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Delilah’s playing the long game, and now she’s an Empress.

Nap Time
Art trade with @raythrill He’s such a good artist, please follow him if you haven’t yet hhhh

I like to think if the character of FFXV were normal people Lunafreya and Ardyn would be the biggest trolls that hang out together, causing mischief and mayhem wherever they go…much to the chagrin of the chocobros. STFU I know it’s dumb DON’T JUDGE ME!! I’ll see myself out -falls in garbage bin-



if I’m wrong just … yes :) ignore it lmao

I recently found @smokeplanet ‘s webcomic (holy shit) and I adore everything.

The story, the characters, the ART and the artist themself I CAN’T THEY ARE SO FUNNY AND LOVEABLE please look at their work, they are my no. 1 inspiration now I can’t discribe how happy their art makes me.

Enough of this sweet-talk /// I hope you like this trashy fanart, Mitch sure is fun to draw but also hard as hell I hope it kinda looks like him? aah