digital vignettes

Introducing a 2017 Project!

Some of the most common comments in that survey that I did last week were about wanting a wider variety of games written about, especially with a focus on smaller titles that you might not have heard of, and similar such things.

Conveniently, covering little pay what you want games has become one of my favourite things to do in recent months, and so I have developed a project that focuses entirely on that (to go along with everything else, not to replace any of it):


As the name suggests, I’ll be publishing one writeup of one tiny game every day in 2017. Since this is…sort of a ridiculous commitment, I’ve been working to create a backlog for a bit of breathing room, and I’m loving it so far.

In the last five or so days I’ve played and written about eleven games, from visual novels to digital painting to tiny vignettes; the posts have taken between five minutes and two hours to put together and have no real coherent style - much like the games that inspire them, they’re varied and often experimental.

Obviously you won’t get to see any of this until 1 January, but I’m excited and I wanted to share with you. I will probably reblog some of my favourite posts to this blog, but it’s designed to be a standalone project so you can go and follow there if you are interested :)