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Tre’r Ceiri Iron Age Hill fort, Llyn Peninsula, North Wales, 29.4.17. This has to be one of the most impressive prehistoric sites of the UK given its scale and location. The Iron Age hill fort sits atop a peak and features more than 150 hut foundations and two perimeter walls, in places just under 3 metres in height. The peak of the fort also features a Bronze Age cairn. The entrances to the fort are still visible are as the different shapes of the huts, shelters and roundhouses that emerged over generations. The earlier huts are to a circular, wheel shape with room compartments under one roof whilst later structures are smaller and more oblong with one or two room spaces. At its height, it was thought to be the home for over 400 people. Excavations have found large traces of Roman pottery and it is thought that the Celtic tribes that occupied the site may have traded with the Romans and used the fort as a refuge from Irish invaders. 

One of the big themes of the Digital Ash record is the fear of death and how it infects every part of my life. It’s not even so much fear, as it is sorrow that you have to say goodbye to this stuff. I think that you can use that knowledge to defeat yourself or to push yourself forward and keep yourself going. The fact that there is—and here’s M. Ward again on his new album, “What are you gonna do? Where you gonna go when you don’t got space to fill? What are you gonna do with your time, now that you don’t got time to kill?” That’s it. You better fucking make a move while you got a chance. Because it’s not going to wait around for you to get comfortable with the idea of your mortality. You better just bust out the machete and start chopping through this shit and heading in some direction.
—  Conor Oberst, 2004

Here’s the artwork I did for the Bright Eyes side of the 2006 split 7” with Super Furry Animals. I wanted to incorporate the early Every Day and Every Night vibe with the Digital Ash era. The numbers are of course from the great artwork that Jadon Ulrich made for Digital Ash. I printed it out on cardstock and added vellum layers for the cloud effect. The lettering is hand cut. When you die, your rotting corpse data gets downloaded into a little plant, which I guess is nice.

seasonal album aesthetic


after the party - the menzingers
separation sunday - the hold steady
make the clocks move - kevin devine 
whip smart - liz phair 
people who can eat people - AJJ
split the country, split the street - kevin devine 
all get out - all get out 
fight off your deams/leaked demos 2006 - Brand New
we shall all be healed - the mountain goats
no good for no one now - owen
put your ghost to rest - kevin devine
romance is boring - los campesinos! 
dog problems - the format
sick scenes - los campesinos! 
good news for people who love bad news - modest mouse
beat the champ - the mountain goats
killer parties - the hold steady
louder now - taking back sunday
almost here - the academy is..
straylight run - straylight run 
the king is dead - the decemberists 
chase this light - jimmy eat world 
rented world - the menzingers
keep you - pianos become the teeth
kiss - carly rae jepsen 
new best friends - mansions 
exile in guyville - liz phair
kauai - childish gambino 
pink moon - nick drake 
we were dead before the ship even sank - modest mouse
curse your branches - david bazan 
album of the year - the good life 
heaven is whenever - the hold steady
the crane wife - the decemberists 
sam’s town - the killers
danger days - my chemical romance 
the front bottoms - the front bottoms
i’m like a virgin losing a child - manchester orchestra
folie a deux - fall out boy
pale horse - mewithoutyou
52 weeks - into it. over it
hope - manchester orchestra


all hail west texas - the mountain goats 
born to run - bruce springsteen
goodness - the hotelier 
carrie and lowell - sufjan stevens 
tallahassee - the mountain goats
we have the facts and we’re voting yes - death cab for cutie
on the impossible past - the menzingers
emotion - carly rae jepsen 
i’m wide awake it’s morning - bright eyes
hot fuss - the killers 
ghost town - owen 
new again - taking back sunday 
Happy hollow - cursive
brother’s blood - kevin devine 
to pimp a butterfly - kendrick lamar
digital ash in a digital urn - bright eyes
Mama, I’m Swollen - Cursive
figure 8 - elliott smith 
talon of the hawk - the front bottoms
real ghosts caught on tape - fake problems
we cool? - jeff rosenstock 
salutations - conor oberst 
stay positive - the hold steady
taking back sunday - taking back sunday
santi - the academy is…
goths - the mountain goats
mean everything to nothing - manchester orchestra
dig up the dead - mansions 
west - lucinda williams 
born in the USA - bruce springsteen
high violet - the national
hazards of love - the decemberists 
I do perceive - owen
new wave - against me!
fast times at ridgemont high - the academy is . .. 
reverie lagoon - seahaven
heretic pride - the mountain goats
back on top - the front bottoms 
the king of whys - owen
never hungover again - joyce manor 
full force galesburg - the mountain goats
bad books - bad books
daisy - brand new
somewhere at the bottom - la dispute
the greatest generation - the wonder years
zopilote machine - the mountain goats
the mother the mechanic the path - the early november
joyce manor - joyce manor 


