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I have this AU where yan-kun is a transfer student and taro-san being the nice senpai he is decided to welcome him and get to know him personally

Hoo but damn did yan-kun quickly falls for senpai. Just like ayano-chan :o)

Uploading video here for the first time :D

I got a request to do a tutorial on digital painting. Maybe this isn’t a video, but I think the gif process is good enough. Plus I have few words to describe what’s going on. Maybe some of You will find it useful. Or maybe You know somebody who will ;)

This is my redesign of Lightining from Final Fantasy. This process is very simple and I think this example is good for every beginner to try :)

What You see here is my workflow. This I think is one of the most important things to have when You work. Thanks to workflow You won’t be confused what to do next or avoid repeating mistakes. Workflow keeps You organized. For examlpe - You will always do big shapes before the small shapes. Meaning - You will always paint general face shape before You start adding freckles, wrinkles, facial hair etc ;)

First, I start with general idea, messy sketch.
When I have my design ready I change its’ color to red (or any other color will do). Now it will be easier to see the old sketch and paint the new one over the old. I make another layer and draw good, clean lineart.

So we have our clean, beautiful lineart now. Time for colors. Fill the silhouette with solid color (in my case it’s grey). The best thing is to have every part of the character separated. Hair, clothes, skin, accesories, weapon will be on different layers. It will make coloring easier when You block layers. After filling the shapes with solid colors You start to add shadows and lights.

This is where general in light/shadow knowledge is important. I would recommend everyone to study this topic. I always return to the  basic art knowledge. With the knowledge every drawing looks better. You don’t need to have fancy brush set or know some secret techniques :D Your art become great when You know what You are doing :)

The last step is to render every part of Your character. (lights, shadows, colors). This is when the last details like - stitches, eyelashes, accesories etc. are added.

I wanted to keep it as simple and as basic as I could. I know that there maybe some questions. If so let me know in note. Or maybe You have suggestions on something else You would like to hear. Also You can write me a note :) I would love to help :)

Shirtless and Leather Bound

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