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FULL CONFESSION;  It seems like a lot of folks are convinced Ophanimon Fall Down Mode means Hikari is going to turn evil. Like, do they not remember Skullgreymon? That didn’t exactly involve an evil Taichi. Even if her Light corrupts, we still know how things turn out because the epilogue never stopped being a thing or anything.

FULL CONFESSION:  One of my biggest problems in digimon is ophanimon,she is the lowest ranking out of the three celestial Angels, her outfit is incredibly ridiculous I mean why does her belly need to be exposed and she got her crushed to death by cherubimon in Digimon Heroes Opening. I don’t hate her She is one of my favorite digimon but why do females get the lower end of the bargain. It would be little if she was a Serphiwomon, we need more powerful women digimon leader.