Hey. So. We have a new show. 

From the team behind PBS Space Time and PBS Idea Channel, we’re excited to bring PBS Infinite Series to you all. 

PBS Infinite Series tackles the mysteries and the joy of mathematics. From Logic to Calculus, from Probability to Projective Geometry, Infinite Series both entertains and challenges its viewers to take their math game to the next level. 

Not a math person? That’s okay! Each week, the host Kelsey Houston-Edwards questions our expectations of math and dives into the philosophies around it. It’s pretty cool.

Check out the first episode. 

dimensions. “this goes out to all the people who lost their lives and their loved ones during terrorist an istanbul based artist who is lucky to survive another day in this chaotic environment, i wish humanity will see the days where society will no longer be ruled by corruption, greed, religions, borders and discrimination.”

I dream in the warm glow, this hive of awareness has no limit. The light is always behind these violent visions.
When in darkness voices guide me to colour… colour and light are healers. I belong to a universe that facilitates the exploration of consciousness and all of its wonders.  How can I hate an existence that is filled with such sporadic energy. The saturation from these intense vibrations…the calmness of this solitude stilling every moment of my awareness.

While I was painting these words came to the surface…painting is not just a visual quest, if your truly invested in your space…then multiple doors of expression are unlocked, you chant songs that don’t exist, you form sentences from unconscious ramblings, you imagine stories just waiting to be shared with others.

I LOVE PAINTING, it’s the only thing that makes me truly happy, I give it everything and get more in return. I thank my own imagined deities of art/painting/form and color you grant me the power to create my own escapes, the power to face my demons and the power to inspire others.

If you would to buy a print of this piece you can find them on my website:
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Thank you all :D!



Her works are meant to be an interior research, a way to express feelings and moments of being that she could not express otherwise. Towards body metamorphosis, she starts a self-analyzing process that leads her to improve herself and her art.  So she is potter and pot of her artworks: she only takes self-shoots to her own body, as it actually represents the only means which can really talk about her inner dimension.

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Title: Digital Dimension (Urban Flow’s Mix)

Artist: Urban Flow

Description: This song’s been getting a good amount of love on the blog lately! This will be the last mix of it for a while, I promise! In short, this is something like an updated version of the original with a few new touches. Also, make sure to have the headphones on for the best experience! Enjoy guys!

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