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Sometimes I swear people forget how young most of the Chosen Children,Tamers, etc. are. Thinking that Takato is pathetic for crying? Thinking that a rather young Hikari is a mary sue for being innocent? A lot of people cried easily as children, even at ten, and at least a handful of us were sweet, innocent kids in our early years.

It really bothers me that from a plot standpoint tai and matt’s relationship was always the the most important even though tai always seemed to be better friends with Izzy and/or sora and while tai’s relationships with sora and izzy are explored in many episodes throughout the series, those relationships were never treated as important come the finale episode of the arc. Just look at Tri; they had an entire movie focused on tai and matt’s parallels and relationship.

I wouldn’t mind a Digimon Frontier sequel as long as Zoe isn’t the only girl and it doesn’t become the Takuya and Koji show like the royal knights arc did. Proper expansion of Zoe, Tommy, JP, and Kouichi’s characters and maybe a wider cast to inherit the other four elemental spirits would be interesting. Also, what would happen if a girl inherited a male spirit like the metal spirit or a boy got the water spirit?

Mimi and Palmon are true feminist icons. Mimi was always a girly girl but she was still a really strong character and she shows that you can be feminine and strong at the same time. I mean she was able to run her own kingdom, she stood up to Monzaemon all by herself with no one but Palmon, she stood up to Puppetmon and his Garbagemon by catching their attack and throwing it back at them. And Palmon is girly but still a strong digimon. Like Palmon said: “I may be a lady but I am not a pushover.”

I see absolutely NO love for Digimon Savers. As a veteran fan of the show (17 years), it makes me upset to know that this wonderful season got shafted by the fanbase. I don’t quite understand why considering it’s one of the most unique seasons comparatively, especially considering the fact that the chosen children in this season were NOT 10-12 year olds. Didn’t that give anyone a sense of relatability? It definitely did for me. Savers deserves more than being the “forgotten season”.

I love the fact that Savers has a whole new unique style and that Toei took a break from its regular style. Not that digimon style from the shows is bad, but  it’s nice Toei gave a chance for a whole new style for a whole new digimon universe. It means in the future there could be more new art styles for artists and new artists to get noticed for a more new kind of digimon series. And for more exploitation.

I like how Izzy is the one to make sure Kari feels special to the group by whispering the whistle plan to her (kids love being parts of secret plans) cause it really shows how much he’s grown since the early episodes where he just ignores Mimi & the others in favor of trying to figure out the world they’re all in. It’s also cute that this continues in 02 with him being the main one to watch over the younger kids while they’re saving the Digital World.