stage four - touche amore
for flotsam - los campesinos! 
integrity blues - jimmy eat world
all eternals deck - the mountain goats
lifted - bright eyes
knife man - AJJ
hail and farewell, gothenburg - the mountain goats
the devil and god are raging inside me - brand new
nobody likes a quitter - all get out
worry - jeff rosenstock 
three cheers for sweet revenge - my chemical romance
bleed american - jimmy eat world
in the aeroplane over the sea - neutral milk hotel
new leaves - owen 
the rising - bruce springsteen
I am Gemini - Cursive
king of the delta blues - robert johnson
boys and girls of america - the hold steady
fevers and mirrors - bright eyes
we don’t have each other - aaron west
cardinal - pinegrove 
damage - jimmy eat world
I brought you my bullets - my chemical romance
from under the cork tree - fall out boy
The bible II - AJJ
cody - joyce manor 
suburbia - the wonder years
the ugly organ - cursive
teeth dreams - the hold steady
it’s all crazy! it’s all true! - mewithoutyou
at home with owen - owen
control - pedro the lion
cassadaga - bright eyes
The glow pt 2 - the microphones 
hospice - the antlers
intersections - into it. over it
the bitter end - right away, great captain!
either/or - elliott smith
proper - into it. over it


reconstruction site - the weakerthans
sprained ankle - julien baker
darkness on the edge of town - bruce springsteen
sweden - the mountain goats
christmas island - AJJ
Get lonely - the mountain goats
ten stories - mewithoutyou
the church of the good thief - right away, great captain!
wildlife - la dispute 
good kid maad city - kendrick lamar
doom loop - mansions 
simple math -manchester orchestra
the season - all get out
the black parade - my chemical romance
the moon & antarctica - modest mouse
rooms of the house - la dispute 
left and leaving - the weakethans
the eventually home - right away, great captain!
brother, sister - mewithoutyou
something to write home about - the get up kids
hello sadness - los campesinos! 
illuminate - lydia 
letting off the happiness - bright eyes
deja entendu - brand new
the needles the space - straylight run 
winter wheat - john k samson 
pretty years - cymbals eat guitars 
day and age - the killers
clarity - jimmy eat world
catch us for the foxes - mewithoutyou
nebraska - bruce springsteen
infinity on high - fall out boy
transcendetal youth - the mountain goats
the lack long after - pianos become the teeth
where you want to be - taking back sunday
domestica - cursive 
invented - jimmy eat world
futures - jimmy eat world
cope - manchester orchestra
awaken, my love! - childish gambino 
the life of the world to come - the mountain goats
elliott smith - elliott smith
western teleport - emperor x
between the concrete and the clouds - kevin devine 
monogamy sessions - tim kasher
tunnel of love - bruce springsteen
reunion tour - the weakerthans
LOSE - cymbals eat guitars
because the internet - childish gambino 
ruminations - conor oberst 
the upsdes - the wonder years
care - david bazan 
new moon - elliott smith 

the signs as conor oberst projects

aries - cassadaga - bright eyes
taurus - outer south - conor oberst and the mystic valley band
gemini - one jug of wine, two vessels - bright eyes + neva dinova
cancer - i’m wide awake, it’s morning - bright eyes
leo - read music/speak spanish - desaparecidos
virgo - upside down mountain - conor oberst
libra - digital ash in a digital urn - bright eyes
scorpio - lifted - bright eyes
sagittarius - self-titled - conor oberst
capricorn - the people’s key - bright eyes
aquarius - the uneventful vacation - commander venus
pisces - fevers and mirrors - bright eyes

15 saddest Bright Eyes’ songs

”Sooo, I’ve thought about this a lot and I came to a decision. I’m going to list the 15 saddest song Conor has ever written with Bright Eyes. And I’m not mentioning the “ended love” ones, I mean those about life and everything. Of course is my opinion, but I would like to know if you agree or not with me. So, here we go:

1. Lime tree -Cassadaga. 

“So pleased with a daydream, that now living is no good”. 

