digital tribes

Legend of Zelda AU

Where the Hero of Time is born to the Gerudo Tribe

and they live in peace training with their sisters and aunts and etc until one day a mysterious enemy appears… The Marauder of Time!

He has rolled all across the other kingdoms, intimidating them into alliances. In the wake of the mysterious death of the King of Hyrule no one has been able to stop him from raiding ancient temples and destroying the guardians that lived there.

Meanwhile the leader of the Gerudo, sensing the trouble headed their way, sends the young Hero on a quest of their own while she prepares the tribe for a fight

the little Hero returns stronger than ever with the Triforce of Power glowing on their hand and defeats the Marauder of Time. Only then do they discover that the true enemy the whole time was…

Zelda, Princess of Hyrule. She overthrew her father and blamed the Gerudo in order to start a border war and enlarge her kingdom.

and that’s the AU I’ve fallen headlong into recently.

Only Boys Cry

In Ethiopia, the Hamar tribe’s coming of age ceremony for boys involves livestock, potential ridicule and lifelong consequences. 

When a boy feels he his ready to be a man he will begin preparations for the ceremonial ritual of jumping across the back of six bulls naked. Hundreds of tribes people gather from villages far away to attend, sing, chant and dance (and get drunk)

If successful he will be eligible to marry and begin the life of man. But if he falls the onlookers will ridicule him leaving him to wonder what it’s going to take to be a man.

The things we do in the modern western world to be a “man” are much more universal and similar than one might think. From a travellers perspective the tribes seemingly live primitive lives, but men all over the world can agree on one thing. There’s no room for self pity as only boys cry. - Omo Valley, Ethiopia

“Oreru nhamandú tupã oreru” (our fathers are the sun and the thunder). 

Here I want to talk about something that gets me sad; 
How the brazilian indian tribes are forgotten. 

In 1500 Brazil was discovered by the expedition of Pedro Alvares Cabral and since then our natives have been killed and since then almost nobody cares. It’s estimated that when Cabral discovered Brazil there was 4 or 5 millions of natives, and now, as FUNAI researchers said, there is only 460 thousand natives living in villages (specially in Amazonia). And we don’t know about them, they don’t teach very much about them in school. They expose facts about them like the canibalism of some tribes and how they interacted with portugueses. They are forgotten, underestimated, thrown under the bus. 

Please, remember the brazilian native tribes. Remember the indigenas. Their language. Their people. And how they were brutally killed through all these years. 

I want the world to see them. They deserve it. 

One Tribe One Dance

Before the bull jumping ceremony there is a lot of drinking, dancing and whippings. Women agressively fight each other, demand and harass the men to whip them with a stick.

They scream - “harder, harder, more, more” while jumping up and down. The harder the whipping the more it demonstrates her love and strength and to the tourist’s eye, toughness. - Omo Valley, Ethiopia