Digital Dimension (Lindaru's Trance Mix)

Title: Digital Dimension (Lindaru’s Trance Mix)

Artist: Lindaru

Description: As you could most likely tell from the title, it’s a short, trance remix of Digital Dimension’s bgm from Sonic Riders. It’s everything that’s addictive about the original, but  more traditionally trance! Around the end there’s a nice clap beat added too! Let’s face it, this song is best when rave worthy! Enjoy guys!

A Crash Course in Wizardmon

I can hear the cries of my followers. “Why are you doing this to us again!” They scream. No, hear me out. I know I have made a masterpost of all my Wizardmon and Witchelny-related headcanons (which is probably out of date at this point anyway). I know I talk about Wizardmon probably way too much. I know. BUT, listen. I wanted to make a post of all the CANON facts that we know about Wizardmon (and Witchelny) FOR SURE (also because the lovely @miss-doodle asked me to summarize everything I know about Wizardmon).

I’m going to try and avoid common-knowledge stuff like “he served Tailmon in Vamdemon’s army!” This is mostly stuff that’s easily missed or not explicitly mentioned in the anime.

Everything in this post was taken from a hodge-podge of the actual anime, CD dramas, the Adventure novelizations, the Magical Witches line of v-pets, and possibly the Xros Wars manga (in which Wizardmon & Tailmon appear in cameo roles, with vague hints that they may be the same Wizardmon & Tailmon from Adventure). If you want a direct source for any of these, don’t hesitate to send me a message, and feel free to use this post as a reference for all your Wizardmon needs.

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Hey. So. We have a new show. 

From the team behind PBS Space Time and PBS Idea Channel, we’re excited to bring PBS Infinite Series to you all. 

PBS Infinite Series tackles the mysteries and the joy of mathematics. From Logic to Calculus, from Probability to Projective Geometry, Infinite Series both entertains and challenges its viewers to take their math game to the next level. 

Not a math person? That’s okay! Each week, the host Kelsey Houston-Edwards questions our expectations of math and dives into the philosophies around it. It’s pretty cool.

Check out the first episode. 


So close to being done with studio photography!

This is Chelsea, and my second model for this project.

I used a soft box left side, and a parabolic on the right side along with 2 white reflectors on each side bouncing everything back in. Shot on a black backdrop.

The final images of these will be printed, with added media (paint) to give them more dimension.


What I learned from Episode 21 of MLB

This is literally me just commenting on things from the latest episode. This contains spoilers for Episode 21 of Miraculous Ladybug. Watch it here

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