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Amazing Illustrations by Wiktoria

Victoria is a very talented, 22 year old student, from Katowice in Poland. In the community is well known as a Viki-Vaki, her work can be found on DeviantArt (a member for 9 years). Victoria’s illustrations impress at first sight. Colors, the attention to detail, the rendering of light and shade, which makes it similar to style of Studio Ghibli. Connect with artist on her Tumblr: vikvaczek

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Digital Paintings By Chase Stone

Chase Stone is an illustrator and concept artist based in New York. He received a bachelor’s degree in Illustration from FIT in 2011. Though recently graduated, Chase has been working as a freelance illustrator and concept artist for several years. His work has been featured at the Society of Illustrators and in various publications such as 2dartist Magazine, Digital Masters, and Digital Painting Techniques.

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