digital monster confessions

FULL CONFESSTION: One thing which felt great in 01 and in tamers was how involved the parents were. They didn’t take away the spotlight of the children but did show that real actual parents were Involved who had to see their children go through an adventure and they couldn’t help.  In Savers I felt the parents were either too perfect or more stereotypical anime type parents, their reactions didn’t feel real imo.            

The Digimon Fandom from now until September 24

FULL CONFESSION: Piedmon was the Dark Master I took more seriously. MetalSeadramon and Machinedramon were fierce-looking and big. But Piedmon proved stronger and smarter. He succeeded where the two failed in defeating WarGreymon and MetalGarurumon. He played mind-games too. He was the creepiest Dark Master. And so strong only MagnaAngemon was able to beat him.            

While I think Koushiro’s crush on mimi is cute….I don’t get this paring. I understand its popular but all it has for it is the opposites attract quality. Other than that its Koushiro sexualising her and them fighting (They don’t even have any moments in confession, sure mimi helped clean his office and brought him food but Takeru and Jou are shown doing the same thing). Their only interactions in adventure were them fighting and Koushiro walking in on Mimi with Taichi and her falling on him. Also what would these too talk about? What do they have in common other than the digital world as is that enough? Not that I’m trying to trash this ship Koumi fans but I don’t get it and am honestly curious as to what you think…I just keep comparing this to say the Takari moments in tri where both are shown to be attracted to each other and genuinely get along. I also compare this to her moments with Jou (platonic or not) in both adventure and tri, their opposites but they both are pacifists with a deep compassion for the lives of others. They spend alot of time with each other in both series and despite being opposites have a deep understanding of each other and what motivates them. Again this is my opinion. However I do enjoy the Koumi scenes in tri…their comedy gold (poor Koushiro is discovering girls)!


Full confession: I love Digimon and I hope tri creators did watch each and every single thing and how amazingly the characters get into your heart. How each Digimon and character held so much potential to change the world and and they did and the best of all they were relatable yet sucked us into their own world. I mean I still feeling crying whenever I see Digimon 1-5 D: I love friends, I love courage for them, I love love and to be pure and reliability and gaining light and keeping up hope and digimons

Full confession: I love Hikaris Tailmons symbol, I love how she is the most peaceful and genuine one . While Takeru and Mimi are also genuine. They are more free spirited while Hikari literally wants peace, she would always act on her emotions and calmness even in a badass way. Plus Tailmons went through darkness yet she couldn’t help but look fiercely at myotismon for just being wrong, the way Hikari stood up for andromon. Both are some badass characters and deserve more love and recognition            

full confession: The gatomon and the wizardmon from the xros wars manga are from adventure because at a point gatomon said: ‘I had a human partner once I even lived with her in the human world’ And ulforceveedramon who gets an appearance to said he had a partner too.