digital student


howdy my friends!!

last year my friend Magdalena and I made some cute and cheesy stoner valentines
and since they were so popular, this year I redid them digitally and added them to my redbubble store!

since it is “drug related” u have to make sure u click the “mature content: hidden” button at the bottom of the screen and it will unhide everything!
have fun my stoney bbs ✨ hope u and ur loved ones have a super spliffy v day 💕💚🌈
pls keep caption

A commission I just did of Lapis Lazuli and Jasper from Steven Universe. She wanted me to depict “a future where the characters have made amends and they’re having a moment of catharsis.”

(if you’re interested in a digital painting or a gouache painting, you can commission me : COMMISSIONS)


My thesis film, Muco