@inertia-raptor and myself have this nifty little AU that’s loosely based off of a tumblr post that lists a number of humorously mundane fantasy AUs, including one about a med student unknowingly hassling a modern day dragon about the dangers of smoking. 

As always, Jude is the med student who winds up studying at a coffee shop that employs Alvin, and the dragon immediately gravitates to him and practically never leaves him be. Once the two eventually start dating, Alvin manages to keep his secret safe from Jude until he gets injured by Gilland, a dragon hunter, and he has to get Jude to patch him up. Alvin’s main fear is that his boyfriend might be scared of him or disgusted, but Jude’s more fascinated by his scales than anything else, really.

These were drawn as a request done during a patreon stream~ Also there are captions!


Sonic Boom & XCOM 2

With XCOM 2 not far off I wanted to create a piece featuring Sonic, Amy, Tails and Knuckles as members of the underground XCOM resistance. 

Sonic: Ranger class

Amy: Sniper class

Tails: Specialist

Knuckles: Grenadier Class

I’m excited to play the game after playing XCOM enemy within =D. This piece is still a work in progress but I like to share it and hope others can enjoy this cross over. I’ll update it when progress is made. Until then enjoy.

Art by Liam McKeown