This personal/promotional piece is meant to be a challenge for divergent thinking.

There was some interest about the creation of these motorcycle-robots. My first attempt can be found here: where I provide a PSD-file (link in the description) …but this time I had the opportunity to capture a video. A tutorial would be too much, but for someone interested, the process video should explain a lot more than the PSD-file alone..

So, there you go, here´s a video demonstration about the process:

Took me around 40 minutes to create, but at least 15 minutes out of that time was pure failure…haha:) So that qualifies it to be thrown at my sketchbook here as well…

The only resource used to produce this piece were 7 motorcycles from

Song is “Machine” from Duoson

If you have questions, I´d like to answer them on my YT-Channel