digital print on glossy paper


Digital drawing/ line art (black and white):


Pencil drawing:


Coloured digital drawing:


A4 painting acrylic/watercolour painting:



Backgrounds (such as buildings/ scenery)- £2

Shading- £3


-£2 for extra characters (digital/pencil)

-£4  for extra characters (painting)


Payments must be made in advance. Via Paypal.

If you’re from the UK delivery will cost  £1. Outside the UK it would be £3.50.

Digital drawings are printed out on Glossy paper, A4.

Paintings/pencil drawings would be on catridge paper.

Leave me a message on my tumblr. I will get back to you immediately. Or contact me on my email:

I will draw:

Any fandom, characters or OCs, as long as you provide reference.

Desktop backgrounds/ cards/ icons/ full body/ half body/ whatever (prices doesn’t vary).

I will draw anything. ;)