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The Witchy Apps I Use:


Seen a few of these posts so I figured I’d share as well! I use these for reference mostly, and personally prefer to do my practice irl. All are free!

  • Labyrinthos- this is a tarot app mostly, though it also has some astronomy info. I wouldn’t recommend it if you’re just starting with tarot, because the descriptions are over simplified and lacking. It does have a “learn” feature that can help you memorize/learn the basics though and for that it’s pretty good! I use this to save tarot spread layouts that I use with my cards irl. It let’s you create your own custom spreads and save them.
  • Co-Star- an astronomy/horoscope app. I love it because it does your birth chart for you in an easy to understand format and you can go back and reference it quick if you need it! But the descriptions of what everything in the chart means is also lacking and waay oversimplified here too, and none of the “aspects” are included. It’ll do “daily horoscopes” but it won’t have info on why/how it concluded that information based on your birth chart.
  • Moon phase calendar- a must for me! Always gotta know what the moon is doin. It has a lot of detail, including the percentage of visibility and rise/set times.
  • Make it rain- rain/thunderstorm sounds for meditation and practice
  • PictureThis- this is my favorite free plant identification app, and I’m pretty picky lol
  • Herbs dictionary- this is purely scientific information on an insane number of herbs, with medical uses as well. No magical uses listed. Again, this is for quick reference!!. If I’M personally using an herb for medicinal purposes it’s because I’m familiar with it and know which are safe for me, don’t just use whatever random herb some phone app says may help… Be safe.
  • Herbalist Grimoire- I think this one has about 70 herbs? And their magical correspondences. I love it for quick reference! It also explains how to use herbs (like making tinctures, oils, satchets, etc), a glossary of medical terms related to herbs, basics on how to grow herbs, and a brief history of herbs in witchcraft.
  • LunaDiary- a password protected night-mode diary with adjustable font and formatting and calming music. I use it for note taking, spells, ideas, some of which later goes into my grimoire. It has a back-up feature that uploads it to my Google drive. Plus the more notes you make, the more lunar phases and stars you get in the home page, so that’s cute.
  • The occult library- exactly what it sounds like, it’s got different witchcraft related books you can read for free.
  • Play Books- the basic Google play book app, I go to the android play store and download free books of interest related to my craft and philosophies I follow and read them here.
  • Improve intuition (called “intuition test” in the playstore for some reason tho)- this one has several choice-related activities that challenge your intuition skills! Big recommend.
  • Respire- a meditation app with different breathing exercises. I’m not a fan of hearing someone talk me through a guided meditation, so following a breathing exercise works much better for me. You can close your eyes and it’ll make a ding sound to let you know when to breathe in, hold, and breathe out.
  • Down dog- an AMAZING free yoga app! It has restorative yoga, hatha, quick flow, and sun salutations in the free version. With different music genre to choose from that plays what seems like a genre radio. You can adjust the difficulty level, speed, and length. The instructors are great at guiding and the video to follow is aesthetically nice and it’s all very easy to understand. Truly can’t recommend this one enough.

I’m hoping to find an app that has a sheet to fill out for saving spells, like it would be great if it has the day/time, lunar phase, title, intent, tools, instructions, and outcomes to fill out. If you know of one, please let me know!

So I know I always want an altar and grimoire that I can take with me anywhere without any weird looks. A lot of people make posts about having an altar on their phone or in a box they take with them. As a spoonie I want it as easily accessible as possible so I made myself a little phone altar


it has a daily tarot card widget by cosmic tarot, a moon calendar by daffmoon, another moon info bit by Moon Phase, and some tarot and rune apps, and my favorite game where you grow plants and collect oxygen :)

Also I have the app solfeggio for grounding/meditation, and cleansing energy with sound.

then i just have my notes for any spells or rituals i want to write down or remember and my photos for plant and crystal references :“)


