I’m having a bad art day, so here’s a Pratchett fanart oldie I made a while ago. Even though it’s not technically the best one ever, it was still so much fun to do. :)

“Greebo turned slowly, a faint, lazy smile on his scarred face. As a human, his nose was broken and a black patch covered his bad eye. But the other one glittered like the sins of angels, and his smile was a downfall of saints. Female ones, anyway. Greebo broadcast a kind of greasy, diabolic sexuality in the megawatt range. Just looking at him was enough to set dark wings fluttering in the crimson night.”
Terry Pratchett, Witches Abroad


Developing the background of my current gigantic fish picture!

Right now I’m more getting after the colors I want to use. I like working up palettes in the drawing itself, and then plopping the scribbly colormess into a separate document all it’s own so I can colorpick from it. I sometimes just tidy up the scribble if there’s something about it that really clicks, but I don’t like running the risk of overworking the “paint.” I also have a really bad habit of going too monochrome-midtone when I do that.

I’m working in Adobe CS6 for this part. I will probably be involving some textures other than the paper from my gross scan, but for now, time to get those rocks in shape!