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I like to think if the character of FFXV were normal people Lunafreya and Ardyn would be the biggest trolls that hang out together, causing mischief and mayhem wherever they go…much to the chagrin of the chocobros. STFU I know it’s dumb DON’T JUDGE ME!! I’ll see myself out -falls in garbage bin-


DannyMay Day Twenty Eight: Vortex /Nocturne

…This is insane! He was a super sweet, shy boy obsessed with space. He would never hurt a fly. Now She has to defeat him to save him? The battle for humanities’ freedom from the prince of dreams.

Sam Phantom VS. Void Danny

She didn’t think something like this would happen. It was her fault. She should have listened to Tucker and dealt with it sooner. As she avoids another blast she tries to come up with a plan on how to snap him out of this. She wasn’t fast enough.

He clips her right side and she slams into a wall. Damnit, of all the times for Tucker to be stuck in dream land. Useless. She dodges another swipe. All the while Nocturne is cackling ominously in the background. She tries to talk him out of it. That gets her a foot to the gut. Winded, battered and bruised, she dives behind a crate.

Her brain is working overtime. Everything she throws at him he throws back twice as hard. She can’t keep this up. She has to end this fast. She hears him approaching.

“What’s the matter Sammy? Tired of playing with me?”

She shivers, never in her life did she think his voice could sound like that. All deep and manly. She shakes her head. Focus Sam gotta think of a plan Not how good her best friend looks in purple. She bites her lip.

“You can’t hide forever”

She screams. He snuck up on her left and whispered in her ear. Purely on reflex she punched him in the face. He staggers back, clearly not expecting that. She flies off the ground as fast as she can. He’s not too far behind. Suddenly tendrils of darkness shoot out of the wall and grapple against the ghost girl.

They wrap around her arms and legs, pinning her against the wall. They tighten as he makes his way over. He looks like a vicious, hungry wolf closing in on his helpless pray. She struggles to no avail. He slams his hand right next to her head, indenting the wall. Her heart jumps into her throat. He tilts her head back.

“Sammy, I’m hurt. I thought you wanted me to be more assertive. Why the change of mind? What’s the matter? Cat got your tongue?”

She couldn’t speak. He is way too close for her to string together a coherent thought. All she can do is stare. This is her best friend, the boy that befriended her even when others shunned her. The. Oh she may or may not have a thing for. She notices the hand holding her chin is shaking slightly. He’s still in there. She just needs to find the right way to reach him.

“Danny, I know you’re in there. You have to fight it. Fight him! I know you can do it!”

He chuckles. Then it transforms into a full blown bellowing laugh. The shadows around her body tighten. She flinches. She has to think fast. He brings his face close enough that their noses are almost touching. She can’t help the involuntary blush. Wait, that’s it! Under all of that prince of darkness shtick there’s still a fourteen year old boy!

“I like being like this Sammy, it makes me feel powerful. With Nocturne I can have whatever I want do whatever I want.“

“This isn’t you Danny. You’re a sweet guy who cares about his friends and geeks out about space! Thats my friend Danny. Not this…monster you’ve become!”

He pauses, she can see the shadows flickering. Now’s her chance. She summons what little strength she has left and leans forward. Their lips make contact. She can feel him freeze up. While he’s distracted she breaks out of her bonds and roundhouses him to the other side of the warehouse. Following her momentum she slingshots over to Nocturne’s perch. He never saw it coming.

By the time he gasped, she had already capped the Thermos. Clipping it onto her belt she rushes over to Danny. He’s laying in a pile of broken crates, all trace of Nocturne gone. He stirs.

“ugh…did anyone get the plate of the truck that ran me over?”

She doesn’t even care that he’s cracking jokes. She hugs him with everything she’s got. She was so worried, so scared to lose him. He can probably tell because he hugs her back just as tightly. He awkwardly coughs and they part. She just stares at him for what feel like forever.

“Sam, you ok?”

“Im…glad you’re safe”

Delilah’s playing the long game, and now she’s an Empress.