, no NSFW.  I’m really bad at drawing that kind of stuff.  I can do a wide variety of things, not just Pokemon!  However if I’m not familiar with something, or it’s an OC, I will want some references. I can change dimensions for digital on request (1600 x 1600 is just my personal favorite!) just be warned that prices may change to fit requests.

Digital- Once I get the beginning sketches done I will need the payment before I proceed.  If you change your mind, that’s okay.  On average, I take about one day for digital 1600 x 1600, but my job could limit any estimations.  I usually use thick lineart, but I can do lineless too!  I will need your make and model of your phone so I’ll know what size canvas I need for drawing for the wallpapers. (The ones on model is for my Galaxy S6 and they’re around 1440 x 2560 each)

Acrylic- The Acrylic paper that I use is made specially for acrylics.  It’s thicker so it holds paint better.  It’s also really big, too big for me to properly scan it!  Regular paint works with acrylics fine, but it may warp the paper and it’s smaller.  The painting on the far left is on regular paper.  I cannot laminate Acrylics with my laminator, but all Acrylics will be sprayed with the varnish I have so it’ll last.  I also have gold leaf paint and glow in the dark paint, let me know if you want me to use it!

My Email is, or you can contact me through Tumblr.  (Please put in the subject line on Email that you want a commission so I don’t accidently miss it!)