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New Gumroad is up! Painting a Character in an Environment (current PS brush set included)

Continuing visdev on my personal project, this is a 2 hr demo where I go over my process on painting a character in an environment. Starting from a line drawing I cover, roughing in the initial color pass, light sources and their temperatures, atmospheric/lens effects, painting technique, and material rendering. Included in the download are:

- The 2hr (4.1G) video with audio

- A COMPLETE Photoshop CS6 brush set (.abr) of painterly and effect brushes

- A preview image of the brush set

- A 2500 px wide jpeg of the finished painting

- 2 layered PSD files (the initial block in as well as the final image)

Hope you guys enjoy!


Illustrations by Manatiini

Sharon Zhang aka Manatiini is a student and artist from the USA. When drawing digitally, she uses a Wacom Intuos4 and Photoshop CS6.

My art consists of mostly scenic drawings and portraits. I am also willing to do certain fanart, depending on the context. 

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posted by Margaret