To start off this blog, I wanted to share one of my digital shrines for Lord Dionysos!
Due to many factors - being a closeted worshiper, disabled, and minor with little access to expensive decor - having a digital altar is much easier for me. Also, because of these things, I have accidentally become a tech witch lmao. 
I have two digital altars; one on Pinterest and one in Animal Crossing Pocket Camp! While my Pinterest altar is more for symbolic imagery, the one in ACPC is similar to how a physical altar would be set up.
🍇 I wanted to walk you through the altar, starting with the image on the left:
A cloth altar table and lantern, both wrapped in ivy On the table is a pot of purple flowers, purple incense, and bust statue with glowing eyes meant to represent Dionysos. In front of the table is a barrel of grapes The incense, flowers, and grapes are supposed to represent offerings Two glowing purple crystals A garden arch covered in grapevines Behind the altar is a Greco-Roman inspired temple as well as Greco-Roman pillars surrounding the altar An ivy partition separates the two sections
🍇 The second photo is supposed to be a communal area for the villagers. This represents how welcoming I feel Dionysos is. He welcomes all to come as they are and rest. No matter what, there will always be a welcoming space for others to stop by. Behind the campfire is a table with candles and ivy. If this were a real space, this is where I imagine He would sit or any other important guests of the night. 
🍇 Also peep my character. I have her dressed in robe and wreath, similar to how the maenads were said to have dressed.
I wanted to share this altar because it’s one of my favourites and I update it regularly. It took me a while to teach myself that using technology is a valid form of practice and worship. I’ve definitely learned to incorporate technology into my magick, and it has made my path so much easier. 
If anyone has a digital altar of any kind, I would love for you to share it! I love seeing how others practice. It also gives me ideas lol

8 Ways To Cleanse Your Crystals

[ OCEAN BATH ] If you are lucky enough to live by the coast this would be MY FAVORITE way to crystal cleanse. Simply dunk your crystals into the waves and let all the bad mojo wash away.

[ SAGE SMOKE ] Or any incense smoke really. Fan your crystals over the smoldering smoke to cleanse them and purify.

[ USE SALT ] An easy method. Just rub a handful of salt over your crystals to cleanse away.

[ RUNNING WATER ] Another simple method. Hold your crystals under running water for a few seconds to cleans them clean. Alternatively you can use any body of running water such as a river, does not have to just be a faucet. 

[ FULL MOON ] BEST METHOD! Take your gems outside and leave them under the full moon until morning. You can also use a window ledge if you don’t want to leave them actually outside. 

[ BOWL OF WATER ] Simple yet effective. Fill a clear glass bowl of water up and sit your crystals in the dish for several minutes. 

[ LEAVE IN SUN ] Similar to the moon method. 

[ SALT WATER BOWL ] I use this one a LOT. Fill a glass bowl with water and salt. Submerge your crystals in the glass bowl for several minutes. Rinse and dry off. 


How To Make A Basic Altar With Tumblr On Your Phone (Or any other app)

Hey guys! Figured this quick little setup might be useful for secret witches who don’t have the luxury of having a physical travel altar. 

Step 1: Save a background photo from google. I just used a simple wood backdrop.

Step 2: Go to upload a photo to Tumblr in the app. 

Step 3: Tumblr should give you the option to add stickers to your image. There is a small collection of witchy themed stickers available so use them!

Step 4: Press done. The image will save to your camera roll and won’t upload to Tumblr unless you actually upload it. You can make a phone altar with any app that lets you use stickers so don’t be afraid to try some different stuff out!

Homage Altar;

| Aphrodite |

To love and to be loved is the divine purpose of all living things.

Goddess of Love

Offerings of Thought

Like the oceans from which she was born, Love is a vast and powerful force that can gently consume. The only deciding factor is man.
The depths of love and passion are wholly embodied in the bird who flies over the seas for days, longing to swim with the fish below its waves.
Clear Waves, Seashells, & Rose Petals
I’ve been feeling connected with and quite thoughtful of Aphrodite recently. I’m enjoying adding to this post for Her.

Offerings through Small Acts

  • Doing my makeup more often.
  • Showering my loved ones in affection.
  • Giving pep talks to myself to boost my own confidence.
  • Going to the beach.
  • Writings & poems.
  • Collecting/Offering seashells.
Pocket Altars- What to make them out of

For those who don’t have the time, money, or space, to make a larger altar, a pocket altar is a great alternative. They’re also far easier to take with you if you travel a lot, or if you always want to be able to carry your altar.

What to make a pocket altar out of:

-Altoid or mint containers. This is the most common one I see, and it’s effective. The containers can be painted, and are fairly light on their own.

-Jewelry boxes. This will limit your amount of room, since most jewelry boxes are rather small. They’re easy to carry around, though.

-Wooden craft boxes. Fairly inexpensive and in nice sizes at most craft and art stores.

-Sewing kits. Small, on-the-go sewing kits are about the same size as a mint container. They’re easy to decorate, but most have pegs for spools, so it may not have as much space as it seems to.

-Nail kits. At least I think that’s what they’re called. They’re pretty flat so it isn’t easy to keep anything bulky in them.

-Wallet. You can have a separate wallet for your alter, or keep it in your regular one.

-Glasses case. Fairly inconspicuous and has a decent amount of room.

