digital tribes

Legend of Zelda AU

Where the Hero of Time is born to the Gerudo Tribe

and they live in peace training with their sisters and aunts and etc until one day a mysterious enemy appears… The Marauder of Time!

He has rolled all across the other kingdoms, intimidating them into alliances. In the wake of the mysterious death of the King of Hyrule no one has been able to stop him from raiding ancient temples and destroying the guardians that lived there.

Meanwhile the leader of the Gerudo, sensing the trouble headed their way, sends the young Hero on a quest of their own while she prepares the tribe for a fight

the little Hero returns stronger than ever with the Triforce of Power glowing on their hand and defeats the Marauder of Time. Only then do they discover that the true enemy the whole time was…

Zelda, Princess of Hyrule. She overthrew her father and blamed the Gerudo in order to start a border war and enlarge her kingdom.

and that’s the AU I’ve fallen headlong into recently.

I had to draw these two adorable dorks again and they are officially the one pairing that have drawn the most.
I tried a different type of shading and I really how that worked out.
The background was drawn by me and it’s the Jasmine Dragon.

© Characters do not belong to m


Today I have so much appreciation, love, gratitude and awe for my polyamorous tribe. Recently I’ve started drawing all of the links in the chain represented by spirit animals

- the elephant and the orca are me and my girlfriend as our totems.

- then the dragon and the bunny is me and my boyfriend as our chinese horoscopes

- and the puppy and the otter are my boyfriend and his other girlfriend as their spirit animals.

Each one represents a unique bond but part of a bigger whole. Not a series i planned but surprised me as a way to express my joy for these relationships. Its really made me so happy that I’ve started getting requests for these! I have one more left to do for myself and theny tribe is complete (for now - who knows who will get added!)