The songs maybe refers to an abortion, or something like that. The crushing moment it’s when Conor quotes his friend at the phone “It’s done.”

2. Ladder Song-The people’s key.

“No one knows where the ladder goes, you’re gonna lose what you love the most.”

A song about self acceptance, relieve and the mysteries of what life can lead us too.

3. The center of the world - Fevers and mirrors.

“Into the endlessness of blue, into the horror of the truth”

Despite “Fevers and Mirrors” is one of his saddest album, I find this song centered on the topic of loss and death, especially in the part of the carving tombs for remembering all the love we lost and we gained.

4. Approximate Sunlight - The people’s key

“Now you are how you were, when you were real”.

The whole song seems to talk about the world, the wars and how they ended up. The crushing of simple dreams because of mankind’s rage.

5.No lies, just love - Don’t be frighted of turning the page.

“ So please forgive what I have done,no you can’t stay mad at the setting sun”.

I’ve never understood if Conor really tried to take his life but this song is so powerful, with his promise and everything, that clarifies most doubts about suicide and what implies to those who try.  

6. Poison Oak - I’m wide awake, it’s morning

“ And I don’t think that I ever loved you more “.

His cousin got his life and he’d never accepted his own sexuality. A clear scream in the dark, the song reflects all his doubts about the sexuality and how everyone lives it.

7. Padraic my prince - Letting off the happiness.

“In a coma you don’t dream, you just hope someone sits with you”

As “No lies, just love”, his analysis of the suicide and what led to. 

The lyric refers to a personal experience, since we still aren’t certain about the mental state of a person in a coma.

8. Down to the rabbit hole - Digital Ash in a Digital urn.

“ If your thoughts should turn to death,gotta stomp them out like a cigarette”

A song about drugs abuse and how they change your life’s perception. The last part may refers to some suicidals thoughts.

9. A spindless, a darkness, a fever and a necklace - Fevers and Mirrors.

“ Don’t destroy yourself  like those cowards do”.

Adolescence was hard for everyone and since the start of the song, with the book read aloud by the child, we learn that we can’t be forever those we love. The first time I’ve heard the song, I was 15 and totally wasted with my sadness. Don’t wanna say he saved me but was a good big brother with this album.   

10. Amy in the white coat - Noise Floor

“ You look like your mother, in that thin disguise. Your parting mouth, your shining eyes”

Ah, this one. I always liked this one for the mood, ‘til I found out it was about child abuse and rape. The sweetness of his voice strikes again the heaviness of the lyric.

11. Motion Sickness - Noise Floor

“ So I want to get myself attached to something bolted down, so that these winds of circumstance won’t keep blowing me around”.

The uncertainty of a life around the world could hit everyone, especially when you have to go far from home and settle down again. Tried for myself, this song is dedicated to everyone who struggles against the nostalgia.

12. Landlocked blues

“I’ve found a liquid cure, for my landlocked blues.”

As the previous song, this one speaks about leavings and missing. He’s dumping Laura and tells her to choose another path, he’s got too much from this relationship and his life and wants to move on.

13. Laura Laurent -Lifted

“But you should never be embarrassed by your trouble with living. Because it’s the ones with the sorest throats, Laura, who have done the most singing”

It’s not sad because of the lyrics but because it describes a real person, his friend Laura, who passed through tough times and she’s tired of living. If you are 16, this song is like an anchor.

14. Tourist Trap- Four winds EP

“’Cause I’m not sure if I live here anymore”.

Facing that your city has changed is always hard. You go away and after six months all has changed. It’s hard to accept that, even if you’ve got the habit.

15. No one would riot for less- Cassadaga

“ Little soldier, little insect, you know war it has no heart"

Conor explained this song like “the end of the fuels.” It’s set like a dystopic novel (not so right now) and how people tries to live or survive that. Just with their love.

Ok, I know, there were other songs sadder than those, or maybe not, but, I’ve told you, it’s a personal list. If you like, reblog, quote or answer me with your sad list.