-Hollowed out book. A lot more work and quite a bit larger, but has a lot of charm.

-Hollowed soda can. I’ve actually made on of these, but it took a lot of work and it’s a bit too bulky to carry around. (

-Old medicine bottles. Be sure that you don’t still need these, and you would probably want to repaint them. They don have a ton of room, so they’re best for really small travel altars.

-USB bracelet or USB. If you have a digital altar, you can upload it to a USB and carry it with you as a travel altar.

-Card boxes. The boxes for playing cards make for small but easy pocket altars.

-Hollowed out chapstick container. Like the soda can, this one is a lot of work and I recommend looking into exactly how to do it. It’s very small and light, and can fit in almost any pocket.

-Tiny glass jars. I tend not to recommend these because glass carries the risk of shattering, but if you’re careful they should be fine.

-Shells. Not really all that efficient, but great as a pocket piece of an altar.

-Satchet bags and jewelry bags. Nice and small little drawstring bags.

-Dice boxes. I’m really into tabletop gaming, and so I have a few little plastic boxes that some of my polyhedral dice have come in. They make great small altars.

This list is by no means comprehensive, I’m just giving ideas as I think of them.
Thank you for reading.

My Digital Altar
As I am currently on the road and don’t have my altar with me (also I’m a secret witch and can’t keep a nice big altar around on a daily basis), I decided to create one in DragonVale. The minature island I procured from an event works well for isolating the altar from the day-to-day workings of my park, and the additional plants give it an air of additional nature magic.

  • Luminous crystals signify crystal magic and the magic/energy contained within stones.
  • Witch’s Mint for symbolism and a little bit of irony.
  • Cultivated Cypress for plant magic.
  • Delightful Daisies for general flower magic and all the things associated with the flower.
  • I used an air flag to represent air, a well to represent water, a moss covered stone for earth, and special-edition candles for fire.

Plus, since my dragonvale park is on my phone, I can take it with me, anywhere with wifi! Or I can simply look at the picture, because that works too.
Places For Digital Altars


We’ve kind of collected these for a few years now, so I decided “hey first information post, let’s go digital altars”. 

For those who don’t know, digital altars are a type of altar that is created and maintained digitally. In general, it works the same as a physical altar, and there are multiple different kinds that can be made. 

People may use digital altars for a number of reasons. It can be great for people who are closeted, but people who are open may still use them because they’re a technopagan or because it’s easier. Digital altars can still be just as intimate and as good a tool as a physical altar. Digital altars can be used for any practice or purpose. 


Games, Need To Pay For 

  • Minecraft. A classic way to make digital altars in games is to use Minecraft. Because of the unlimited build availability of Minecraft, you can really do whatever you want with it. I’ve seen people make entire buildings, statues, simple shrines, etc. 
  • Animal Crossing. A lot of people have been doing this lately, and it is a great idea! I have seen people devote rooms, a section of their house, or a secret place on their island for an altar. 
  • Don’t Starve. With Don’t Starve, the focus is more on survival and your world can get destroyed if you die, but it can still be nice to incorporate an area or section of your base or world. 
  • Pokemon [RSE, DPPT, ORAS]. The secret base (RSE/ORAS) and underground base (DPPT) feature in certain games can be used to incorporate an altar. For the secret bases. 

Games, Free 

  • Virtual Pet Sites With Galleries. Because this was on Neopets which was hugely influential for most petsites, many feature a gallery or something like it. Items can be placed in the gallery and if you’d like can be used for devotion purposes. Petsites with this includes Neopets, Marapets, Goatlings, Aywas, Furvilla, etc. 
  • (It’s also not too hard to find and run a rom of RSE and DPPT) 


  • Tumblr. Yep, the website you’re on! A lot of people make sideblogs to reblog or post media for their deity. 
  • Pinterest. A lot of people make boards for images for their deity. 
  • Google Drive. Can also be used as a digital altar to collect images and other media. Great if you’d like to keep it more private. 


  • Any collage website/app/etc. One of the more common and easy ways of making a digital altar is to just take a collage maker and lay images on top of it. There are a lot of really creative things you can do here. 
  • Any art website/app/etc. Another one people do is just draw out an altar, which is a really creative way to go about it if you’re willing. 
  • Playlists. Who says altars need to be visual? If you have songs you associate with your deity (and otherwise), creating a playlist and playing it can work for an altar! 

I’m not including apps so much because I usually prefer to use my desktop, so as a result I don’t know too many apps, sorry! I may edit this later though, so if anyone has any suggestions feel free to add on.