digital orchestra

Do Daft Punk fans intentionally forget that the boys where in Tron: Legacy? That the Legacy costume designers created intricate costumes and a booth for them with amazing digital graphics?

That Disney Orchestra teamed up with them to create the whole soundtrack for the movie? That the soundtrack was SO good that other artists did covers of them and that Disney authorized a CD of all the covers for sale? And that Disney created special edition vinyl releases of the Legacy soundtrack?

That Disney then included the original soundtrack in the Legacy video game and TV show?

That they were also in a music video with Olivia Wilde that paid homage to the original Tron?

Why do the fans forget that Daft Punk was in the movie not as a two second cameo, like Skrillix was in Wreck-It Ralph, but as real life characters that are part of the storyline?

Why does everybody forget this era of Daft Punk’s discography?

hazy - part i

Rating: T/PG-13 | Total Words: 10597 | Pairings: Adrien Agreste/Marinette Dupain-Cheng | time jump fic, angst

Things this fic was supposed to be:
-a oneshot
-appropriately angsty

Things this fic is:
-a three parter
-an angst spiral
-somehow got resolved at the end I think idk what’s going on really

Really, just blame Téa - @sadrien​ . It was her time jump fic that inspired this, after all.

Thanks to @raikou (who may or may not be awake right now) who spent like all day/night with me yesterday fleshing this whole thing out. High five for messed up sleeping schedules.


What if I fall and hurt myself / Would you know how to fix me? / What if I went and lost myself / Would you know where to find me? / If I forgot who I am / Would you please remind me? / Oh, cause without you things go hazy

“What do you want to do after this?” Nino had asked once, when they were lying on the floor of Adrien’s bedroom, after a particularly tiring round of trying to catch flying potato chips in their mouths.

“What do you mean?” Adrien had wondered. “Like for dinner?”

Nino had laughed at that, and his head had turned towards his friend, neck resting on the pad of one of his black and blue headphones. “No, man, like in life. After we graduate.”

“I guess I’ve never thought about it,” Adrien remembers saying, even years later. “I guess I’d go to university. Move to some quiet place. I’m tired of big cities.”

It’s funny, the way getting what you want can feel like.

Adrien takes a deep breath, letting the cool air coming off the lake fill his lungs. The Mont du Chat might be a tough climb, but it’s worth it for this view. Everything here is so peaceful it’s almost like the world’s come to a stand still. He’s tempted to get lost in it. The blues of the water and the greens of the hills might just be the prettiest colors he’s ever seen, especially in the afternoon’s light.

He can’t stay, though. For once in the four years he’s been here, he has to be somewhere important enough to not bask in the beauty of this setting. It’s not quite the same pressure of his childhood; the ticking of the clocks and the clicking of Nathalie’s heels and every moment scheduled down to the millisecond. Technically, he can be late to this one.

However, it’s rude to keep someone waiting for you. He’s retained that lesson from his youth, at the very least.

Adrien turns and makes the march down the paved road.

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