My Ghibli-fied version of Ed Sheeran’s ‘Castle on the Hill’ :) 

I fell in love with Castle on the Hill as soon as I heard it and I got TOTAL Studio Ghibli vibes from listening to it - then I saw the visuals from the Brit awards performance and I was like RIGHT. Thats it im painting it! 

Apologies for his tattoo’s - I literally could find no reference of what they looked like from the back… 

Progess shot of my newest painting, which is a repaint of one of my first digital pieces from 2012. I’ll show you both completed paintings soon! I feel like the shadows on the face, especially her cheek, are too harsh for the light eminating from her charm, but I can’t decide whether to address the problem or pretend everything is okay 😂

Remember that sneak peek I posted a while back?

Yeah so I finally got around to finish it (I know it took me forever AHH)!

Before anything, I’d like to state that the girl is NOT my character. Tallulah is an OC of a friend of mine - she’s an Orlesian mage that used to be involved with Cullen back in Kirkwall, but her magical abilities eventually came to light which brought their relationship to a tragic end. They later meet again in the Inquisition, and my friend’s stories of Tali and Cullen gave me SO much inspiration, I couldn’t help but paint them together. Absolute OTP!