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Warmup after not touching my tablet for a month…

I miss drawing.


Some of you may remember my popular bi, pan, and asexuwhale trio from last year. Well, I’ve decided to redo the set and add EVEN MORE SEXUWHALES (and an aromanatee!)

Bisexuwhale - humpback whale
Homosexuwhale - sperm whale
Pansexuwhale - narwhal/narwhale
Polysexuwhale - beluga whale
Asexuwhale - killer whale/orca
Aromanatee - manatee

All are available in my Redbubble shop as stickers, shirts, mugs, and more; text-less versions will be added to my shop soon, too.

I left this one only at base colors, but I really liked how it turned out :3 

In my not so humble opinion I think this is the first one worthy of selling! But anyway, I know it’s not an inktober piece but I didn’t want to leave it in the dark so here ya go! :D


Cop and Robber! 🐭🐰

Absolutely unnecessary and self-indulgent Junkbunny short comic because the world needs more of these two and I want to provide it.


So, with a blessing from our great dad, I present to you Keith and Lance from Runner AU made by the dynamic duo @wolfpainters and @wittyy-name !!

Lance is a show off and Keith is pinning as usual.

a sky paint study from when marnie was there, my favourite film ♥

click for better quality!

I am really getting the hang of digital art lately, so here’s another one of my babies! Can you tell Voltron’s season 2 really got to me yet? I’m way too invested in Galra Keith…

This honestly started out as a doodle I did while bored in bed cuz I was sick, but apparently I have no chill when I’m bored because this got detailed really fast. :X I ended up liking it so much that once I recovered enough to use the computer again I immediately started working on turning this digital and BAM! I love it even more now! :D Kinda wanted to add both the Voltron and Blade of Marmora symbols, but with one in horizontal and the other in vertical it wasn’t working out. So I had no choice but to exclude them. I cry. 

Seriously though if nothing else I want to at least see Keith with yellow, pupil-less eyes. Literally if that’s the only Galra trait he ever gets I’ll be happy. I really like the eyes okay?



high necklines make me emotional now bc thIS SCENE

xsepticsoul  asked:

Heeeeyy! :D Could you maybe draw Jackaboy with the Blooming palette? Thanks 💚

Here ya go! Isn’t he the cutest? C;

Apologies for how long these requests are taking! My tablet finally started working, so I’ve been really behind ;;