digital pen and ink

counting stars

art from stream - thank you to @crescentmoonrider, @owlsshadows, @sonikku0691, @arodote, and anyone else who stopped by the stream!! ‘twas super fun doing ink and talking with yall in the chat. Very glad everyone likes the whales because hooo booooy am I into them right now. Majestic creatures. 

until next stream ;)


My piece for the Band Poster for Pop Culture Characters at Atomic City Comics in Philly! Prints are goin up for First Friday tomorrow!

Edit: I can’t believe I forgot to mention the pattern on Taako’s clothing was generously provided by my wonderful and brilliant buddy Sam Schechter, who also has a piece in the same show, check it out!


I have some WIPs but I have stuff I need to get done before I can continue working on them, so until then; here, have a tiny angry Keith from my sketchbook~~